WaPo: This is what Trump's PAC is spending its money on 1

WaPo: This is what Trump’s PAC is spending its money on


Former President Donald Trump's political action committee has raised $75 million in donations so far this year, but despite Trump's continued support of the sham Arizona election fraud audit, none of the PAC's money has been used to fund the audit.
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  1. He sees it as his personal money, he’s not going to just give any of it away. He’s always cheated his own contractors, why give the state of Arizona money when they can cheat their own tax payers into funding their sham audit?

    1. @Steve Austin MSNBC/CNN cover the “inflation” issue all the time— mainly from a “pro-business,” “conservative” perspective, peddling a “conservative,” “pro-business” agenda.

  2. Trump’s fundraising on this has always been a con where he can use the money for whatever he wants instead of challenging the election. Those people still donating to Trump remind me of the adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    1. LBJ wasn’t too far off with this one: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

    2. The statements he made the first few days
      after his dramatic hospital stay
      did nothing to allay my initial suspicions
      about his condition since I wrote this composition
      He’s a grifter first, one of the worst
      And to him I delivered this verse:
      ♪ Considering his past abuses involving doctor’s excuses in times like these,
      it would be in his character to lie about having the dreaded disease. ♪
      ♪ You can rest assured he would by this elixir and his miraculous assurance.
      he launches his campaign and a glamorous snake oil scam shall ensue. ♪
      ♪ Healthy and hale he reveals and regales the elixir exclusive to TrumpCare® Insurance!
      then proceed to rejoice in a very loud voice and toilet paper stuck to his shoe. ♪

  3. It is all part of the grift that trump has been running since 2015. He collects donations that then find it’s way into the accounts of his family members and his businesses.

    1. It’s all OK because then the people are not giving money to other GOP candidates for their elections/reelections. It will make it easier for Democrats everywhere to win.

  4. The people giving him their money deserve to be cheated, scammed. They are as thick as many planks.

    1. @Jay Imagine people so deluded that they think trump supporters were ever a majority of voters, or that trump had a chance of being reelected.

    2. I hope all of them end up living under a bridge and stealing food from Supermarket to survive.

    3. @Pete 913 the media is obviously still obsessed with Trump. He’s still a threat. They can’t move on

    1. @Bob Jones they don’t want fix it, to them being a gullible idiot is a badge of honor.

    2. @Beefeater Dot, Lmao! He’s been scamming people since he was born. But It apparently works for the uneducated!

    3. @Jay, your talking about the trump humpers who who are sitting in jail waiting for Trump to be president again?

  5. Iam glad Trump is commiting fraud against his supporters, as it shows Trump supporters will believe any amount of Trump’s lies LMAO

    1. @Cody You’re LOSING the fight and you know it.
      The “like” numbers on anti-trump comments are through the roof.

    2. @Codyspoken like a true trumpie as he returns from the keyboard to watching newsmax, oann, and faux entertainment news or maybe your preference is the written word like, “daily caller” or “western journal” , give us a break and save it for parlar huh

    3. @Cody remaining loyal to Trump while your fellow Trumpers are getting scammed? You hate to see it.

      Wait. Actually, you love to see it

  6. They should ban this Mad man from all public appearances…He’s a disgrace to
    every ( intelligent) human! 🙁

    1. @HalloweenJack
      All politicians spin the truth, but I don’t think there has ever been one as flamboyantly dishonest as Trump.

    2. I disagree. He should appear publically in front of the International Criminal Court at The hague, Holland to stand trial for crimes against humanity stemming both from his family separation practices along the border and politically weaponizing the coronavirus response at the federal level as well as sabotaging the local efforts of the “Blue States”. I doubt he’d touch American soil again alive or dead.

    1. @terry harker OOOO 400K a year donated LOL when he’s a supposed Billionaire 🙂 of course he’s gonna scam his followers for 100’s of millions of dollars 🙂

    2. @terry harker How do you know this is true? Trump has started to take his Presidential retirement paychecks already. He applied for that immediately and is now receiving those.

    3. Trump got a doctor degree in con artistry from the fame Trump fraudsting university. Making a cult to himself was a great idea. The cult is marching on.

  7. The moment Trump says he is not running in 2024, the money spigot is turned off. Believe me, folks, he’s running whether he is or not. This is his only source of income.

    1. With a little luck and some more pressing, he will have the hundreds of millions he has to pay back to Deutsche Bank soon.

  8. Federal government needs to garnish the money for the aduit and other money owed by republicans…

    1. well… I think he’d just stiff the Uber driver. At McDonalds you have to pay in advance so….

  9. I am sure he hate himself for not doing this earlier in life, scamming his voters is easier than running casinos, selling steaks, running hotels and airlines.

    1. @9753flyer 3 casinos he’s bankrupted… almost 4 but he has to sell that one at a loss instead 🙂

  10. I mean.. is anyone really surprised by this? His whole career is built on false pretense and financial scams.

    1. @Chuck Rambo My favorite hustle—other than Trump’s “voter fraud” hustle and of course who can forget his Trump U scam and the $2 million he was court-ordered to pay after he defrauded 8 charities—is the fake Time covers he plastered all over Mar-a-Lago.

    2. @Chuck Rambo he’s got a great track record…. Look for the “exposē” from the 90s…. His behavior is not new…. But hey, defraud your own “charity” and pay fines and be barred from running a charity in new York but w/e love him, hate him…. He’s a huckster…. Full stop

    3. @Dixie Normous right. He’s a moron. On his best day. Grifting, lying, cheating and stealing don’t require high intelligence, hence prisons being full of such people.

    4. @Chuck Rambo personally I believe reality, facts and data. Your orange Fuhrer has to report the income and expenditures of his PAC to the FEC twice a year. The last reporting period ended June 30th.

  11. “Stop the steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-Lie McEnemy in the starring roles.


  13. Always the grifter. He has always relied on an oft repeated truth: there’s a sucker born every minute.

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