Smerconish: Don't punish the vaccinated 1

Smerconish: Don’t punish the vaccinated

Don't bring back mask mandates, says CNN's Michael Smerconish: "Instead of imposing further upon the vaccinated, let's up the pressure on the unvaccinated." He goes on to say President Biden should mandate the jab for all Federal workers, including the military.
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    1. @Man Animal, the chances of dying in a parachute jump is 0.00001%, the chance of dying from covid once you’ve got it is 1.8%.
      That means you are 180,000 times more likely to die from covid, than from jumping out of a plane….. if 1.8% of parachutists died on each jump, they would ban it…..

    2. @tom martinez That’s ok Dude, if you chow down on the jive, you may be one of the sweepstake winners who get to think about the vaccine while gasping for breath. Better odds than a free coke from McDonny’s. Hope not, but in American your free to spin the wheel. Good Luck and let’s play the game.

    1. @5 9 if you get sick, we have to carry you. we actually follow our morals. We dont want you to die, and we dont want to have to carry you when we already have so many to pick up. Conservatives should get some of that.

    2. @New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies Exactly! Keep up the fight against the triggered libbies xD

    1. @Dixon Uranus
      I have never thought Trump was likely to go to prison. But if you don’t like lying, how can you support Trump?

    2. @Jock Young I’ve seen you claim Trump was going to prison, and call him a Russian asset. Your pants may actually be on fire.

    3. We will force all of you to get vaccinated or go to jail. This isn’t optional if you want to eat

  1. 18 year old young men had to go to fight in Vietnam. No choice, you had to go. How many of those young men came back crippled or not at all. It was considered your patriotic duty. Do your patriotic duty and vaccinate. Our enemy is Coronavirus.

    1. @M Hall
      Seems to me that you are looking for it, but whatever. “Our enemy is the biden administration and the Demokkkrats” is not “OK”

    2. I have a neurological issue and should not take it. My body my choice that does not go just one way.

    3. Less than 99.8% of people die from it, don’t blow this out of proportion USAR 72-75 and I volunteered.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me.
    The joint chiefs of staff learned nothing from the USS Roosevelt and how quickly covid spread through that ship.
    Jesus H Christ stand by for orders or get sequestered in a brig.

    1. Which military ship was it that they didn’t even allow back into Port last year? Not trying to play that trick I seriously can’t remember.

    2. @Mark Berryhill I remember walking through a line to get two shots in one arm while also getting three in the other. Army boot camp reception.

    3. Fauci and the gain of function demon green sure thing, the pandemic profits machine, demonic hater speculators and the Fauci gain of function sure thing demon green. Like betting on the OxyContin golden age

  3. We offered carrots for the unvaccinated. Now time for the stick. These Rubes need to wake up.

    1. @trebochet Hey buddy you don’t have a right to spread a disease. People that refuse to get vaccination for covid are malinformed terrorists.

  4. as a former DOD employee, I was compelled to take the flu vaccine yearly, anthrax vaccine, smallpox revaccination and a slew of others because I worked at the front lines with the military. As far as I know, the flu shot is still required for those working today.

    1. Fauci and the gain of function demon green sure thing, the pandemic profits machine, demonic hater speculators and the Fauci gain of function sure thing demon green. Like betting on the OxyContin golden age

  5. This makes sense. Stop coddling these confused people. You are doing them no favors by humoring this deadly behavior.

    1. Fauci and the gain of function demon green sure thing, the pandemic profits machine, demonic hater speculators and the Fauci gain of function sure thing demon green. Like betting on the OxyContin golden age

    2. I have a medical issue and should not take the shot. I’m more than willing to emulate mostly peaceful protests In neighborhoods if I have to

    3. @George Petlowany See what happens when whole states just ignore you. Nothing will happen we can just stop sending tax to the federal government and not sell our crops to you or the coal for your power plants.

    4. @Iris why not say if you get a vaccine you can go back to normal instead of were a mask after vaccine. You sheep just should stay inside and get the vaccine weekly lol.

  6. There’s nothing common about common sense… definition of “insanity”… “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results”.

    1. i wish people would take the vaccine…. but all you can do is make it available and hope most of them survive natural infection….. natural infection is another path to immunity. The less desirable path….. but it still has value.

    2. @Spinko Kerplinko You realize that this makes absolutely no sense. You don’t even know what all that means, do you? It’s just gobble de gook you saw barfed up on some goofy website. Stop wasting peoples time.

    3. @Spinko Kerplinko word salad is a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia. Get help before you harm yourself or someone else.

  7. It’s the job of the Military to be in a state of readiness…If they’re unvaccinated, they ARE NOT…period…

    1. Agent Snoopy – It was the third leading cause of death in 2020. So, your solution would be to just ignore it?

    2. @J Groovy Yes—a man drove his motorcycle into a wall and died. They tested him for COVID and came back positive. The doctor said “it could have been related to COVID”. Just one example of the relabeling of the actuarial life table.

      I know one person that tested positive for COVID and they had mild flu like symptoms. I’m sure there is a virus going around but the reaction has been overblown by media that depend upon tragedy for views and governments that are enjoying the new powers over their citizens.

    3. @Caroline _ I’m not saying they are collaborating—the nurses and doctors were told there was no treatment for the virus. They are simply doing what they believe is right. Unfortunately they were lied to and the doctors that attempted to share treatment options were censored.

      Those are facts and you can continue to ignore them or you can question the narrative.

  8. “Compassion fatigue” is a phrase I heard the other day…. Getting real close to that.

    1. @abprepboy33 No, just another year or two . You have done one year you can do a couple more . I won’t be going on vacation especially abroad or attending weddings or indoor birthday parties even hugging my fully vaccinated granddad .

      Its not about long COVID just its about avoiding creating new varriants . Hasn’t this been explained to you?

    2. You want to force medical experimentations into innocent people and then pretend to be compassionate? You people really are demonic.

    3. @abprepboy33 You can create new variants with out travel.

      And natrual immuinty doesn’t work

    4. Amen, i work in healthcare and the fatique is real, the compassion fatigue is real, and the grief healthcaregivers receive is astonishing and disheartening.

  9. Regardless of what side of the party you are on, Fauci Ouchie sounds a whole lot better than the Jab.

  10. Just don’t pay for covid health care costs of the unvaccinated. No jab, no money, just a large bill.

  11. Trump told Woodward in March, was part of a strategy to deliberately minimize the danger. “I wanted to always play it down,” the president said. “I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

  12. “You need to get the vax or you will give me the virus i was vaccinated against to not get sick” Right.

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