Erin O'Toole kicks out Derek Sloan from Conservative caucus 1

Erin O’Toole kicks out Derek Sloan from Conservative caucus


Erin O'Toole has removed Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus and says he won't be allowed to run for the party again.


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    1. Revealed. Acted on. No other choice. Otoole now likely telling his caucus to audit their individual donors for similar donations.

  1. I almost feel sorry for O’Toole…he should go back to herding cats. Much easier…
    And Sloan? The Stephen Miller of Canada…

  2. GeezUS, O’Toole is flipping so hard right now, what the F is he doing? If he can rebuild the firearms act and make it law abiding gun owner friendly, all will be forgiven. Just DO that 1 thing bro. C’mon.

  3. So you expect a politician to know every single person who gave a donation as well as do a background check on them?

  4. If the O’Toole wants to rid the Party of Sloan types, he will be removing almost all of the Reform/Alliance Factions

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