Emotional testimonies from Sandy Hook families at Alex Jones trial

Three family members of victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting testified to the harassment they endured after losing loved ones in the mass shooting. The judge and jury in this trial will determine how much Jones will pay for spreading the lie that the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. CNN’s Jean Casarez has the story. #CNN #News


    1. Families of miliary veterans that died in Iraq should sue #FakeNews for lying about weapons of mass destruction and getting American kids killed with those lies…….literally killed them. What Alex Jones did was nothing compared to the propaganda that fed into military recruitment for Iraq

    1. @Lizbraham Lincoln Thats not whataboutism…but still Dan Boyds take is incredibly stupid. No store could ever exist if they were responsible for every item they sold in the store.

  1. Jones should have to pay till he is totally broke and living out in the streets!!!
    America is really tired of people like this!!

  2. We live in country that lets people like Alex Jones profit and thrive from such depravity. What does that say about us. He should be make to loose eve penny for as long as these families suffer which is to say forever.

    1. I love the censorship you spout. Does your right arm get tired having extended at 70 degrees with your palm down.as you type?

    2. We live in a country where major news outlets told us that a public figure who had been in the American mainstream for decades was a Russian Operative for 4+ years. Thats the country we live in.

    3. The internet and social media is a relatively new thing, so it takes time to see the outcome of certain things and what laws should be put in effect.

    4. @Steve Stoll You have no understanding of the legal or political philosophical concepts underlying that. Take you reductive, mindless nonsense elsewhere. Free speech is not an absolute right, and it is a negative liberty which corresponds to a negative duty in respect of government specifically.

      Here are some exceptions: Defamation, fraud, negligent mis-statement, perjury, threats, breach of confidence. There are actually many more.

      All you’re doing is is employing totalising assumptions in the absence of any understanding.

    5. @Steve Stoll That’s not espousing censorship, that’s just advocating for being a decent human being, and for a society that should put insane liars in an insane asylum, becuz they are evil. In other words, evil people like Alex Jones should be locked up in solitary confinement, so they don’t influence other idiots to commit atrocities against their fellow man. That would be the decent thing to do. No one should complain about that. Jones doesn’t deserve to have any free speech. When he was given the opportunity, he proved he isn’t worthy of it.

    1. ​@Lizbraham Lincoln For having made these people experience trauma over and over and over again and again, yes, he too would have to endure a bit of hell while he is still alive.

    2. @Lizbraham Lincoln That’s absolutely true, they’re expressing a wish for a criminal law, not that a civil suit should convey criminal penalties.

      And really they are right. Rights are not absolute, particularly when they come into conflict with other rights. There are restrictions, for instance on threatening others. In some countries there are hate speech laws. What matters is how a law is defined, what norm it is intended to serve, and what standards of evidence and proof are involved.

      There is a tendency in the US to just assert that anything that encroaches on free speech is bad, but there are many, many things that do in US law. Defamation, perjury, violation of confidence, negligent mis-statement, fraud, some IP law violations, threats and harassment, etc.

      What matters is how narrowly they are developed as legal rules, how you prove that someone has violated the rule, and what norm the rule is intended to apply, and to what consequence.

    1. These parents are standing on their kids graves to make a buck……..if not, tell me what charity all the money is going to…….I’ll wait.

    1. Of the 3, only one exists.
      But Jones won’t even get the β€œjudgement from man” that he deserves, because he’s rich.

  3. This kind of stupid! Only in America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! These parents are already in a hell of an American making…and to have to face this kind of harassment is just another level of being in hell. Just wow! Hope they take this man for every cent he had made spreading lies.

    1. What hell are you talking about?

      Mass casualty event?
      Like the one that happened in late August in Canada where 15 people were stabbed and 10 died!

    2. @Steve Stoll I think they’re referring to the fact that school shootings are exceptionally rare, to the point of almost never happening in most western countries, and remarkably common in the US.

      The fact you were able to name a mass casualty event in another country is not really a rebuttal of the statistical reality of american crime, violence and mortality.

    1. I had to learn and be my own lawyer for a similar civil suit and it took 3 years and even though I won and I won big i ended up with $50 a month for decades. And the person behind making my families life a living hell for years makes that an hour and has cars and a house and a family of their own. Even when you win its bitter sweet.

  4. Make him pay every single dollar and cent he owns. If in the end, he keeps making a profit, this whole thing will not discourage other aholes from doing just the same thing.

    1. And as a Christian, I’m disgusted that they would claim to be and send death threats to parents who lost their children. There is no justification for doing such evil acts – on both a humane level or a Biblical one. These people are awful and I hope that Jones is sued into oblivion so he can’t weaponize people for profit anymore.

  5. imagine condoning this and being enough of a human toilet to continue support for someone so utterly vile. let’s hope that all these families FINALLY get the justice they’ve deserved

    1. because the parents begged jones for years to stop..he didnt, because he was making 800,000 dollars a day off of the lie…so suing him was the last option.

    2. Social Media in some ways became a craze to follow wackos. Before people would brush things off if it sounded silly.

  6. I have come to the realization that we have some very sick people in America that are normal everyday people walking around us everyday. To harass parents and family members that have lost their love ones in a mass shooting. Because some 🀑 told you on TV it was a “false flag” requires a unmeasurable amounto of stupidity and heartlessness. What is wrong with those people. I hope the families take every cent from him.

    1. Well gene rosin was a fake story and proven his rehearsal video is on yt so if the they will lie about that already its off to a bad start.

    2. @I DON’T WANNA FIGHT WITH U Actually, what is going on is that you are severely mentally ill, and are a danger to yourself and others. Please see a professional before you hurt somebody.

  7. It’s disgusting that these poor families that lost their children should have to go through so much hatred all because of one horrendous man 😑

    1. Not just one horrendous man. In the end, the people who behaved that way towards victims are culpable. There is no justification for that cruelty.

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