‘Enough is enough’: CAF ombudsman calls for full independence in the role

A new scathing report by the military ombudsman states that while the office has been able to perform its duties in principle, efforts to make the role fully independent from the chain of command have been squashed by top officials.

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  1. Wonder just how long this has been going on just like the RCMP?? All of this is actually hard to comprehend but is the reality of it all. 2 sad stories

  2. It’s also very expensive. I’ve been on full salary for two years since release. This is because I was identified as having suffered significant damage because of leader misconduct. I may be on this for up to the next five years and will also receive full retraining benefits. Expensive! I am very thankful to VAC but this is costing taxpayers.

  3. Well done Ombudsman. We all want military culture to become as impressive as the bravery shown by its members

    1. Isn’t that just sad, no injured party, things need to change, they are ignoring their own laws. “What applies to thee, doesn’t apply to me is their motto”. They all need to be fired and put in jail.

    2. And how fast were you going, was it a school zone? Going to jail for a speeding ticket means you would had have to be going an insane speed.

  4. its not so easy to remove the sociopaths from power positions maybe just monitor their use of those tools placed into their hands for any abuses created

  5. Starting to see cracks in the system!!!! You all have been WILLFULLY blind for decades. There is no need for an investigation. The system needs immediate dismantling in its entirety, starting with the complete removal of all civilians from the system and a complete return to military personnel only. The nonsense of HR/union-driven department ideology butting up against military discipline has ALWAYS been a recipe for disaster. The application of military discipline needs to be reinstated across all ranks.

  6. Looks like everything Canada is broken? Everything, what is going positive in any action of government?2021?

  7. I am a veteran who gave up on my ombudsman years ago

    The office has 🐝n nothing more than an arm of the defence minister 4 far 2 long

  8. My file at the ombudsman office is thick with grievance

    And empty on results

    So excuse me if I have no confidence in this ..

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