Emboldened 'Unchanged' Trump Looks To Re-Enter GOP Politics 1

Emboldened ‘Unchanged’ Trump Looks To Re-Enter GOP Politics


With a flurry of false statements on the election and his eye on some political races at the state level, the twice-impeached former president is looking to reassert himself into Republican politics. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl.
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  1. Of course! He will never be able to recapture or surpass the power/importance he felt as president but like a junkie he will try

    1. alyssa young— according to fat donnie, that’s spelled ‘junky’. He knows lots of words.

    1. @Kitty C they dont even realize it. All it takes is some research. But hey that involves real work and knowledge but since they voted to cut education funding, they have no idea how to do so.

    2. @Tyeler Nowell, I love the fourth grade “furthermore” you used mid response, anyway the pictures of the kids in cages were taken during Obama’s term as president (guess who was the vice president), and the answer is no children are separated because of Trump’s policy because it started as soon as Biden changed the rules at the Border.

    1. @g0679
      Stellar retort Sophocles, haven’t heard that one in 5 minutes. Any actual points you’d like to bring up, or are we still lazing in the afterglow of our last Mary Jane high?

    2. @Anotherbloodyfanwriter im not a democrat I just use facts. Jsut because you don’t like those facts doenst change reality im libertarian/In the middle and from where I sit the GOP is dying. 5 straight elections that you lost the presidential popular vote. It seems you just have trouble accepting reality. And how dumb of you to assume I was a democrat

    3. @Mr. Llama
      I didn’t assume you were a democrat. The ideology I refer to is neoliberal/neoconservativism. Which sounds more your ideological fit upon first glance, because the current despot fits anything but a libertarian mold of any kind.

  2. Of course he is unchanged. 
    There’s no second ‘better’ version of Trump that he can fall back on.

    1. @Led zep 4 1971 yea you prefer documented racist biden? The guy thars forced up gas prices? Lol

  3. This is how democracy dies in the hands of the GOP. It begins when the truth has no value to them..

  4. “Where they are leading the party”…it’s not just the Republican party, it’s also the country…that’s the danger. “A house divided cannot stand”

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