‘Pouring Gasoline On A Smoldering Fire,’ Says Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Admiral James Stavridis discusses the importance of the killing of top Iranian general, Qassim Suleimani, at Baghdad airport and why it will demand a response from Iran. Aired on 1/3/20
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'Pouring Gasoline On A Smoldering Fire,' Says Admiral | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Really you think trump thought about it? Bone spurs rambling head hamsters are as useless as the fake bought and paid for wife of his.

    1. @IM PEACH yea I seen that. That was actually mad. It was the only thing she said and he corrected her. What a tool. Well both of them

    2. @Denyze oh it’s not a negative comment it’s the truth. I understand you americans (if you are american) are not use to the truth so you dont get my honesty factor. 不不不不不

    1. @Mark bodman You may call him a terrorist, but iranians called him their top general. And just because US call you a terrorist, doesn’t mean that you are. For reference, Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist, all the way up to 2008.
      Also, some country consider actions from the US as terrorist too, like many of the shadow wars from the CIA.
      In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the US consider the man a terrorist or not. What matters is the way his own country (iran) saw him. If Iran assassinated the Chairman of the Joints Chief of staff, OF COURSE IT WOULD BE SEEN AS A DECLARATION OF WAR !

      As for america forcing japan to attack pearl harbor… You clearly seem to need to read some history books. Sure, the attack helped FDR convince the public opinion to declare war to germany/japan, but Japan wasn’t “forced” to attack…

    2. @daedalron read some history the United States government came up with an eight-point plan if enforced would force Japan to attack the United States.
      It was implemented. America had all the Japanese codes long before Pearl Harbor they knew everything that was taking place before Pearl Harbor.

    1. @Cynthia Farris …if Obama had done his JOB, President Trump would not have to be cleaning up the mess he left in the Middle East. Unless you want join the Islam Democrats I suggest you be grateful for a President who has the courage to take on these Goat Herders. Better still, go and live with Islam and see if it is to your liking.Meanwhile we will be with President Trump in 2020.

    2. @L CM …sometimes you need to shake the ground and then you can see the RATS come out of their Holes. Once you know where their holes are, then the JOB becomes easy. Iran is burning from within and outside the CAT waits.

  2. Also, dont say this was the United States because its disingenuous. Trump did this with no congressional approval. We can discuss the ethics of that but he did this. Yes, technically it was the us, but not because WE chose to, but because HE chose to.

    1. Hannah wells … I dont like to agree with your comment.
      But, you have a point.
      We have let Trump run wild for over three years.

    2. Good point! And now Trump is telling all Americans to leave the area. So much for Americans being safer, huh?

    1. @ross meroe You dont know me. I was not even engaged in a conversation with you. What have I said that leads you to the statement goodness youre dumb ?

    1. kingjames3570
      Sadly killing us all is also a distraction & he won’t think twice ugh Time good americans finally make the sacrifice, flood the streets, & STAY THERE until they FORCE the @GOP to put country 1st!
      Pressure works!
      Time to stop daily routine & waiting for someone else to fix this horror!
      Please! While there’s something left to save! ENOUGH!

  3. We should talk about how all Republicans who don’t support the impeachment are traitors to the USA…

    1. @Ray S trump supported it all up til day he was elected… you have been scammed Ray. Now he doesn. But you allowed it. He’s your baby huh

    2. Laurie Walsh – keeping america first No presidential salary taken, federal regulations slashed, prison reform, moving the us embassy to Jerusalem, creating jobs (6 million since 2016), immigration reform, unemployment at a 50 time low, taking on ISIS, upgrading foreign policy, urban revitalization. Of course liberal media wont mention this.

      Need me to keep going?

    3. Laurie Walsh – making democrats look bad since BEFORE he was in office. Thats why theyve wanted him out of office since day 1 and havent stopped since.

      Name one thing these current dem candidates have promised to make america greater..

    4. @Ray S Has not the staff from the mental hospital you runaway from found you yet? You’re clearly delusional.

    1. Oh yes, that’s why he said on several occasions that he was against war, so he could save it for re-election. Snake

  4. Great news for republicans who worry about their 2nd ammendment rights. Worry no more your great president just made sure you can have your guns. Unfortanetly for you he is going to send you to war with them.

    1. MrArchangel73521 weak people spread rumors, and stupid people believe them. You fit well in both categories.

  5. But lying Pompeo speaking for Dump says Americans are safer as from today. Really?? Why assassinate today? They will never truthfully tell us why. Meanwhile chaos and death

    1. Right they assassinated JFK and MLK for doing good for the people. Evil killed good and evil protects evil ( Trump).

    2. Timothy Burton
      Hey timmy, Soleimani was CONSTANTLY coordinating/ planning attacks on U.S. soil. It’s what he did; all the time. The timing of this assassination seems blatantly obvious. Impeachment prosecution is acquiring more and more solid evidence. A “distraction” was needed.
      Donny’s thinly veiled stunt will cost countless American lives.
      And donny trump couldn’t care less.

    3. Really. Americans are safer today. Just ignore the THOUSANDS more American troops being sent to the Middle East. And ignore all the experts on the Iranian military. After ignoring all that, you’ll find that there’s …nothing to see here.

  6. Yes, the guy was a bad one, but assassinating a soldier from a soverign nation that you’re not at war with while visiting another soverign nation you also isnt at war with is ok now according to the US I guess…

    1. I wish congress would declare war. Then Trump could be convicted for treason and shot by a firing squad.

  7. He went ahead unilaterally without any thought, without consulting anyone. Never thought about the ramifications?.. a nitwit.

    1. Thorr : Of course he never thought about the ramifications. Trump is incapable of thinking ahead, way too complicated for him. And the warmongers around him are only too happy to oblige.

    2. Thorr you dumb mess of a human being…..who was he to consult with? They need to lock you freaks up and throw away the keys.

    1. ross meroe … Ross, I think you misunderstood my comment.
      The world thinks we are a joke in the sense that we have elected an unstable, uninformed, unintelligent old man to lead our country.

    2. If you want the US to slowly become Islam, vote Democrat. Open Borders and 2 Islam congresswomen and a Catholic Speaker in the HOUSE. In the Senate the Minority Leader from New York, Schumer has as much love for this Country as his Nastiness will allow. This President is cleaning up some loose ends the last Administration did not have the courage to address. Remember the present RULERS of Iran are not well like both in Iran and by the Saudi’s next door. Yemen should answer you question of war.

  8. Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia et al, could easily work together to obliterate the USA.

  9. Trump and his Regime, Probably put this whole Situation in Motion, To deflect From his lmpeachment, And too Assure his Reelection, The very same, Thing he Accused Obama of , The lrony of it all !

    1. He will do anything…to try and “out do” Obama…!!! If trump wasn’t such a vindictive child…maybe he would get some respect and backing from the majority of the people…and not just his “CULT”



    1. People actually believe e’s going to get impeached? No wonder you guys can’t figure out your gender.

  10. Guess the blood on his hands along the border wasnt enough, he needed to up his game to sacrifice US military, civilians and other innocents at home and abroad to distract from impeachment. If this isnt sufficiently heinous, he uses his own unforced error with Iran to justify it! So now we get to find out who planted this idea in that walnut sized brain of his.

  11. Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

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