Escobar: The Situation Isn’t At The Border; The Situation Is Outside Of Our Borders | Morning Joe

Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, joins Morning Joe to discuss why she says the real border crisis is not at the U.S.-Mexico border but outside of the border. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Escobar: The Situation Isn't At The Border; The Situation Is Outside Of Our Borders | Morning Joe


    1. @Freedom Bow-ner I have seen it for years. Your border problem has been around for decades not just the last 60 days. Send Trump your paycheck he will need it!!!

    1. Yeah, well you see, what she is asking for is exactly what President Biden and VP Harris are doing. Maybe that is hard to understand for some folks. Listen to what President Biden had to say in today’s ‘presser,’ then you might understand.

    2. Well said? What did I miss? She opens with the idea of being “solutions oriented”, yet failed to lay out any solutions. She says we should “lean-in”, okay …. waiting for a solution. Figured she might be able to prove some type of detailed “solution”.

  1. I remember when trump lost so let biden do the job that was already mishandled by the last administration βœŒοΈπŸ˜·πŸ€”

    This must come from Congress. President’s executive orders do not fix it as long as the next President can just undo changes.

    1. As with most things in life unless you dig out the root the problem will remain and it’s groundhog day for decades.

    2. @george mira America’s’ thirst for illegal drugs is the root problem, because the drug cartels are devastating those Central American countries.

  3. Trump’s prophecies and predictions β€” that Mexico would pay for the wall, that coronavirus would spontaneously disappear, that he would be easily reelected

    1. Wow he was right. A examined & valid election result and a few more years would have proved it. COVID-19 is disappearing as its mutant strains take over. If parallel misinformation was NOT fed to everyone for political agenda by this corrupt Obiden regime and their enablers plus the 90% of cross media they control the results could have been better.

  4. It is like how people have two different approaches for homelessness:
    1) Chase the homeless away and hide the problem.
    2) Address the causes of homelessness and prevent people from getting homeless.
    It’s a very different world view, one that sees others as human beings, and one that doesn’t.

    1. @David Cohen Steal? All that money goes to Americans: Part of it in direct payments, part of it in the building of infrastructure what will create new jobs and some of it to fight the pandemic. so what are you talking about??

    2. @willi tell He’s talking a major right wing talking point that’s been disproven again and again, with the spin that now it’s 9% instead of 10%, lol.

    3. @David Cohen It is not stealing from Americans. In fact this bill is about rescuing the entire economy, from the devastating impact of Covid-19. Since Reagan the government has been about bailing out big businesses, with the trickle down theory. But this time finally, it is recognized that every day people, spend most in each local economy. And that still circulates up to the top. The vast amount of money from the corporate tax cuts under Trump, was used for stock buybacks.

    4. homeless people in l.a are drug addicts theres no money to be made with this kids there’s millions to be made just food vendors n other things plus young people means tax payers

  5. We’re hoping President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their
    astute administration team are listening and being very attentive to,
    Rep. Veronica Escobar, (D-Texas)… excellent informative solutions about,
    “The Situation Isn’t At The Border; The Situation is Outside Of Our Borders.”
    “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting
    to improve the world.”
    —- Anne Frank

  6. Good intentions are the ability to see the root of the problem and help to fix it….start at the country of origin.

  7. forget the wall. build desalinization plants and farms on the border and give every immigrant a job!

  8. And stop saying what’s going on at the border is a crisis….it’s not. Migration occurs in the Spring and Summer time every year. Parents sending their children over alone is nothing new and it all has to do with how safer it is to live in USA over Latin America…We seriously need to help fix what we broke in those countries if we want less ppl making the trek to the United States border.

  9. So long as American businesses are allowed to continue stealing wealth and resources from Central America, nothing will change.

  10. DHS Secretary Chad Wolf. What was he doing in Central America shortly before he resigned. His steps need to be looked at. What happened down there? Is it related to the huge increase in activity with the flow of migration.

  11. We elected legislature the take on the root causes and come up with viable solutions. Ignoring them and hope they go away is not a solution.

  12. What if we used the belt and road tactics that China has started around the world with central America with the goal of lending them the stability to fix their own country. Then seek out volunteers among people from that country that have fled to the United States and train them with the skills finish rebuilding their own prosperity so people would want to stay there. It may even be cheaper than the taxpayer money we are spending now.

  13. There you go finally a wise politician that see things with a logical perspective, don’t patch up a problem, fix it and maybe it won’t get worse! Is not going to go away, have you all watched any zombie movie? Well we are getting there and sooner than later!

  14. When the Government lives in the Land of Oz and is more intent with finding of “fault” very little of a constructive nature will be done.

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