How turning off camera during Zoom calls can help the climate 1

How turning off camera during Zoom calls can help the climate


Kaveh Madani explains how turning off your camera during zoom meetings can help reduce your carbon footprint and help the climate.

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  1. We need real solutions…
    The environmental impact of an online meeting is a joke…
    Not a factor whatsoever…

    Plus you are ruining the ability use visuals to discuss complex topics…
    Getting rid of person to person contact and replacing it with online meetings has already strained the workplace…
    Now you want to take away all visuals too?!
    So counterproductive, especially when you factor it against the close to zero environmental impact of an online meeting, jokes!

  2. How does turning the camera off help we got alot of you should do this without any reason why other than it helps with climate change but no proof just numbers. That could have been pulled from anywhere

    1. It takes way more data to run a video call than an audio call. The more data you are trying to stream the more power you are using.

    2. @Bob Dole that power has emissions whether its used or not… also it doesnt use that much more power, i probably burn more power gaming than a video call.

  3. Kaveh, do you notice that while you are teaching the students are looking off to the side and are on mute? They are likely watching TV not listening to your lesson or lecture.

    1. Well thats on them if they fail you shouldn’t need to force someone listen to you, the ones that want to pass will pay attention and do the work

  4. Remember preCOVID how your car and your commute caused tragic amounts of pollution? Well now after some quick goalpost moving your video calls as you work from home are environmentally problematic too!

  5. This is a joke right? The impact of a webcam during a video call is so miniscule that its not even worth the wasted neurons required to generate the thought.

  6. None of you know what is being done with your information. Using platforms like zoom, that none of you know anything about, is really stupid.

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