GOP Billionaires Waging War On Progress Says Sen. Whitehouse 1

GOP Billionaires Waging War On Progress Says Sen. Whitehouse


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse joins The ReidOut on the influence of Americans for Prosperity and other conservative groups, which are waging a behind-the-scenes effort to stop progressive priorities like the For the People Act.
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  1. Money needs to be removed from Politics our Freedom and democracy shouldn’t be for sale by our Enemies foreign and domestic .

    1. The Supreme Court interfering with Citizens United and gutting voting rights have done great damage to American Democracy.

    2. @Toneisha Johnson citizens united only put the final nail into the coffin, it started way before that. Until this corporate dem cheerleader starts asking why dems take so much money from bribes- my bad, donations- nothing will change and she will continue to be nothing but yet another intellectually dishonest yapper

    3. This needs to be a very high priority. It was bad enough before “citizens united”. Republicans fall for the dumbest names btw, hence the quotation marks.

    1. The rest of the corporate dems are totally fine with it. Arr you kidding? If there was a will for it they would twist their arms so fast their heads would spin. They knew what Manchin was always. They could have funded his progressive opponent and all other progressives yet they sabotage them all over the country to help boost conservative dems who take corporate and fossil fuel money. Dont be stupid. This faux concern is just for show. I was a presidential delegate. No 1 takeaway- No one stops progress like these ppl.

  2. The most disturbing thing is these billionaires who haven’t invented, cured, or discovered anything think they deserve to be billionaires.

    1. And think they deserve to rule over POC and everyone else who hasn’t sold their souls for money here in satan’s headquarters.

    2. And are exempt from paying their fair share to the government that gives them everything they need to have a successful business.

  3. At this point, bringing a child into the world is almost a cruel thing to do if we don’t stop these monsters.

    1. Fifty-five years ago at age 15, I took a good look at the world and decided not to have children. No regrets, as it has only gotten worse since then.

    2. @Gordon MacWilliam It’s sad, I’m in my 50’s, my husband said he could handle a child when we were both young but it if I did not want them he was alright with that choice, I did want to have kids but I too was so worried about the future they would face, I made the choice not to have any, it was a hard decision but seeing things the way they are, I know I did the right thing, my sister had two boys and I just got involved with helping them, we need to take care of each other and the world we live in, before adding to the problem, the republican stance on Prolife is not one of morality, they need a large population of people they can use for low pay and manual labor, to work and pay the taxes they don’t pay, to consume and buy the goods they produce in order to perpetuate their wealth, there is nothing moral about anything they do.

  4. Kochs also fund network of tax exempt organizations called freedom foundation who’s goal is to keep conservatives in local government.

  5. Side note: the Koch brother’s father built oil refineries for the Nazi war machine that killed American troops in WW2.

    1. @Andrew Nevarez stating a fact. Are you confused by my above statement or just attempting to distract from the fact that the Koch family were Nazi sympathizing profiteers?

    2. @Andrew Nevarez also propped up Joseph Stalin and his war machine. The entire Koch fortune was started supporting and building up authoritarian genocidal dictators.

    3. Pretty much responsible for the genocide of WWII. Should have been charged with crimes against humanity!

  6. The idea that Sinema or Manchin would vote to regulate dark money because their voters support that is ridiculous, their voters also wanted a $15 minimum wage.

    1. Imagine the ego it takes to think humans have the power to destroy earth. The asteroid impact that ended the dinosaurs was roughly equivalent to 100 billion nuclear weapons detonating at once. 100,000,000,000 nuclear bombs dropped at once. And yet here are.

      Get over yourself, human.

  7. Average Republican voter: ask yourself how your interests and the interests of billionaires align? They don’t!

    Your interests are infinitely more aligned with the working class black and brown people, who you so often scapegoat, than with billionaires. You are being lied to and played.

  8. The Koch family are monsters, who do not care about anything except filling their pockets. Thank yu for your public service Sen. Sheldon, yu are the epitome of leadership for this country.

  9. If I made more money than I or my children could spend in a lifetime, I would then focus on making sure the planet was going to be habitable for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  10. Need to Have many more Dems going onto all networks and calling g out the billionaires and those in the house and Senate who are doing their bidding.

  11. Everyone should read:
    – ‘Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right’
    By: Jane Mayer

  12. Everything that is not progress is either regress or standing still.
    How could any human being want this?

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