Epidemiologist warns of 'epidemic of the unvaccinated' 1

Epidemiologist warns of ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’

Epidemiologist Dr. Christopher Labos says more people need to get vaccinated to mitigate a potential fourth wave in the fall.

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  1. what’s it matter as long as your vaxed then everything is fine what are you worried about get vaxed do what you want what I do has nothing to do with you I have not had a vax since the day lift the hospital when I was born and I’m doing just fine thanks

    1. @Judith Rochin _Perhaps we should ban the unvaccinated from the hospital._

      France is already trying to do that.

    2. @Lewis Duffy Chances of needing to go to the hospital for covid for most age groups is extremely small.

    3. @Lewis Duffy Been sipping Margaritas in various locations down in Mexico during the whole “Pandemic”. Somehow magically not even a case of the sniffles.

    4. @Some Where The answer, according to the Ontario government’s own data, is 5.14% (28,221 total hospitalizations out of 549,196 total cases as of July 24th).

      0.99% of cases were admitted to an ICU (5,448 total ICU admisisons out of 549,196 total cases).

    1. @Lewis Duffy It’s not a troll it’s blatantly obvious truth to those who are not indoctrinated fools.

  2. Those who have received 2 vax are just as prone to new variant infection as the unvaxed.

    Your 2 doses only “prevent” ,unsuccessfully, the previous version of the virus, not the new variants.

    1. @ET Himself oh you like the attention, huh? you have no facts, only many Holograms deceptions running rampant in this Matrix deception soul trap construct matrix. Belief programming ur. Maybe your one of those who posing as human

    2. @ET Himself
      Thank you. You have been a great help in showing which side is well informed, and which side is just into cultlike behavior.

  3. Just send the unvaccinated home to let their natural immune system decide if they live or die. Hospital capacity issue solved. No more lockdowns.

    1. @g cotta _but it is the vaxxed who r being hospitalized. Let’s make u pay for ur healthcare_

      Someone hasn’t looked at the Delta variant data published in the most recent U.K. Technical Briefing paper.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis Variants more contagious BUT R LESS DEADLY. Funny how these variants seem to pop up when politically convenient. Funny that!

    1. All hate speech is not created equal. Hate speech is just speech that goes against the establishments narratives.

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