1. Sarah
      The man is an ex Russian oligarch. People like him know what he is doing. Besides, one has to ask what is his motivator.

    1. UKRAINE is a new definition of TERRORISM. stop being one sided. UKRIANIAN Soldiers kills hundred thousands of innocents IRAQI.

    2. And he’s sage. 10 years in Russian prison is soooooo sad. Almost as sad as killing little girls in bomb attacks. All stemming from Putin The Poisoner.

  1. Exactly what I said about Macron talking to Putin. He thinks he is weak. He only recognise brutallity and agression. You cannot talk to a dictator. They are not open to negotiations.

    1. @Joseph Trowbridge we don’t need them for defence, we got that, we need China for the offense. If we hold Europe youre done son, you’ve chosen HOT WAR remember

    2. @Let the flames takeover You can only say that because you live easily on your country.
      I wonder if you can still say that bulshit if youre living in North Korea or Russia that a single word against leader means prison or death.

    3. @Let the flames takeover there is no need to actively fight Russia I’m saying trade and finance, make deals with China to isolate Russia further.

    4. the only time they truly want to negotiate with you is when they have nothing to negotiate with, that’s when you have them beaten and you have captured, them, hint do not negotiate with them at that, stage but drag them out and give em the Benito Treatment.

    5. @King Trutin very entertaining, I like the part “President Putin … stay in power for many decades …. they don’t have rigged elections in Russia…” 😂🤣😂👌

  2. This guy is putting his life in danger by speaking out. I absolutely agree with everything he said, especially about Putin not staying in power for long after this. I believe that this war will lead to Putin’s demise.

    1. @John Smith how old are you, 10? This is like every other interview of its kind where there are only two cameras, one on each person and they switch back-and-forth between the two.

    2. @AC Ricucci I know more about editing than you, that is obvious. Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?!

    3. this is bullshit guys, its not like today he finally started to talk about it lol. He is famous anti-putin youtuber with 1million subs for a long time. Of course his channel is in russian and for russians. Михаил Ходорковский.
      He is kremlin’s enemy many years already!
      are you guys brainwashed or are you bots?!

    4. @John Smith Actually the interview is real, they just replaced both with reptilian clones. You gotta look closely at the eyes /s

  3. People in Russia go to prison for having an opinion that is against Putin’s narrative . Here in the UK we just get ignored .

    1. @Thomas Neale he is ur worse night mare come true he is put in charge of a place where you only thought you were safe and he has made the place u thought was safe a living night mare and he has been given the authority to make decisions that will completely ruin ur life ur family ur place of security ur future and ur present safety if u don’t know Brandon then u will soon he’s coming for u and like a thief in the day an night evening and morning he has is eyes heart INTENSIONS on death and destruction of any an everything good and decent he wants to be God his greatest desire is for u to renounce Christ and worship him as the all powerful and only God many have been fooled. If u were vaccinate then u are indoctrinated to his plan that ur probably all ready approved of which in the case u either wanted to know the answer to ur question or u wanted to Know if I knew it’s common knowledge among truth seekers and those that already know the truth. Of course if u don’t see the truth or believe the truth then u won’t be trusted to receive it it is an aquired process which requires surrender of the lies uv been taught and believe and requires an understanding that u actually know nothing of anything that u were allowed to know . U can actually become a vessel of truth a living example of a knowledge of things that uv proven u can be a container of by simply accepting the truth for what it is with out bias or judgement according to what u believe. U can make a million good lies sound better than one real truth but to only believe that one truth is better than every lie that can ever be told in the eternal an inevitable unseen but fortold things that only a higher knowledge of where truth actually originates and the source from which it is created from surrender to the source and it will consume u and fill u with it’s qualities that you are actually created to desire to be a vessel of a something so great it is the meaning and truth of all things that exist and ever will ever has with out the truth nothing wouldn’t even exist and that’s not saying much compared to everything that is was an will ever be so….. Brandon wants to be the author of everything that is was. and will ever be . but he left out the one thing that keeps him from succeeding . The TRUTH ..WHICH HE WILL NEVER ACCEPT SO IT WON’T BE OFFERED OR SHARED TO ANYONE WHO HAS ALREADY HATED WHAT THEY NEVER KNEW TO BE TRUE. SO THEY’LL LIVE THEIR LIES AN U WILL TOO THEY’LL LIVE THIER LIES THROUGH U TILL LIES U BELIEVE WILL BE ALL U EVER KNEW

    2. @John V when rt is giving Russia’s side they are really just giving Putins side, they are 100% state controlled and that’s not even a secret. They ain’t allowed to call the invasion an invasion or war, that’s the reason you only hear “special military operation” from RT and Russia government.

    1. this is bullshit guys, its not like today he finally started to talk about it lol. He is famous anti-putin youtuber with 1million subs for a long time. Of course his channel is in russian and for russians. Михаил Ходорковский.
      He is kremlin’s enemy many years already!
      are you guys brainwashed or are you bots?

    2. @Robin F dont underestimate the billions these russian oligarchs have lying around there’s corporations and businesses they own that you dont even know about it was well for other reasons not paying them just sounds like a public control excuses that you fell into.

    3. Vitalik buterin does not own 15% of crypto or anywhere near it. He owns a small portion of ether and co founded ethereum and ether. He is a billionaire but nothing close to 15% of crypto which would amount to him being many times over the richest man on earth. He also champions DECENTRALIZATION for a reason so if you think he’s pro Putin you are very uninformed

    1. Yes.
      The actions of Russia’s rulers are a disgrace to humanity.
      Love to ukraine.
      Love to all nice and sense people in Russia.

    2. Putin is the same as the guy you have on your profile pic my friend. He was part of the killing machine murdering Amharas and oromos! You right about the civilians ! #tplf is a the Nazi of Africa !

    3. I keep seeing this comments the trolls might attack you because of how cringe it is to the rusky bots view

    1. @Magnus Heridersson thanks Magnus! Finly someone who does own research who is being interviewed and what is his bachground! Not even cnn does say so

  4. absolutely the best opinion I’ve heard since the begging of the war and what we should have done years ago

    1. I particularly like and agree with his statement that anyone who supports Putin…is not normal. It’s quite simple.

    2. He should know. When Putin came to power he threw this man in prison and took his businesses away from him. I stumbled across him on Wikipedia a few years ago.

    3. @Maribel Caudillo Who says the majority of Russians support him? Eight thousand Russian protesters beg to differ! And I wouldn’t be surprised if that number is much higher. Putin is just wrong period! His own people are turning against him.

  5. Nina dos Santos should do more of CNN’s interviews. She asks a question, then just listens. Her tone of voice is very non-confrontational. And Mr. Khodorkovsky spoke with conviction. Good interview.

    1. @Amar Revolver That’s kind of the point. She’s doing her job right, by interviewing people who know Putin personally. So others can form their own opinions. I would imagine it’s hard to find people that were that close to him and get them to speak out about him, honestly.

    2. @Toeknee Chestknut while I appreciate your sentiment, one of the ways I don’t want to die is from nuclear fallout or blast. Escalating to war between NATO and Russia would very likely end our current way of life. There will have to be another option to get him out of power.

    3. @Matthew Martin That is exactly what NATO is doing. Spearheaded by Canada, Germany, that are throwing everything at Putin without triggering a nuclear war with a nentally unstable man. 16,000 Volunteers are coming in, 10,000 more on the way, 1/2 billion in arms arriving, the highest tech stuff there is, and the sanctions are biting extremely hard. And the country is falling fast. Computer hacks are targeting Putin. That convoy is being knocked out now, a sitting duck. Damn …. And there are divine forces at work as well.

      The tide is starting to turn. Russian soldiers are deserting too…. the Russian Titanic hit an iceberg and is sinking. a matter of time, fast…

    4. Two things are for sure:

      1) It won’t end well for Putin.
      2) For the rest of us, we’ll fare better.

    1. He is. Lier hahahs Fake news, Manipulated Mediocree Media Spreadin Lies and misinformation .. BBC CNN all american Media Spread Lies

    2. @Sue Howie is being manipulated but Ruble has a Backup with tons of Gold Unlike the Dollar which worth nothin at all anyday may worth 1000000 times

    1. putin has no way out now. putin is too busy to worry about someone coming after him than going after the whole long list.

    2. So the Russian oligarchs are evil, but the US and other western oligarchs are great. Putin might be bad, but he pales in comparison to the last 20 presidential administrations when it comes to war crimes and destruction to countries around the world.

  6. Listen to this man: “There is no price too high to stop this war.” We CANNOT give him any room.

    1. …NO liar should be put forth any space…Amen!!! If one lies, one will stealllll, if one steals, one willlll killedddddddddddd!!! Amennnnnnnn!!! He is an Anti-Christ!!!

    2. biden could have stopped it. He knew it is coming. He has been saying it for weeks before it happened. But he chose to do nothing.

    3. @MetaView7…the government of America has many tyrants of her own and has not put any of them down…there are many, many, many anti-Christs running loose in her own streets…her citizens are being carjacked, shot and are under attack daily and nightly…they need to take care of their own devils first!!! Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!! For it is written…he that dies not take care of home first is worst than an infidel!!! Amen!!! Amen!!! Amen!!! Safety is of the Lord, the Holy God and HIM alone for without Him one can do nothing…for He breathed into Adam and Adam because a living soul!!! Amen!!! Man is not life, the life is in Christ and in Him only!!! Amen!!! Dead people don’t have breath!!! Amen!!! HELLOOOOOOO!!! The Holy God is the Defender of the downtrodden of the world!!! Amen!!! This is why the masses are obeying some ordinances of their own writings…and not the commandment of the Holy God!!! Amen!!! All of the Ukrainians help shall come from the Lord…because if not for the great grace and plentious mercy of the Lord they would already be wiped off the map…BUT FOR THE HOLY GOD WHO HAS SAID…HOLD UP…NOT SO FAST SATAN…HOLD UP LET ME CHECK THE SCALES…AMEN!!! AMEN!!! SO ACCORDING TO THE SCALES OF BALANCE…THE PEOPLE OF THE UKRAINE HAS BEEN PUT FORTH SOME MORE SPACE IN TIME…AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMENNNNNN!!! BEING THE CAUSE WHEN THE HOLY GOD BE FOR ONE…HE IS MOREEEEEEEEEEEE THAN THE WHOLE WORLD AGAINST ONE…PEOPLE PUT ALL YOUR TRUST IN THE INVISABLE HIGH AND HOLY GOD WHICH IS NOT FAR FROM ANY ONE OF US…RATHER THAN TO PUT ONE’S TRUST IN MAN THAT IS NOT FAITH-FULLLLL OR HAS PROVEN HIMSELF TO BE FAITH-FULLLLL…WAIT ON THE LORD AND HE SHALL RENEW ONE’S STRENGTH…I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE TRIED HIMMMMM AND FOUND HIM TO BE FAITH-FULLLLLL AND TRUEEEEEE!!! AMEN!!! BECAUSE TO BE TRUTHFULLLLL THE POOR OF THE EARTH IS ALWAYSSSSS UNDER ATTACK BEING THE SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE…BUT HE, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE GOOD SHEPHERD HAS A ROD AND A STAFF FOR THE WOLVES OF THE WORLD/FIELD!!! AMEN!!! YES THE POOR OF THE WORLD IS UNDER ATTACK DAILY BUT HE SENT US FORTH…AND ONWARD WE SHALL MARCH…AMEN!!! AMEN!!! GLORY TO HIS HOLY NAME BOTH NOW AND FOREVERRRRR…

  7. Deeply touched and impressed by this man risking his life to uncover and face evil.
    Our fight is not with the Russians. Our fight is with Putin and his security council.

    1. The security council, like the military, is just doing their jobs (i.e. they’re stooges). The real fight should be the oligarchs that support Putin and his actions for their own personal gain.

  8. The guy is speaking common sense. He knows exactly what he is saying .USA,NATO and other partners should listen to him and take serious measures.

    1. …all that is required is for men to be willing to stand against any tyrant and to resist him…Because the battle is not man’s battle but the Lord’s for the earth is his, all herein and all souls belong unto him!!! Amen!!! It is His commandment that men ought to love(walk in good) towards one’s neighbors!!! Amen!!! NOT IN GOOD AND EVIL…BUT IN GOOD/LOVE ONLY….FOR IT IS THE ROYAL LAW…EVEN SO LORD JESUS COME ON THROUGH LORD…COME ON THROUGH NOWWWWWWWWW…

  9. This man worked most of his life to show Putins real face. We need to listen to him and apply all the pressure for Putin to stop! So many people are suffering and we could do much more to prevent it.

  10. This guy is an absolute hero. He was once Russia’s richest man. He could have just been a “yes man” to Putin and made even more billions. He spent 10 years in jail for standing up against Putin. Nothing but respect for him.

    1. no respect for rich people he would do as bad as any rich in the world to keep his power and wealth this is all made up hollywood garbage

    2. @MariS Oooo… You don’t know any words?? The Nazis teach you what to write, but they don’t teach you what to answer?? My condolences🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Glory to Russia!!!! Not to nazism!!!!! Admitting that you’ve been brainwashed by a terrorist dictator isn’t something to brag about, no matter how many laughing-to-tears emojis you end your comments with.
      Remember only a Nazi would send his men to bomb a Holocaust memorial.

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