Energy Secretary On The Fallout From Pipeline Attack

Energy Secretary On The Fallout From Pipeline Attack 1


  1. This is inevitable. Prepare yourselves. Diversify your resource needs. Maintain back up materials. Self reliance in the modern age.

    1. @Alicia Brown Yes I reschedule for next week thank goodness. The office said they had lots of cancellations today. I waited three months for that appointment and I was scared I had to wait another three months.

  2. The behavior of our population in situations like this is truly alarming. It’s like they lose all thoughts of humanity and compassion. Their lizard brain kicks in and they will engage in fist fights to get what they need whatever it is. Today gasoline. Tomorrow supplies and food. Mad Max Thunderdome was not far off in its depiction of humanity in crisis. Truly discouraging.

  3. If we have to rely on the likes of mitch mcconnel, who has been blocking cyber security legislation since 2019 because it included election security, we’re screwed.

  4. Is there really a gas shortage though if 1,000 Eugenes and Karens bought it all and have stored in plastic bags in their garages? I don’t know honestly. I’m only a gerbil.

    1. @Elena Latici A very smart gerbil that should buy stocks in their local Fire Dept.
      All them bags of gas could go “BOOM” remember.

  5. Meanwhile people that dealt with hurricane Sandy are like smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Intel has only been warning about these sort of Russian cyber attacks since forever. The difference is the last administration allowed them the access they needed to succeed.

  7. The last administration left the key under the mat at the back door for easy access to hack their way in. With Mitch McConnell blocking everything that Democrats present to vote on including national security.

  8. The clowns running to the gas stations are Fox News viewers that get gaslight every single day/night.

    It’s sad how easily they can be manipulated.

    1. Versus the MSNBC viewers walking along the side of the road, salty about not being able to get fuel.

  9. Sometimes we have to use common sense. People are hoarding gas – some places at 10$ a gallon! For something temporary. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. During the toilet paper hoarding, I saw someone on ebay selling TP at $275.00 per roll. They probably sold some too.

  10. Republicans – “it’s all Biden’s fault”

    Normal people – “what exactly has been implement to change energy policy….and didn’t trump say we were energy independent?”

    Republicans- “But……but……..HUNTERS LAPTOP!!!!”

    1. For one thing the democratic Governor of Michigan just shut down another oil pipeline. People knew oil prices were going to rise as soon as the democrats took power. They always do.

  11. Biden said he wanted to eliminate the oil industry, but
    nobody believed it
    would happen this fast 🤔

  12. Simple fix. If you own a company that provides a critical service, you provide that service or face penalties that come out of net profits.

    They’ve had pipelines far longer than they’re had the internet. A billing fear is not reason enough to
    cause this kind of hysteria; Colonial should be fined a couple billion (again, out of their profits so the costs aren’t passed onto the enduser) for this. There is no reason for them even to be vulnerable to this type of attack; pay someone to read flowmeters and turn valves instead of automating good jobs out of existance in search of corporate profits.

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