1. @Ms Dee Most holidays are Christian…
      Also… it’s a Jewish holiday too 🙄
      Now explain cancelling halloween?? 🤔

    1. @Cosmo Cat Stuck in Pizza
      While they do suck… I’m pretty sure this is a reference to one of Ford’s food obsessions.

  1. Remember all these politicians haven’t lost a pay check, I’m sure they’d love to have everyone over for a meal or 2 just remember to say thank you.

  2. Since it didn’t work at Thanksgiving and Christmas let’s do it for Easter. Let’s also lockdown the salaries of politicians and these doctors who live in a well financed OHIP bubbles. Everyone who advocates lockdown should be prepared to give up their incomes for the duration.

  3. Why is it all the fully paid not missed a stride always so eager to lockdown. Stop taking a pay cheque burn through your savings fall behind on your mortgage then maybe.

  4. I was at Costco yesterday. Packed to the hilt, and no one asking me if I show symptoms, and 0 contact tracing. Costco and Walmart can’t spread COVID, but mom and pop and coffee shops can get you killed. The time for being passive is over.

    1. @UWO Grad He’s clearly there to buy food to feed his family. Doesn’t take an UWO graduate to figure that out.

  5. Give it up , let it go , it’s our choice to make not the governments , if you want to stay home cause yours scared or at risk then do so !

    1. Maybe they should stop converting hospital rooms into VP , Directors and managers offices. Have you been to a hospital lately ? It’s like a corporation

  6. The solution is to put government workers on 50% and send the rest to those who need it desperately

  7. How did they know months ago that April would be the 3rd lockdown on that same government email it stated August September martial law is declared

  8. This “doctor” must be getting a pretty penny from Ford and/Or Trudeau for this interview 🤦‍♀️

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