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  1. How can a society that is by and large indisciplined expect it to be different in schools.
    I doubt that the level of punishment for this type of action deters any student for pushing the boundaries.
    Having said that it’s not the fault of the schools. The children are merely behaving in a similar manner as the adults in their lives.

  2. All the government need to do is stop bound the institutions from discipline these student and teen force it right across the board. If a parent have a issue with that home school your child therefore you can’t blame the education system for your child outcome in long run. Argument done.

  3. When the home is lack in good parenting, then a pot on wood fire will always be boiling in the school classroom, I believe that the schools are to teach students who are disciplined and eager to learned, who wants to move on to colleges etc periodly.
    Children with low pass grades from pep build schools for them and let military personnel teach them. And this will stem out these unruly big women and man in uniforms in government schools!! Simply as that. Make sense?

  4. 🤔 if I were a TEACHER I would only teach the kids who’s like (6) and is ready to accept the reality that most younger needs to face the world. Although there’s still some very undisciplined little ones too, but, I surely wouldn’t want to be in a classroom with those students who some of them are much BIGGER than me both in SIZE and actions. Hopefully those supposed to be students who was acting in that manner came out to be better after looking back at themselves doing what did to that teacher and don’t become a teacher themselves or maybe the same MEAL will be dished out to them as well, if you plant YAMS don’t expect to reaping TOMATOES.


  6. The consequences for indiscipline in school is not good enough.. It’s like a joke when you call for help at times

  7. The government really needs to have an institute in at least all regions of the MOE to pull out disruptive students to go for a period, until they are able to go back to regular school settings.

  8. Politicians, Govt, teachers, police, etc must solve the problem of poor parenting in Jamaica. And what about the parents?

  9. Soon you’ll need security guards in every classroom. Jah jah, just like duppy know who to play with so do these hooligans nowadays. Follow these kids through life and they’ll regret their actions. What that tells me, they have no idea what they are doing.

  10. Yea this discussion needs to be had over and over and over until we figure out the actions needed to get things right. It starts in the home but reinforced in what is taught in schools we need a personal development and morals class at every single grade level -Kindergarten to 6th form needs. Parents and teachers need to be on the same page!

  11. Teachers and parents have to be on the same page. Yes I agree with him The government needs to come up with the resource to teach parents how to discipline their kids AND offer subsidized or free therapy for kids AND their parents when necessary. Can’t just be the kids going to therapy alone all the time.

  12. This is a VERY SAD situation!!!😢 If this lack of respect is what the teachers are facing today, pretty soon there’ll be NO TEACHERS!!! Here goes the increase in illiteracy!!!😢

  13. His recommendation is spot on. Jamaica needs to have PRU’S as in the UK called pupil referral units where children like those are sent to smaller classes and get the help that is needed be it psychological, attention to situations such as those who might be autistic, ADHD etc. Especially with the recent vaccinations, I will expect some reactions like never seen before. I think that the teacher did well by not saying a thing. Sometimes even by being stern can result in serious reactions so his suggestion of her to be firm is not recommendable. His recommendations are however spot on.

  14. Parents, parents, parents, dogs can be trained to sit. Train your children to be respectful. Once upon a time, there used to be greater partnerships between parents and teachers. If children were unruly at school they would answer to teacher, principal and parents. A lot of children were raised by only single mothers had utmost respect for teachers. Nowadays, parents go to school and disrespect teachers. Unless the parents of these unruly children bring their children back to the classroom to publicly apologize to the teacher, followed by suspension and grounding things will not change. It takes a village to raise a child. I went to school where classrooms had almost 50 students and one female teacher and disrespecting teacher was not a part of our vocabulary. In addition to the punishment at school, parents would hand down the real deal. Did she go home to parents or did she go home to herself. There’s no way any decent parent would allow their child to get away with this. Shame, shame and more shame.

  15. The sad and painful part here is that teachers in Jamaica and around the world are not paid enough but the singers and actors who destroy the minds are paid millions.

  16. Someone mentioned it starts at home, which is true, because I behaved at school because if it got back to my mum and dad I would be in big big trouble. So I behaved.

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