Eugene Robinson: Trump Shouting His Racism. He Must Be Stopped | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Eugene Robinson: Trump Shouting His Racism. He Must Be Stopped | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Washington Post Opinion writer Eugene Robinson discusses his latest piece 'Trump is shouting his racism. He must be stopped.' Aired on 09/08/2020.
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Eugene Robinson: Trump Shouting His Racism. He Must Be Stopped | Morning Joe | MSNBC

108 Comments on "Eugene Robinson: Trump Shouting His Racism. He Must Be Stopped | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Donald Trump is killing this country

    • @Kido Batawa Biden has a Nobel , Trump does not. UAE and Bahrain most Trumpers have no idea who they are. Biden Obama took down Bin Laden. Mismanaged TRUMPDEMIC. Now Trumpdeficit Trumprecession Trumpunemployment !!!

    • @B Ruane poor boy… why are you allowed yourself to be misled by the bias media. You are an educated American and don’t allow yoursef to be a victim of misinformations from bias media. I know you are very good in Information Technology so search for the TRUTH from the reliable souces so you will no be misguided.

    • @Kido Batawa Here is a fact. Hitler Stalin and Mussolini were also nominated for Nobel. Mismanaged TRUMPDEMIC has led to death of almost 200,000 Americans and he doubled the unemployment rate he inherited. Ok Comrade ?

    • @keir farnum Hitler Stalin and Mussolini were also nominated.

    • @B Ruane My dear comrade. I agree that Mussilini, Hitler & Stalin were nominated for Nobel Peace Prize but look at the unjustifiable reasons for their nominations which is imposible for them to be awarded such prize even they will be nominated a million times. The main reason why no other than the Norwegians nominated President Trump is because of his peace making initiatives to settle a peace deal between conflicting countries such as Israel and UAE, Israel and Bahrain, Kosovo and Setbia and between Afghanistan government and Taliban. With regards to the death due to China Virus and unemployment caused by the virus crisis, not only USA suffering such deaths almost and unemployment but almost all democratic countries are suffering the same because they are the targets of communist china. Before the out break of the virus in wuhan city, chinese government already knows how to spread the virus to countries they considered as enemy or threath to their ambitiousness as worlds most powerful country. They also know how to contain the virus in their country so that they forcibly imposed a very strict lockdown in Wuhan City and shoot to death any one who violates their law. Americans abused their rights and freedom by staging mass gathering, protest, riots and not afraid to be infected and die with virus.That is why the President doing all his best to make vaccine available to all americans so that they will continue their rights and freedom. Lucky for USA because she is a very rich country unlike those poor countries who had no resources to produce vaccine but induring the hardships caused by the virus and nothing to do but hiding at their own houses. PLEASE SEEK THE TRUTH AND NOT JUST BELIEVING THE LIES OF THE BIAS MEDIA.

  2. “We have to get rid of this guy”…Absolutely

    • Yes. Absolutely right. We have to get rid of Biden. Thanks for reminding us. Vote Trump in November.

    • yes

    • Trump will declare an executive order to have a complete hand count of all the 2020 president votes over the next four years, if he loses. Then in 2024 he will tally up the votes. I hope this happens just for the excitement i will get watching CNN and Biden voters go crazy. Haha he will never leave the Whitehouse and deep down , you already know this.

    • Here’s Eugene—-uh uh uh uh uh. The radical leftist demonRAT voice of insanity. 不不不不不不不不不

    • Kevin Barlow-Jones | September 8, 2020 at 3:22 PM | Reply


  3. He is the domestic enemy of the Constitution your Founding Father warned you about!

  4. Save lofty versions of the fight of our lives to 1940’s white hat black hat cowboy movies. We CANNOT bring a pillow to a gun fight! A kick in the balls is the only thing Trump understands.

  5. Sadest moment for Americans, as Americans soul lost due to Covid19 reaching to 200,000. That is one of the worst leadership America as a country failed. Its really sad, shameful history

    • Republicans called 2 deaths under Obama a failure, but they call nearly 200,000 deaths under Trump a success.

    • N Allen Well arent you gullible!

    • Here’s Eugene—-uh uh uh uh uh. The radical leftist demonRAT voice of insanity. 不不不不不不不不不

    • @N Allen you mean you just listened to someone without even fact checking. The simplest of Google searches debunks that

    • BLA BLA BLA. No, its not Trump fault or Biden fault or whatever you say it is. With all the information circulating, everybody know that the Covid 19 is dangerous. The fault is to people who as go outside without wearing mask and the one who do not doing the social distancing. We see now, rest of the world, with internet that a lot of you where outside at the beach, shopping and in the last 3 months, walking in the street all night because you feel oppressed or less free or other crybabies reason…..The fault is from these people. Please, respect the wearing mask and social distancing to help get rid of the virus.

  6. howie bockslytner | September 8, 2020 at 10:19 AM | Reply

    We may have got rid of the Confederate flag but it has been replaced with the Trump 2020 flag and that flag should be banned for what it represents

  7. Why should BLM answer to the nefarious question about ‘looters’, when the NRA fails to answer about to domestic, ‘home grown’ school shooters (terrorists)??

    • The Cubscout Roasts | September 9, 2020 at 6:25 PM | Reply

      Find us one NRA member who did a shooting, then you have an adequate equivalency. Meanwhile, we can find you an endless string of BLM members who are murderous thugs.

    • @Lawrence Harris Boston tea party was domestic terrorism period

    • @Lawrence Harris slavery was not equality and destoryed the lives and livelihood of millions of native Americans and black people, so you see how we got here to this point in history

    • @Tyeler Nowell people are saying lol

    • School shooters aren’t terrorists, they aren’t member of any terrorist group,organization or group.They are underaged teens that were bullied and decided to get revenge.It’s neither motivated by terrorism, nor politics, not religion in most cases.BLM is motivated by race and politics and they are huge group.

  8. Julie Rautenbach | September 8, 2020 at 10:20 AM | Reply

    The ONLY way you can change the status quo is to vote.

    • Stay Hungry I agree. Am not sheepish or name calling. Im an American. These politicians are in office too long! But he is not doing a good job.

    • That is the most powerful weapon we have to change things

    • @Stay Hungry agreed! There are a lot of them on both sides, that Americans would be better off without. The pandemic revealed to us, that both parties’ main concern is getting votes, not average Americans.

    • @Crystal Giddens This is quite possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve read today, thank you. You know what the best part is? You can’t tell whether I’m agreeing or disagreeing with you.

    • Crystal Giddens | September 10, 2020 at 8:36 PM | Reply

      @TheWriteGuy 91 No, the best part is I cannot care less whether you are agreeing with me or disagreeing with me.

  9. America Trump can not be allowed a 2nd term, He will be your end.

    • @Anne Marie Uhbama/Biden bombed seven countries in eight years. I’ll pass on that, thank you.

    • @Anne Marie you’re always yawning, you take after sleepy, creepy uncle Joe. Maybe you can join him in his basement hideout. 丐亢 hypocrisy is a lefty thing.

    • With all the potential indictments surrounding Trump, he knows once he leaves that white house and no longer has the protection of the presidency, he will be indicted on something. This is why he will do anything, and I do mean anything to win in 2020 and burn it all down if he doesn’t win. This guy has offended and insulted judges even Supreme Court Judges, states attorney’s, governor’s, mayor’s, the congress, the FBI, ignored the laws and our constitution, and all but destroyed the DOJ with his self appointed lawyer William Bar. He’s made alot of political enemies both Democrats & Republicans and I think he won’t have alot of legal allies coming to his legal defense once he’s no longer the president. I guarantee, Trump will be the first ex-president in U.S. history to end up in federal or state prison.

    • @Charlie White Spot on.

    • @Lorilee Myers One more dose or inconvenient reality for you.
      Here is a link to an interview with two people who worked very very closely with Trump for years –

      And here, in case you missed them or just can’t bear to break your solemn oath of loyalty to Trump to watch, are some key quotes from these two Trump insiders (who know your orange god far better than you):
      * “As the campaign went along, as Trump started to see ways to cheat and lie to win, he came to see that Russia could potentially be a great ally….for him personally.”
      * “I consider him (Trump) to be an anti-Semite.”
      * “How it made him (Trump) crazy that Obama, a black man, was President.”
      * “Trump believed the real buyer of that house (an “architectural nightmare” that Trump made a $50 million profit on during the financial crisis) was Vladimir Putin.”
      * “They are so influential – the Russians – in what Donald (Trump) does…you have to question why that is.”
      * “Putin doesn’t live for being praised by other people. Putin doesn’t fool himself into things like Trump does. I see Putin thinking of Trump as a bit of a fool and taking advantage of that.”

      Now don’t forget to cover your eyes and ears and repeat to yourself over and over “fake news fake news fake news” to make the bad reality go away like a good little Trump cultist.

  10. Trump fuels the protests by sending infiltrators to spread violence and lawlesssness. P

  11. When Obama warned about this during the Republicans’ Primary in 2016, Americans were ‘Yeah Yeah, Whatever’ 不不不不不

  12. Republicans had a chance to stop him and chose Treason instead unleashing this Monster on the nation.

  13. Trump has pulled the biggest con on Americans. A true Con-Man!!!!不不不

  14. Simma Kamlangdee | September 8, 2020 at 10:43 AM | Reply

    Donald trump had damaged our U.S Constitution and our country.

  15. Setting The Wheel In Motion | September 8, 2020 at 10:43 AM | Reply

    “Trump doesn’t lead America so much as harass it.”

  16. I see a lot of white people in the peaceful protests. Thats what TrumPutin doesnt understand. The majority of us are UNITING to realize our core American ideal of Equality for ALL. Positive change is coming. 綾賅

    • Ambria Ashley YES! In the end, LOVE conquers fear and hate. 綾

    • WiseCentaur Only if Biden wins election will positive change come & thats why its crucial we vote !!

    • The Cubscout Roasts | September 9, 2020 at 6:26 PM | Reply

      Get rekt, communist

    • Jean McGinnis Absolutely! Vote Biden/Harris to move the USA in a positive direction 綾賅

    • FarginhoodMcBastage | September 13, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

      It’s just such a shame that we have to go through so many horrible moments and swaths of time in order to move forward to a more enlightening and forward thinking time. So much of the worst mentalities that are resurfacing and wreaking havoc are really so primitive. Racism and bigotry are really traits of extremely primitive beings, which we are, but should really be passed this by now.

  17. I blame the Republicans in Congress for letting this go on for this long.

    • @Bobby Becker 不不不 dude thats a prettt stupid comment,u still have time to erase!

    • It’s a crime syndicate. Does a mobster care who blames him of what?

    • John Doe the Deplorable you people is a joke.
      Deplorable pride is a terrible thing to waste.


    • USA UK
      GOP senators are more greedy than they are spineless. It took a lot of spine actually to screw Americans and the democracy that they are supposed to represent us with.
      They are deplorable. They are un-American. Thats why they need the mantra of antifa to distract from their own improprieties as they broke their oath of office, one and all of them! That, is un-American.

  18. I hope the people protesting come to the polls with the same vigilance.

  19. He’s doing such a good job adding insult to injury. Vote: our lives depend on it, literally. #voteblue2020 #bidenharris

  20. Hes evil… I want a president who isnt attracted to his own daughter.

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