‘Escalation’? US Airstrike Kills Iranian Commander – Day That Was | MSNBC

The United States killed a high-profile commander of Iran's secretive Quds Force, the Defense Department said late Thursday. His death is likely to dramatically increase tensions between the United States and Iran. Aired on 1/2/19.
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'Escalation'? US Airstrike Kills Iranian Commander – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. @anne-marie Andrews Yes, but unfortunately that wont make a difference to Irans response, and the Iranian peoples outlook

    2. @Shin USA deserves to die from illness and natural disasters for causing millions of deaths in the Middle East. I hate America, immoral, animalistic. Yes, some are merchants of war. But not Americans living on the blood-stained welfare of the Middle East. Why don’t they take to the streets to protest, and money has silenced them? Or irresponsibility with fellow human beings

    3. @lan huong Your comment here is the embodyment of morality. Thank you for the lecture in ignorance, hatespoeech and racism.
      Happy new year.

  1. IsraeIis are thrilled: saying their intel caused strike. Another war they start but won’t fight in…see a pattern🤔

    1. Once again the little trump troll knows not what he says. A tool as dull as your wit, little Ricky, would be useless indeed.

    1. @Robin Lillian , You don’t know what you’re talking about woman. Where’s your man at? You need to worry more about that.

    2. ​@Robin Lillian “The President and VP are probably too well protected, but there are plenty of other targets.” Pity, that.

    3. Fear mongering tactics to try and get people hooked, i’m surprised they didn’t show a montage of the Iranian military in the background.

    1. The Pricelessjam I know it’s just a joke, but spacing out a bit from that, though funny (I did laugh a lot before this), this could result in many people dying needlessly just like WW1. We have to be very careful and very mindful about what we say.

  2. Trump: “War with Iran… it wouldn’t last long”
    Typical overconfidence of the ignorant.
    Says the guy who can’t even leave Syria or Afghanistan…!!

    1. The ignorant Trump filth are up here spouting their random conspiracy theory nonsense spiced up with a lot of hide behind mommy tough talk lol! This isn’t Iraq part 2, just check the population of Iran vs Iraq for starters, also Trump has lost our NATO and coalition support, who’s he going to get to support us, the Kurds?

    1. MSNBC……STOP with all the dramatic music in the background , its an infantile attempt to dramatize this situation , you have lost credibility doing this

    1. Donnie J T: A mouse potato’s idea of a strong man. A deferred man’s idea of a commander. A headless chicken’s idea of a strategist. A in(vo)cel’s idea of a playa.

  3. The way he says,” I like peace.” sounds like he does not like peace, especially with the way he emphasizes the s sound at the end like he does when he says he was being “nice”.

  4. Can you imagine if Iran had killed the second most powerful man in America. This is crazy. Any potential conflict with Iran won’t be over ‘quickly’ either, as the result will probably be waves of terrorist attacks on innocent civilians and American troops.

    1. ​@Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson we are nothing like Iran. Iran is a dictatorship. They have a terrible record on human rights. They have executed thousands of political prisoners. They support terrorism throughout the world. The are basically your worst fantasies about Trump, but for real.

    2. @Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson and by the way Obama was famous for killing our enemies with drones. That included a few American citizens who left to join ISIS and civilians as well. Im not trying to make a comparison but just to give you perspective.

    3. ​@Lenny L what?? Nazis? Wouldnt we be bombing Israel instead of their enemies? You know Nazis were an actual political party. Its not just a blanket term for any right wing movement that you dont understand.

    1. Don Post: Believe their opening statement “Under the direction of the president”. Possible interpretation is it would serve little purpose, but he is he boss.

  5. the United States could have killed this guy at any time, so why now? It’s almost as if the president of the United States wanted to distract from something….🤔

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