Engel: U.S. Forced To Leave on ‘Taliban’s Clock’ Is ‘Moment Of Humiliation’

NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel brings us the latest from Afghanistan as the Taliban says that the U.S. must complete the evacuation by August 31st. 

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Engel: U.S. Forced To Leave on 'Taliban's Clock' Is 'Moment Of Humiliation'


  1. In looking at the comments, I always wonder how old these individuals are; whether they served their country in any capacity at all and even if they vote. There is always the possibility that they are in another country, but the same questions would apply.

    1. I am afraid that the domestic terrorists of the 60’s like Bill Ayers went underground and turned our higher education institutions into anti-American propaganda machines. The first generation that was indoctrinated became the teachers of the second and here we are with young people who hate America.
      The older commenters are either communists, dupes, or brain-dead.

    2. @Paul Wright I am neither of of anything you described but I speak out against any government that does wrong or have wronged anyone including my own Canadian government I am an ardent supporter of non interference in other countries so your assumption are totally off the mark and wrong, just because someone has courage to speak out against the American government doesn’t mean they are brain washed or communists and everyone has the God given right to speak their mind and form their opinions just you do!

    3. Old enough to remember the war starting and old enough to know it was an insane and ridiculous idea guaranteed to fail from day one. Sometimes getting what you deserve really sucks…this is one of those times.

    1. Richard Engel is one of MSNBC’s best international news reporter! He’s awesome! Explains things clearly. (I missed President Biden’s address about Afghanistan this morning!) Apparently, the Taliban loves occupying the Kabul airport! (Why not?) So, is the deadline extended from military personnel …outa there? I have no idea.

  2. *20 years and $2.26 Trillion dollars to stop the Taliban from taking city of Kabul.*

    *6 days for the Taliban to take whole country including city of Kabul.*

    *~Lesson; Don’t invade someone else’s country and not expect a fight.*
    *They will never extinguish the Light of Afghanistan.*

    1. People just don’t know the history of Afghanistan and why they call it the “Grave yard of the Empires” or they are just too stupid to study history?

  3. An occupier trying to convince a people to fight against it’s fellow countrymen for the occupiers interests is insane. We tried to turn our war into a civil war. Madness.

    1. @Paul Stacklin Yup! Cloaks & daggers, watches & time, Taliban got them.
      One may vehemently dislike this outfit, ultimately, victory & war booty was theirs. The weapons are good but they won without them. No wonder, this debacle evokes the Tet Offensive.

  4. What would be preferred by Engel?
    None of these critics have a better solution.
    They need to shut their mouths.

    1. “What would be preferrred…”
      For starters some enforcement mechanisms to ensure Taliban keep their word.
      Dolt 45 put a country full of Taliban terrorists on the honor system to protect US interests.
      They are probably still laughing at Dolt 45s gullibility.

  5. Dears, please note: 58,700+ people have now been evacuated since Aug. 14th.  21,600 in the last 24 hours.  Planes are now taking off every 45 minutes. It could have been handled better, but there is hope.

    1. @Rodney Bean huh? You mean the Iran deal that actually stopped nuclear proliferation vs Trump who backed out of that deal that opens the door for Iran nuclear proliferation again and likely screwed us from them every really committing not to pursue nuclear weapons in the future since they can’t trust? Which is worse, Iran being about to run their economy and feed their people and maybe develop strong economic ties that would disincentive war in the future? Or isolating them and having them pursue nukes for security like North Korea? I do not doubt that what the Obama administration did is over your head, they studied international relations. You did not. So how about you stick to what you’re good at. International relations is not it

  6. Maybe the Taliban realised after their first go round at running a country in 90s maybe it wasnt such a good idea to try and run it on strict religous grounds and teachings. You actually need people that are knowledgable in things other than religious texts. Some parts of the US could learn from that too.

  7. The main thing keeping the Taliban in check while the evacuation process continues is their desire to be recognized by the international community as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. A great deal of Afghan money that will be needed to run the country is in the hands of foreign banks including US banks.
    Despite all of the doom and gloom reporting we have endured from the mainstream media …think about what is not happening right now. The leopard hasn’t lost its spots, it has simply adopted a pragmatic view of its future.

    1. Na, they’re receiving Biden bucks most likely. “Doom and gloom” it must be your first time experiencing this…

    2. Yes; for the Taliban who currently have ‘power’. But with no common enemy to unify against, they will again turn on each to fight for power. Tribal warfare will take over with local leaders fighting for the “power they deserve”. History shows this for each time the powerful ‘infidels’ who had enough of the place left. What is it.. the last 2000 years??

    1. Lmfao!! Do you not remember 9/11 ? Or should we have just let this happen and lay down ? Wtf is wrong with you?
      In addition, braindead joe could have done this correctly but, failed miserably like he has done since entering office..

  8. I’d like someone at MSNBC to report on where the money went. How was the $2.2T spent, and whose pockets did it flow into?

    1. But that would expose their handlers. At least Nicole Wallace did right by calling out the media as did Mehdi Hasan on msnbc. I agree though, show us the money trail.

  9. To many people may get killed if a firefight start and then more troops would have to be deployed to Afghanistan.

  10. Just get our troops home and let that country fend for itself. The Afghan corrupt president fled. The Afghan government folded. Why should we help them?

    1. want china to claim all the rare earth materials, all the poppy ? huh ree ree , we have 28k troops in south korea what is 2500 in afghan, ree ree

  11. I was opposed to the war 20 years ago, but abandoning these people so quickly, no time extension, America not only abandoning people who want to flee but abandoning their allies. We should never have gone, but we should ALL now help to get as many out as we can. I’m all for withdrawal but not in this shambolic fashion.

    1. Exactly. The only thing that benefited from any of this was the MIC. The MSM is trying to gin up some controversy, as it usually does.

    2. @J W used to call this “fake news”
      What a pathetic flip flopper. Can’t even figure out what is real.

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