Emily Thornberry With Dermot Murnaghan: MP’s Anger At ‘Quiz’ Questions

Emily Thornberry With Dermot Murnaghan: MP's Anger At 'Quiz' Questions 1


The shadow foreign secretary, Labour MP Emily Thornberry, has accused Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan of "pub quizzing" her after she was unable to name the French foreign minister.

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29 Comments on "Emily Thornberry With Dermot Murnaghan: MP’s Anger At ‘Quiz’ Questions"

  1. Journalism at an all time… low.

  2. They’re both useless

  3. The best 2016 The best | September 11, 2016 at 8:30 AM | Reply

    Not a great interview and an even worse response

  4. i bet they fucked hard after this

  5. thornberry what a joke

  6. She’s the shadow foreign secretary and she can’t name the French foreign

    Labour are an unelectable mess.

    • Teacher inThailan | September 11, 2016 at 3:09 PM | Reply

      Exactly!!! And she gets paid!!!! Ridiculous!! The whole party! She weakens
      democracy as does the whole sham of the so called “New Labour Party!” Tax
      payers money goes to these parasites! They couldn’t run a bath!!!

  7. Killian O'Meara | September 11, 2016 at 9:08 AM | Reply

    An MP upset that she is asked tough questions on a ‘Sunday morning’.

  8. To be fair to Emily Thornberry , I don’t think the French foreign minister
    lives within the confines of the M25 , how could she be expected to know .

  9. If this interview revealed one thing, it’s that the guest, when confronted
    by a man in this case, will use an ‘ism’ to deflect from herself instead of
    taking the blow, gloss over it and move on. She’s a politician and a
    interviewee on a news program being questioned by a presenter. The
    presenter is supposed to question and probe to reveal truths the guest
    would otherwise not reveal to the public. The presenter thus did a good job
    in revealing the guest’s desire for privileged status in not being treated
    like other politician’s who sit in the interview chair. If she thinks she’s
    being treated unfairly, I’d urge her to go look at Jeremy Paxman vs Michael
    Howard on youtube… Who were both, men and the presenter still grilled the
    politician. Maybe then she’ll gain some perspective on the relationship
    between media and politicians and realise she’s no exception.

  10. Teacher inThailan | September 11, 2016 at 9:52 AM | Reply

    No offence!! But she is supposedly the Shadow Foreign Secretary…. And she
    doesn’t even know the names of her adversaries???? Pathetic!!!! All she can
    do is attempt a “Sexist” allegation. Rubbish! She should be SACKED!!!!!
    Pathetic!!! Pub quiz??? It’s her JOB!!!!!!!

  11. Shadow Foreign Secretary? How embarrassing. She should have stayed at home,
    cleaned the house and cooked a Sunday dinner for her husband. Nothing
    embarrassing about that.

  12. She should be sacked immediately.

    • Corbyn can’t afford to. Labour are in such meltdown there’s only about 10
      people who’ll serve in his Shadow Cabinet, hence how this clown ended up on
      the front bench.

  13. Emily Thornberry just sums up how much of a joke the labour party and the
    state of politics is.

  14. Bjørn Friedrichsen | September 11, 2016 at 11:43 AM | Reply

    hahaha… she could just have said “no i dont know the name” and that would
    have been it, but she had to go on and make a scene…. typical women.

  15. Silas Sparkhammer | September 11, 2016 at 12:46 PM | Reply

    Flabby Thornberry is a complete buffoon…she is pathetic to play the
    sexist card because she cannot answer the questions….she also plays the
    race card for silly reasons and she makes excuses for the insane cultists
    who commit atrocities in the name of islam.

  16. Foreign secretary ? What a joke. She’d be more attuned to say banning
    Christmas or having questionable ‘Liaisons’ like Mr Vazeline !!

  17. emily thornberry has a hairy arse.

  18. Incompetents always hide behind claims of sexism. She doesn’t have to be
    smart or up on things – she’s a woman

  19. Neither of them covered themselves in glory in this. Neither of them knew
    when to shut up either!

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