‘Not Kings!’: Judge Issues Stinging Rebuke To Trump’s Impeachment Stonewall | MSNBC

'Not Kings!': Judge Issues Stinging Rebuke To Trump's Impeachment Stonewall | MSNBC 1


A federal judge has ordered Don McGahn, former White House Counsel to testify before Congress. In the new ruling, the judge argues ‘Presidents are not kings,’ potentially laying the foundation for other Trump aides who have stonewalled House Dems investigations, citing executive privilege. Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner join Ari Melber on the breaking news. Aired on 11/25/19.
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'Not Kings!': Judge Issues Stinging Rebuke To Trump's Impeachment Stonewall | MSNBC

100 Comments on "‘Not Kings!’: Judge Issues Stinging Rebuke To Trump’s Impeachment Stonewall | MSNBC"

  1. Lock them all up.

  2. The King of the “Confederacy Of Dunces at the White House”. 🤪 😜

  3. Trump too stupid to be a King wannabe Dictator or Mob boss.

    • Spade Caller Blame the Gop. And we do have due process. If his minions had the balls to stop protecting him we wouldn’t be here. It takes more than just “Dems” This isn’t suppose to a party affiliation. The law is the law for everyone.

    • Toni sumblin Trumps doing just fine. Stay the course Mr. President.

    • @myredfestiva
      Bribery obstruction abuse of power. He stole from a charity that helps children with cancer. He’s a monster.

    • j walsh Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Leave the USA if you don’t like it. The gloating will be brutal.

  4. ma,ma gee's gospel | November 25, 2019 at 11:38 PM | Reply

    He’s not a King or a Dictator, And he’s Definitely not the, Chosen One, As he once Claimed ! 🤔

  5. nebulous stargate | November 25, 2019 at 11:44 PM | Reply

    Why is BARR trying so hard to obstruct justice.

  6. The Government are the People. The Congress and Senate are the Servants of the People. Trump cannot force any member of either House to disregard a subpoena. Why they do what he wants is the question we should be asking. What is their motivation?

    • Actually, the Constitution says the President most certainly can. The judge is using laws that don’t pertain to the President. If the President wants to put out the effort, they can take it to the Supreme Court, and they will rule in favor of the Constitution as they are required to do.

      You can’t endlessly subpoena every member in the President’s family and administration year after year, endlessly just to interfere with the President doing his job. For the first year and a half of investigations he cooperated and was extraordinarily transparent. Then he finally decided it is time to stop cooperating. The FBI investigation came to an end, and now this stupid impeachment inquiry based on him wanting an investigation into why Hunter Biden received three million in US aid money. That is a legitimate investigation by the President, per the letter of the law. Generally it is expected that the President investigates where money is going, before he issues it.

      It is amazing how many people are falling for this. I think deep down most people know these attacks on the President are illegitimate, but because of the anger, hatred, divisiveness, and bigotry, still support them. You are a part of the problem. Now it is time to change direction, and become a part of the solution. Set your hatred aside, and work with your fellow Americans for the better of all.

    • @lelennyfox34 I can see it looked bad, thx for understanding.

    • Dorian Shades of gray | November 26, 2019 at 9:05 PM | Reply

      @North Guy of course they didn’t ignore subpoenas on their own. Based on DOJ advice they were instructed by the Whitehouse…it is already reported that the WH is appealing the ruling

    • @PK Cazadores
      Anywhere in the Constitution where it gives Trump the power? Last I read, House has full control of Impeachment.

    • @lelennyfox34 It is called executive privilege. You must have dropped out before high-school.

  7. Our democracy was formed to not live under the rule of a king!!! Our laws apply to ALL Ameriicans including the president!!! We are a country of LAWS for a reason!!!!

    • @SK Wills The main reason, an oppressive government.

    • That was the idea, reality unfortunately is different. The system you have is cross wired and some take advantage to manipulate the system. It’s a shame that what #45 is doing is rubber stamping others around the world to behave badly… The world is now more dangerous then ever before…

    • @Roger Làfreniere says the one who would be first in line to join Hitlers socialist workers party.

    • @Sharon Cooper Ha Ha Ha ……. Cult is the new go to dipwad word …. so F ing weak indeed.

    • @Moddie Seven Cult Cult Cult Cult Cult ……….. LMFAO Moron !

  8. Paranormal News Today | November 26, 2019 at 12:18 AM | Reply

    Hear that, boys and girls? That’s the sound of the Wheels of Justice running over Trump and Co.
    Oh, who’s that behind the wheel? That would be Lady Liberty.

  9. The GOP is too chickenshit to point out that the wannabe emperor is wearing no clothes.

    • @Bob Bobberson exactly. This is basically the final attempt to justify why Hillary lost. Hillary losing to Trump was the most embarrassing thing to happen to the Democrats since the Democrats surrendered to the Republicans during the Civil War.

    • Let’s not obstruct and see where it goes

    • @C Cage They will eat their words in 2020 when Trump once again stomps any of the radical clowns they have to offer. Tell me, has the Dems done anything at all for America in the last 3 years but resist and go after Trump …….. Nope > LOL !

    • @C Cage By the way we are all Cult members now …….LMFAO !

  10. i can’t help but wonder if any of these people that trump ordered to not appear will file lawsuits against him claiming that they have suffered either legally, ethically or financially as a consequence of following his (we now know are illegal) orders. after all, ALL of them excepting those that defied trump, will forever be known as people that have failed to appear before congress after being served with a valid subpoena and that their actions have been deemed ‘illegal’ by a federal judge. not exactly the kind of thing i would want on my resume if i were pursuing a career in government.

  11. So far Trump has been acting as a dictator. He does whatever he wants. 🙄😈

    • Jennifer Radach | November 26, 2019 at 1:37 PM | Reply

      The days of his disrespect and his pretend president / King and his. worship of Putin are soon over

    • He is one of the greatest presidents of all time. And fights for this great country. Imagine what he could have done with this country if they would have left him alone!! All they did was hurt the people by trying to impeach him. Maybe in 2020 he can prove to everyone that he cares about All.

    • CaptHowdy I can’t understand what you are even saying- .-.

    • Well Trump learned to become dictator from Obama.

  12. The chickens are coming home to roost in the nest growing atop our “Dear Leader’s” bald as a bat, empty cranium. Whom does he think he’s fooling? The more I hear him speaking, the more I’m convinced that he has adult attention deficit disorder. He speaks in such a disjointed and disconnected way. His commentary is one Non-Stop non sequitur. He can’t stay on point. He’s all over the place and this helps to confuse his supporters as well as everybody else, including the Trumpster. WTF did he just say and what did it mean? Hmmm?

  13. This is the most corrupt W.H administration in modern history of the US. They should be all investigated and locked up. It is sad that regular ppl are defending these criminals. They are putting their political party & Agent Orange over our country.

    • this is all just bs piled on top of bs piled on top of even more bs. the people have decided on this leadership let them run the country as they wish .

    • @Axeman Fink really? “as they wish” ? Who gets to do that in this life? Everything should be up for debate, its our responsibility and our right to question whatever and whoever we want. The government works for us not the other way around. YOU go right ahead sit back and follow your leader blindly, thats your choice.

    • They’re not “regular people”. They are conned, cult, lemming, morons. That’s not regular behavior. Blind party loyalty only explains so much – There’s a mental illness connection amongst that group.

  14. Classic ’not guilty’ behaviour from the most transparent president.

  15. Duncan Disorderly | November 26, 2019 at 1:00 AM | Reply

    America desperately needs to remove the malignant tumor before it becomes fatal.

    • By any means necessary.

    • Duncan Disorderly | November 26, 2019 at 5:51 PM | Reply

      While it’s satisfying to see a considerable amount of people agree with my comment, I’m not wanting to be smug. This is not a time for smugness, it is a time of serious action and open discussion if America wishes to remain true to everything they claim to hold dear. I’ve always found it fascinating how democracy means the most to those without it. People with the benefit of living in a democracy tend to take it for granted. Humans are a fickle lot, that’s for certain. This is attested by the fact that there’s a percentage of so-called “Patriots” with a distorted view of their own country. As a result, they blindly (or knowingly) and happily assist in destroying everything they say they’re protecting. Personally, I prefer to remain non-partisan, more so because both sides are as bad as each other. There’s a general tendency to tar everyone with the same brush as they talk without listening. If they did listen, they would realize their opponents are waffling the same crap they are.

  16. joris suffuhrt | November 26, 2019 at 1:01 AM | Reply

    It is the evangelicals. Watch “the family”

  17. while we truly do need to know all of the facts, our country can’t wait the extra 6 months to a year to run thru the courts. trump is tearing this nation apart brick by brick. we have been alienated from the free world, forced to abandon our allies the kurds and leave them to be slaughtered, to bribe and extort another ally, ukraine, when they are in desperate need of our help, etc. he needs to go before it is too late for us. we will find out the rest eventually.

    • mary jones … Great comment
      We need these jolts so as not to normalise this presidency

    • Dorian Shades of gray | November 26, 2019 at 5:00 AM | Reply

      So you’re suggesting bypassing the rule of law are you?

    • @Dorian Shades of gray While we cannot bypass the rule of law it’s sad to see the republican senate so ready to ignore testimony and the law to block impeachment by casting it as a partisan conspiracy, even going as far as using Russian hoaxes as a defense.

  18. Remember, Trump hates judges and wants to get rid of them all. They will use that against the orange hypocrite.

  19. Joseph Walther | November 26, 2019 at 1:53 AM | Reply

    The way it should be.  If called to testify, you testify, no matter who you are or work for.

    • Clinton Pachingel | November 26, 2019 at 5:30 AM | Reply

      mcgahn is going to deliver the killing blow to democrats

    • They were subpoenaed, so any other American outside of the White House would be put in Jail if they failed to show up when court mandated. Trump’s involvement in ensuring they no show is a Federal Offense beyond simple “obstruction of justice,” the Media keeps failing to report that this is actually Witness Tampering and Intimidation. They have more than enough right now to remove him, I’m concerned this is being drawn out to interfere with the 2020 Dem Nomination. 4 of the Dems running for the ticket will be forced to sit through weeks of testimony M-F without any allowable excuses, and their campaigns will be put to a complete halt. The only Democrat Candidate in the “top” running that’s not in the Senate: Joe Biden. How convenient. It’ll be 2016 all over again of… hmmm… which lying fascist shall I vote for?

    • Clinton Pachingel you’re delusional

    • @Dorian Shades of gray Wrong. Congress does have oversight of the Executive Branch.

    • @Dorian Shades of gray

      actually the legislative branch DOES have power over the executive to demand any documents they want and any testimony for any investigation.
      that’s part of the republican form of government.
      and just like most nations on earth usa is a democratic constitutional republic…..

  20. Not a King, barely a President and certainly not Human.

    • Power corrupts | November 26, 2019 at 6:13 AM | Reply

      The orange one is the king of lies.
      There will be much suffering until he is removed from the white house.
      Give him a chance and he will destroy the earth.

    • Power corrupts | November 26, 2019 at 6:15 AM | Reply

      You came here to spread propaganda.
      The orange one is evil.

    • The revolutionary was came from a conflict starting in the British Parliament. The ruling
      Tory Party was opposed by a branch of the Whig (Liberal Party) who called themselves Patriots. Here in the U.K. this almost led to civil war. Whiteout representation in the British Parliament this conflict became hot. My home town of Rotherham Yorkshire was Patriot. On a hilltop overlooking the town still stands a monument to the Boston Tea Party ( Boston Castle – find it on line). George 111 was a constitutional monarch. The purpose of a constitutional monarch is simply to prevent a self serving politician from becoming head of state. George Like our current Queen had little power. Parliament rules the country. Patriots wanted to extend democracy and personal freedoms. The ruling Tories backed policies and tax plans that favoured the rich. I think that in both our countries those nasty Tories are back!

    • @Jeff Karas You’re being worse than obtuse. The United States was found on genocide and
      slavery. After that, Americas fought each other as North and South, where your theory enters.
      Back then, saying President was saying not King, even if they set up the government that way.

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