Top Iranian General Killed On Trump’s Orders | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Scarborough breaks down the overnight developments involving a U.S. airstrike that killed top Iran general, Qassim Suleimani, at Baghdad airport. Aired on 1/3/20.
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Top Iranian General Killed On Trump's Orders | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. So Eric Trump knew about this and deleted his tweet !
    First there is NO reason why he would know about that and not congress
    Second, Dad probably told him to buy oil stock before it skyrocket

    1. @Rapacious Interloper how about Obama killing piles of innocent children and adults with all those missiles he sent to Syria. How about all the people in Afghanistan that Obama murderer. How about the Democrats wanting to abort infants that are up to 5 days old like the governor of Virginia. If you support that you are a sick
      person smh

    2. @facts not feelings send it You would be surprised how I mention the fact that I served but currently disagree with our choice in President that people attack me even there. I laugh because I fought for their right to do just that, but I’m always glad when we can find ways to talk. The VA installed my ramp and motorized chair, but it’s got its limitations too, so I spend my time between specialists and the VA

    1. @ACATNAMED SCOOP you mean like how him and his criminal tRumpublicans won in 2018. You’re stupid

  2. Just makes his relationship with Putin stand out even more. Putin has also ordered killings of our allies.

    1. ok for anyone not understanding what Charles was say he/she meant putin ordered the killing of our allies the US allies he/she’s it saying iran isn’t an allies but Britain and other countries are

    1. @Kevin NYC do some studies please for ur own sake! Know yourself before knowing your enemies! Then u will find out whos the real enemy. NO ONE, would tolerate someone else try to steal their resources and make em their puppets! Thats what usa and before them britain started on iran and so many countries, after iran’s revolution, it was america’s job to make the two country iran n iraq into a bloody war with so many thousands if not millions victims after 8 years! They started the fued, so everyone think they are on the right side now. And me, as an iranian who hates her regyme, i also hate other terrorism governments such as usa and israel saudi arabia. As long as u count urself on their side and not on humanity’s side, u r nothing more but another thief terrorist just like them.

  3. This is what happens when you have a field reality TV star running the worlds most powerful army. Ignorant, egotistical decisions that will result in the death of hundreds if not thousands of American lives and our allies lives. Trump is completely incompetent to be the commander-in-chief, the only thing he knows about war is how to dodge the draft.

    1. Applicants must have gray hair with dark eye brows and ‘wishing death to America’ at all times is a requirement. GSOH optional.

    1. @Chris Ebayo I did start off by saying sorry to assume… you get the point tho cause it wasn’t just Nigeria that ostracized black folk outta Africa. Do more research on bigotry also brotha

    2. @C J i wasnt even talking about qaddafi! I m talking bout the part of “justify” n how u r such a good judge!

    3. @Nina Nb Ummmmm🤔… the man is responsible for killing hundreds of American lives so I’m not that blindsided and ignorant😂. Any court judge would love this trial cause it’s really an iron clad guilty verdict on this Soleimani guy so it’s sounding justified in my opinion

  4. On balance who do we now say was the biggest threat to world peace, Soleimani or Dumbald Bonespur? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  5. Wow, I’ve seen this movie before. Now the media will put impeachment on the back burner as we go to war. New glittery thing to chase !

    1. @Grim Reefer – No, it DOES work as I stated. He is not formally impeached UNTIL Nasty Pelosi and the rest of the coup orchestrators pass the articles over to the Senate. At which point, Trump will either be exonerated via a trial or the Senate will simply dismiss it altogether. Safe space? It is YOUR ilk who created the entire concept of safe spaces. Projection much? SMH. BTW, I do have a “safe space.” It’s called my place of business. Something which you shiftless losers wouldn’t know about.

    2. @Y B BS, the vote has been tallied; Trump has been impeached. Are you really getting your info from FOX instead of reading for yourself. Plz take your stupid back over to FOX!

      For the record, I retired at 47 yrs old in my 3,800 sq ft home, 17 rms/7 bedrms. I have had a job since the age of 12 yrs old.

      Sucking another mans cck you are calling a business these days? I want no part of it!

    3. @Grim Reefer
      *Your own comment you stated*

      “The article of impeachment moves to the Senate for trial”

      I stated a simple *FACT* that is they have not been sent and you said it was irrelevant.

      You contradicted yourself.
      Not to bright are you kid?

    4. @My Goddess Shasta It is “Irrelevant” because the house has impeached him. Thus Trump has been impeached!

    1. @Chase R say for urself and the real butcher is USA government for decades. GOD do u really exist?!?? How many ignorants how could u not give ur creatures some insights??? Im losing the little faith left in me if u dont do sth!

    2. @Nina Nb tell that to the Sunni people of the Levant who were besieged in Aleppo and currently in Idlib by the iranian rawafidh.

    1. This will actually hurt the republicans. Trump was elected on no more action in the middle east. And with the rapidly changing demographics in the US, I think it’s safe to say, this is very poor electioneering, if that’s what it is.

    2. Have fun in the shithole the US has become. It’s on it’s own now and don’t think Russia, N.Korea and s.Arabia are friends. They might turn on the US as vultures on a rotten corpse.

    1. Miller Salmond we had war starting w Obama our crooked Iran informant, so I hope Trump kills all of them we got the greatest military in the world and we have Israel so we are good.

    1. In addition to relocating the embassy to Jerusalem and proclaiming the Golan Heights belonged to Israel… Don’t leave those out.

  6. Yes, he tweeted “Iran never won a war”
    Everyone is replying and att’-ing him and saying read iran history they won a lot.

    1. @Timothy Burton If youre talking about the first one, that was won by an international coalition of some 60 countries plus the UN.

      If youre talking about the second one . . . . . are you suggesting that it is finished? If so, why are US troops still there? and fighting just to keep themselves alive, much less to feel “victorious” in a country whose land area they control only about 20%? Sure… you killed Saddam Hussein. As Suleimani shows, the US is REALLY GOOD at killing people.
      But killing a lot of people is not the same thing as winning a war.

  7. “Let’s go to war with Iran” as it was scripted from day one when Trump came into the White House.

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