Justin Trudeau still under fire for SNC-Lavalin scandal 1

Justin Trudeau still under fire for SNC-Lavalin scandal


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau continues to face questions about the SNC-Lavalin fiasco while on the campaign trail.

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    1. @N I know some, and when they joined they believed it was an honourable profession. Unfortunately they are an embarrassment to Canada

    1. well l would disagree on the ethic committee which has NO AUTHORITY to order remedy but only REPORT findings.
      its the farce see ’em pee fell flat

    2. @das kritter reporting MPs to the ethics committee from other parties can be political.. just to say someone is under investigation for the umteenth time.. the ethics committee should not be politicized either with frivolous requests. They do have credibility in their rulings.

    1. Don’t forget the fact that there was ‘such’ a lack of wrongdoing, Justin Trudeau banned numerous witnesses from speaking with the authorities and cooperating with the investigation…for clarity and transparency of course.

      Just like how the WE Scandal prorogation was ‘necessary to draft a budget’, despite the fact Trudeau knew he would be calling an election later that same year anyway; not to mention the hundreds of hours of filibuster spanning multiple months.

  1. And don’t forget the full report of WE charity is coming out after the election. And this guy wants to get re-elected, if anything He should be going to jail.

    1. Bill Morneau, guilty of trying to hook his close friends up with a 1$ billion pandemic contract, was ‘punished’ by Justin Trudeau after his resignation. How? The Trudeau government spent taxpayer money and government employees time trying to endorse this now private citizen’s appointment to the OECD, an international financial organization. Essentially, for being found guilty of corruption, and as a reward for taking the flak, Trudeau attempted to hook Morneau up with a lavish career using public funds. They’re not even subtle about it.

    2. @Blue12344321 Morneau should have been charged with insider trading…his dad sold thousands of shares prior to changes in pension laws, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars…as corrupt as they come.

  2. “We will balance the budget in three years” – Justin Trudeau

    Canada now a trillion dollars in debt. Yep we can trust Trudeau and take his word on anything. He is not a liar.

    1. @Ydidutakemyname nope I’m not a loyal party follower. Point is he was driving the debt up well before COVID was a thing. So quit defending him and quit using the what if so and so was in power argument. They’re not so that’s that. It doesn’t justify another parties actions. Lmfao

  3. The ethics commissioner recognize that I have no ethics… but I disagree to agree because I wanted to protect jobs and my big liberal donors…

  4. It’s always easy to point at other countries but the level of corruption in Canada might be greater as it is always behind the smoking screens of our so called democracy.

    1. Oh, I get it. Because I am disagreeing with you, I must hate my country. I,m an old campaigner, who does,nt wear rose coloured glasses, and is respectful of every PM we ever had. I,m a moderate independent. I,m talking about political scandals and you switched immediately to my character. Who is the hater? You are a tad thin skinned and defensive, would,nt you say? Not a history buff?

  5. Steal a loaf of bread to feed your family and you’re a criminal. Break the law as a politician and your exempt from prosecution.

    1. anyone voting liberal now is not doing it for the betterment of canada. it’s just the party loyal (aka goat vote) who are. anyone with two bits of brain cells knows by now justin is not a leader.

    2. @Ahmed the SNC issue is an ethics breach certainly. however it is also an indictable offence. a criminal offence. the charge is ‘obstruction of justice. if you or i were found guilty of this at a high level…. you don’t go to jail…. you go to prison.

  6. Still under fire as he should be! This Prime Minister has escaped SO much of his corruption and bafflingly stupid errors.

  7. He’s an entitled trust fund brat – of course he feels like he’s above the law. He’s so out of touch with the average Canadian.

    1. He doesn’t pay attention to monetary policy because he simply doesn’t know how it works. What do you expect from someone who has always had everything given to him?

    1. @Matthew David its amazing what you can get away with when you can hide any documents you like behind parliamentary privilege as they are subpoenaed (snc, we, may 1st oic)

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