1. “An appeaser is someone who feeds crocodiles, hoping to be the last to be eaten.” Winston Churchill

    1. @Kevin Mandujano because they are basically allowing the largest source to continue. Oil and gas pipelines continue to supply. It’s only shipping etc imports that are banned.

    1. It’s actually the opposite. They don’t need it, but they don’t wanna take a large hit.

    1. @Chacorta “I will take moral decisions that will effect your life ” for a thousand Alex. . .

    2. @HMQ Trolls do not care about reason, you can create a narrative and as long as someone wants to believe in the narrative irrespective of the incongruousness, they are fine.

    1. The main Jew Soros died, and from this the world became cleaner and happier, and there were also more traditional values

    2. How do you ban fully? What are the consequences for Germany? You can’t ban natural gas entirely. A lot of homes are connected directly to pipes that need it.

    1. @Chris Powers
      If it weren’t symbolic, they would have cut them off 100%.
      Why even do 90%?
      It’s some sort of a gesture.

  2. LOL a “partial” ban is like telling a murdered they will have a “partial” arrest. It means nothing 🤦‍♀️

    1. nonsense analogy. You can’t be partially arrested. it scales because Russia makes less money. Crashing world economies don’t end the war either. 2/3 ban is still billions being denied to Russia. That’s huge and is not represented by your silly analogy.

    1. It will take over 5 years to build pipelines to India. Now look at a map and try to sail to India from Russia. India and China will only buy Russian oil if it is deeply discounted compared to Saudi oil, which is steady and quicker to deliver.

    2. They just have to magic it all the way to India with no pipelines or willing shipping companies.

  3. now we both have no energy and both have broken economy

    we did this so war could fix it.

    war never changes

  4. Instead of pushing for alternative energy technology, they keep peddling the same bs. Worried about everything else but themselves

    1. @Blue Canary No Russia will continue selling their oil at higher prices.For comparison Iran another country that the US sanctioned has reported a 60% rise in oil revenues.

    2. @Blue Canary The price of oil is 123 dollars per barrel. We can sell for 40 dollars per barrel ans still make a profit. So us giving a 40 procent discount it 75 dollars per barrel and thats all good no problem 🙂

  5. what i dont understand is if the EU hated Russia years before they attacked Ukraine and shown they have never liked Putin saying he a tyrant ever since he was in power. then why trade with them and giving them money? i guess i would understand trading them for a couple of years before finding an alternate solution but they completely relied on Russia thinking they would never be cut off from their oil

    1. Slightly simplistic, given some goods are hard to source elsewhere.
      But EU dependency on Russian gas and oil is partially due to their ‘green agenda’ and partially due to gulf oil states, Venezuela etc also becoming off limits.

    2. Б. Клинтон:
      «Цель НАТО – в будущем ввести миротворческие силы в регионы этнических конфликтов и пограничных разногласий от Атлантического океана ДО УРАЛЬСКИХ ГОР».
      Директива президента США Клинтона №13, февраль 1992 г.

      “…Мы затратили на приведение к власти Ельцина многие миллиарды долларов, но они с лихвой окупились, мы выбили конкурента – Россию и за ничтожно малые цены выкачали из России 20 тыс. тонн меди, 15 тыс. тонн алюминия, 2 тыс. тонн. цезия, бериллия, стронция и многое другое. Прибыль США на приведение к власти Ельцина составила более 5700% . Такого не было в истории! “.
      (Послание Президента США Б.Клинтона “О положении страны” от 7 февраля 1997 года).

      Г. Киссинджер:
      “Распад Советского Союза – это, безусловно, важнейшее событие современности, и администрация Буша проявила в своем подходе в этой проблеме поразительное искусство…
      Я предпочту в России хаос и гражданскую войну тенденции воссоединения ее в единое, крепкое, централизованное государство”.

      Премьер-министр Великобритании Джон Мейджер:
      «Задача России после проигрыша холодной войны – обеспечить ресурсами благополучные страны. Но для этого им нужно всего 50-60 миллионов человек».

      Маргарэт Тэтчер:
      “На территории России экономически оправдано проживание 15 миллионов человек, обслуживающих скважины и рудники”.

      Советник Президента США Збигнев Бжезинский:
      «Чем меньше насeеления будет на этой территории (СССР и России), тем успешнее будет происходить ее освоение Западом»
      “Славянство – русские, белорусы, украинцы – самые непокорные народы в мире. Их можно уничтожить, но не покорить. Вот почему это семя подлежит ликвидации”.
      “Гитлер был глупым мальчиком, он действоваaл открыто. У нас не будет следов.”

      «Украина нужна нам В КАЧЕСТВЕ ТОРПЕДЫ В ВОЙНЕ С РОССИЕЙ. Судьба гражждан этой страны вообще нас не волнует».

    1. 90% is a pretty high number for a country that has really no other exports besides mail-order-brides. China and India are also taking advantage of this. India agreed to buy Russian oil, but only if it is discounted 30% from world oil prices. China has already done a similar thing.

  6. We are being squeezed here . We are paying for this at the pump . I am so tired of paying fit this damn war

  7. due to the smaller number of troops and weapons compared to russia, ukraineshould focus on fighting cities that control the way to sea (to import, export ). this is importance for ukraine economy in future ( instead of spreading troops everywhere, only fighting guerrilla in donbas )

  8. Oh, that’s a smart move! Partly ban Russian oil, so that the world prices will go higher and Russia will be able to sell oil for higher prices.
    And EU will have to buy oil for double price. And the most pleasant part – the EU will still be buying RUSSIAN oil. But for double price)))

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