Erin O'Toole questioned on his vaccination policy 1

Erin O’Toole questioned on his vaccination policy


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole refused to say whether all his candidates were vaccinated when questioned.

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  1. When they start talking about antibodies and recoveries not needing vaccines we all will know science is being taken seriously not just buying vaccines.

  2. Making our own personal health choices vs. being forced, coerced and discriminated against: two completely different animals.

  3. I would ask questions of O’Toole. Trudeau and Singh differently. I would ask “What’s your policy on _____ (fill in the blank) TODAY, Sir?”

  4. Vax passes are a stalkers dream come true. And as well a hackers dream; Canada vax passes have already been hacked.

    1. But not generally a conservative viewpoint at all. The PC party are just “Liberal Lite” at this point. PPC are the only party in Canada now actually representing TRUE conservative values.

  5. For the ones on here that think voting for the PPC is like voting for Trudeau, what’s lost on you all is that it’s not just frustrated conservatives that are jumping ship , there’s a ton of Liberals and NDP also jumping ship to the PPC , this vote splitting ain’t so cut and dry .

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