Emails Show DOJ Officials Humored Trump While Stalling His Election Scheme 1

Emails Show DOJ Officials Humored Trump While Stalling His Election Scheme


Katie Benner, Justice Department reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about newly released DOJ e-mails showing how officials handled a pressure campaign from the White House to pursue conspiracy theories as a means for contesting Donald Trump's 2020 election loss.
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    1. @Devin Higoy you’re right there was a big difference Trump was honest bring on the salt lol.

    2. @Eddie Gesch Trump was an embarrassment on the world stage. He made our allies doubtful to whether or not we would intervene if Russia invaded their borders. I wouldn’t exactly call him honest (due to the amount of times he lies), but I think erratic & implusive would fit him much better.

    3. @Kevin Ross So far, the world has been too busy laughing at Dr. Jill leading Joe around like a lost child in Cornwall. That will be replaced today by Putin disrespecting Joe and extracting more favors (Joe already dropped Nordstream 2 objections just after Russian hackers shut down our biggest east coast gas pipeline) while giving up nothing in return. Combined with the humiliation of Kamala last week in pathetic little Guatemala, and Blinken’s humiliation at the hands of the Chinese in Anchorage, this administration is batting 0.000 after 3 at bats (4 after Putin). Speaking of bats, where is the bat that spawned SARS-CoV-2? After testing over 400 species as the intermediary, none have been found. A statistical analysis has gone from over 98% probability last year that the virus started naturally to now being 99.8% that it is lab created by China, just as Trump (and anyone who was awake) said over one year ago. Another home run for Trump against the Dems, the press, and phony social media fact checkers and censors! And don’t get me started on the southern border disaster or continuing evidence of Hunter’s criminality with Joe implicated. You must be so proud of Joe.

    4. @Eddie Gesch Oh, and I’m from outside of your precious little media bubble so I can see the whole truth about Trump and his supporters, you’re all the most disgusting people in America, angry at everything, scared of everything and so easily manipulated you might as well be sheered yearly.

    1. @Sara “Nearly all of the lawsuits were dropped due to *lack of evidence.”* (Wikipedia) So, your statement is technically true, since a court can’t hear “evidence” when there is *none.* You are apparently unaware of Sidney Powell’s March statement in court that “no reasonable person” would have believed her public claims of voter fraud. You see, they were never actually serious about the lawsuits. The whole thing was just another Trump scam to keep milking his gullible supporters out of donation money, by providing the false hope that an election certified by Congress and the Supreme Court would be “overturned” somehow. And now, they’re saying he’ll be “reinstated” by August. When that comes and goes, they’ll just move the goalposts again. Trump is planning to milk his sucker supporters dry.

    2. Right, check out the Glen Beck show, as he has a lot of really interesting stories. Also, remember to watch the Tucker Carlson show every night, and also check out Stephen Bannons show. Those are all very enlightening.

    3. @Aaron Neal Did you contribute to Bannon’s “Build the Wall” fund? He pocketed all that money (est. $25 million), and then Trump gave him a pardon. What a world, eh?

    4. @Greg Bors Yes, they get a lot of fake news. Glad to hear rest you watch his show. Did you happen to watch the Hannity show last night? Its a must watch..

    5. @Aaron Neal I sometimes watch the entertainment programs that Fox falsely call “news,” yes. Hannity is a boring dim bulb, though. I prefer Tucker and his whiny little b*tch voice he gets when he’s excited.

  1. So why hasn’t Mark Meadows been subpoenaed by Congress to testify under oath as to what he told the DOJ to do regarding the election? Com’on people, what does it take!

    1. @Dr. Bunter Hiden over 60 cases came and got thrown out of courts due to the lack of evidence….but it will be revealed later? Is that the same as the republican healthcare plan? Promised back in early 2000 and it will be revealed in 2 weeks! I hope you don’t have the habit of holding your breath if you don’t get What you want. Look at the meaning of gullible in the dictionary youll see your picture next to it lol

    2. @Shahnul Islam No cases got “thrown out due to lack of evidence”, dummy. The cases that were dismissed were dismissed on “STANDING”…. THAT MEANS the cases were not heard, and never made it that far where evidence would be presented. Of the 21+ cases heard and judged on MERIT, Trump/GOP won two thirds of them. Those are the facts. Do some research instead of being lazy and just believing propaganda media networks who have lied to you repeatedly.

    3. We already know what they wanted. Investigations. Trump still wants investigations while the Democrats and the Washington press and the rest of the Washington insider club want to make sure that no investigations are done. But guess what! Forensic audits are now going forward and reports of huge problems, including machine hacking and hundreds of thousands of missing ballots are already coming out. The Arizona audit is almost complete and other states have sent delegations as they gear up their own audits. As much as the left has tried to ensure that we have no sunlight, it looks like they can’t stop it from happening.

    4. @bill worden, “Hundreds of thousands of missing ballots. Hacked voting machines.” Legitimate links to Evidence please.

    5. @J M btw, Telegram accounts read in the opposite direction of twitter. The bottom of the list is the latest post.

  2. So Trump is committing crimes trying to force officials to change election results and they just “humor him”?

  3. There are lot of public servant were involved clearly, then, no one reported this wrongdoings.
    What did they thinking about this wrongdoings at that time?
    This is a criminal.

    1. Now you have a clue why republicans didn’t want a commission into 1/6…here will be more coming out just watch

    2. They didnt report on it, because they knew while Trump was in office they wouldnt get away with the lies.

    3. @just me its the opposite…republicans knew their lies would be uncovered thru a investigation…that why they weren’t infavor of impeachment or investigating 1/6 …enablers aren’t as bad as the ones who committed crimes…if you gave a person a gun and they killed you just would be the one who enabled a person ….but if you gave e a person a gun and drove that person around on a killing spree your just as guiltyof killing….

    1. Seems the vague and inadequate reasons given for his sudden retirement included spending time with his family…..he knew he’d soon be “apart” from them for a loooong time. What a schmoe

    2. Its probably the only honest move barr ever did while being the most corrupt AG in history. He saw it coming and ran for the exit. But he did so much wrong prior to that, he must be held accountable. He was objectively lying to the Senate under oath if one of his minions comes forward with the receipts that he, as AG, knew about these corrupt subpoenas being filed and granted to spy on the free press, members of congress and even the WH counsel McGahn.

    3. Yeah. But the takeaway was, Barr knew the Coup was coming, and didn’t Disclose. That’s a whole different level of Slimy.

  4. Like a Guliani figure who would actually look into evidence handed to them. No wonder the DOJ is corrupt beyond repair with staff like this. Lol

    1. A small problem with ‘checkout this Youtube link’ evidence is that it is always contradicted by 1001 other Youtube links!

  5. A lot of Americans know what it’s like to be treated like a number by a company. To have them work you like a dog, control your life then call you lazy. It’s evil.

  6. So they just admitted that the DOJ just colluded with itself to investigate an election regardless of what people asked for? noted

    1. @CoolMan Caravan If he did and it was wrong, I don’t see how that makes what Trump did right. Why didn’t the republicans bring charges against Obama? Is it that America is fixated on lawlessness?

    2. @Bertrand Gloudon it’s not a personal claim when it’s an election we all voted on. Don’t worry commie Maricopa audit is done.

    3. @Reynier Izaguirre it was a personal claim since the votes were already counted and verified. The Maricopa audit cannot change the outcome of the election.

  7. DOJ was worried that if they did not do what Trump wanted they would be replaced by someone who will do what Trump wanted. That is full of holes.

  8. Someone needs to teach Rachel how to not be a heaving mouth-breather. Did she just stop running right before doing this or is it because she’s so old?

  9. I am always encouraged when Elijah the Prophet told the Lord he alone stood for God and the People. The Lord corrected him. Pray for those who stand for the PEOPLE.

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