Environment Minister Wilkinson on meeting Canada’s climate targets

Environment Minister Wilkinson on meeting Canada's climate targets 1


Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson comments on what steps the government is taking to meet and exceed the 2030 targets.

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17 Comments on "Environment Minister Wilkinson on meeting Canada’s climate targets"

  1. Incoming climate change deniers …

  2. Kevin Karbonik | November 26, 2019 at 9:34 PM | Reply

    Why are we even talking about this here in Canada? We are NOTHING on the global footprint. Until the big “emitters” are on board, what’s the point…. there is none. We need to wean off coal and gas…? …. TO WHAT???? They all talk but there is no solution technology wise for at least 30-40 years….

    • True, but Canada is like second-worst in average carbon footprint per person by country.

    • $$ will fix it all

    • Because it’s the morally correct thing to do.

      As a pioneer on climate change, we actually influence other countries and it helps destroy the oil industry.

    • @F V It is morally correct to completely decimate an economy so that families break up, children are left orphaned due to suicides of fathers, homelessness rising? Tell me how this morally correct…. Or is this maybe ideological and political?

  3. You guys have way bigger problems than climate change.

  4. Mickey Mouse is on the list of 11,000 scientists.

  5. Tell that to China & India.

  6. How many coal fired power plants does China have again??

  7. Canada is carbon negative.
    Look it up.

  8. No…
    We’re not behind him.
    And never will be.

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