Over 100 dead after soccer match, police say

Local police revised the death total and now say 125 people were killed in this incident.

Over 100 people are dead after chaos and violence erupted during an Indonesian league soccer match into the early hours of Sunday, according to state media, in what is one of the world’s deadliest stadium disasters of all time. #CNN #News


  1. I don’t understand why people get this worked up over soccer. Imagine if people were more passionate about things that genuinely matter.

    1. What? passionate on politics like the US? People are even more crazier playing team politics with their blue and red teams.

    2. Not defending this incident but….. why do you get worked up or care so much about the things you like? They don’t mean anything or matter to anyone else

    3. You act as If this Is something new. Look at the Lakers fans. Whenever the team wins an event the fans riot to celebrate the big win they block traffic they get rowdy etc etc etc.

  2. Imagine going to a football game with your loved ones and then this happens. It’s a tragedy may they all RIP

    1. @Brian Jennings American football is not the same as Football, which the latter is the world’s most popular sport.

    2. Glasgow Celtic fans and Rangers fans have been violent to each other for years. The “old firm” rivalry It’s the worst in any sports

    1. You should reserve your empathy for true victims. These people were careless with their lives, so why should you feel sorry for them? They killed each other over a sporting event. I don’t feel the least bit bad for them.

    2. @Abraxas The officers who used tear gas obviously didn’t realize the updraft would carry the gas into the bleachers. It against regulations to use tear gas for this reason. It is tragic the children’s lungs way up in seating areas were damaged —when all they did was go to a game. I don’t know what you are referring to when you talk about killing each other. The kids were just being sports fans.

    3. ​@abbracia I don’t think you understand the context. These particular football fans are always like this whenever their team on the match, so this kind of tragedy is bound to be happened eventually. Watching sports are fine, but going to the field to harm the player or the referee just because your team are losing or you think the referee was unfair is immature, stupid, and barbaric. Sure there are innocent people in those number, but most people that dead were those who’s trying to kill each other on the field. Those fans deserve no sympathy.

  3. As an Indonesian I am deeply embarrassed and regret with this tragedy. Hopefully there will be huge lessons for the spectators and officials to prevent such tragedy from happening again

    1. @ImWatchingYou    no if you understand what it said the situation is ridiculous this is suppose to be entertainment sport people were anger about the game and the police try to do their best i don’t think is the suporter and the police fault i think they just some happen dumb decision and thats why i’m so embrassing

  4. We’ve learnt in the UK the hard way just how dangerous it can be with ppl penned in getting trapped in stadiums…

  5. It’s the saddest when people die from other people’s stupidity (stupidity being murderous recklessness, negligence on the job, or just natural idiocy).

  6. I saw this show on the soccer stampede in England from 1989, ‘the Hillsborough Disaster.’ It was really sad. I saw this years ago, and I remember this father was talking about how he lost one of his daughters at the soccer match. She was among those that died at the stadium. And his other daughter died AT the hospital or on the way. It’s really weird when you think that it’s always this fact that news says about stampedes, the people dying ‘on the way to the hospital.’ I mean. WHAT kind of injuries come from a stampede of 10,000 people squishing each other? This clip mentions the stampede in Indonesia may have come from the upper stands, where there were families watching. A little kid is not going to last for a few seconds in that type of situation, where nobody has any control over their survival. It’s all up to random events. I remember the hundreds or more who perished at a Mosque, a while back too. You had different Arab countries pointing the finger at Iran or something. Anyway. Cops apparently didn’t know the FIFA rulebook about tear gas to the tune of probably causing the death of 100+ people.

    1. Hey there just want a heads up’s a new one 👐🏿👎🏿🤜

    2. @Tricia Harrison thanks Tricia, I was just coming here to clarify what the original post stated.
      Justice for the 97, took too long, so many lies from the officials. To this day, my extended family in Liverpool don’t buy The Sun newspaper.

  7. Rest In Peace, my condolences to everyones families, friends, and loved ones affected by this tragedy. God bless everyone and have a good day

    1. @Ace I don’t think I will. Believing in a god is literally destructive and overall harmful, despite what you might think.

    2. @Feik Neyme well idc what you think and believe it or not what you say is not a fact it is your opinion so have fun with it but learn to please keep it to yourself and not attack others who don’t agree or believe in the same thing but either way no hate and may God bless you and everyone else, believers and non believers : )

    3. @mythbuster I questioned other things about it as well but I just wanted to try and be positive and pay my respect and say my condolences. Whether it’s original or not I believe it Is a good and the right thing to do and I truly feel bad for what happened so who cares if multiple people say Rest In Peace and God bless and stuff like that there’s nothing wrong with it it’s a good thing. But either way God bless you and have a good day : )

  8. I played football in high school and rugby in university. It’s just a game. I’m thinking how horrible it was for the families with children. Imagine the terror the little ones felt.

    1. @CambreyGoG been a tough few years – worldwide tensions sitting in the back of everyone’s mind.
      doesn’t take much for the human psyche to snap that thread.

    2. @7X HARDER …agreed, they just threw fuel onto a fire, and lit more fires by such incompetence.
      anyone would panic if you got thrown into a large crowd in the dark and choking on gas… insanity.

  9. My condolences to all of the families! Please remember “fans” these are games and I understand being passionate about your team. But, it should always be about fun competition.

  10. Sports fans are often insane; same goes for music fans who go to concerts and get crushed to death. Watching crowds on TV is much better than actually being there in the middle of them.

  11. Its just ironic to think that the stadium in which this tragedy happened is in a territory in the Javanese Island called Malang which in the Indonesian language means “unlucky” or “wretched”. In the Malay language, Malang also means unlucky but it can also mean “accident” or “tragedy”

  12. Don’t forget 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, at the Maracan~a stadium, a part of the stadium physically collapsed and many people were killed. I was there but my visibility was so limited (because I was so far back under one of the layers of the stadium) that I couldn’t see the part of the stadium which had collapsed. A helicopter landed to pick up some wounded. Amazingly, after that, the football match went ahead.

  13. My highschool was a couple of block away from the arema’s home stadium at that time. I remembered getting home early everytime there was a match between arema & persebaya/persija. It was and always been scary whenever these two team met in a match.

  14. As tragic as this is, I find it equally tragic that the fans for these teams apparently seem to fight every time these teams play.

    1. It drives me crazy people blame the fans, when the cops literally fired tear gas that caused the lethal stampede.

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