Evangelicals Defend Trump After Evangelical Magazine Calls For His Removal | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Christianity Today, the magazine that called for the president's removal from office, is defending its decision to speak out even as Trump's evangelical supporters and Trump himself push back. Aired on 12/23/19.
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Evangelicals Defend Trump After Evangelical Magazine Calls For His Removal | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Evangelicals are selling out the country to have a political stand off…a complete unwillingness to see law and order. Most evangelicals are racist choosing to only worship with all white congregations most rarely fellowship with black churches or any other church for that fact. Its truly abhorrent how religion is being used to hide indignities and keep men in power that should never had graced this office. Trump is a saul not a david!!!

    1. @Bob Gonzalez i said hes saul not a david lol…saul wasnt the legitimate king but appointed by the people against God.

    2. The people really don’t know Jesus and why he was crucified But then again maybe it’s because they were the one leading the cheer to crucify him many of us were in the crowd but they are the ring leaders.

  2. For over 35 years the Evangelical movement has abandoned the teachings of Jesus and followed the televangelist, “False Prophets for Big Profits.” Rather than reading the Holy Bible they read the holey Bible, actively ommiting almost everything Jesus taught. Wild conspiracy theories like Tinky Winky Teletubby is homosexual, The war on Christmas, God has very specific musical taste, etc. On the issues, Jesus doesn’t believe in health care, Jesus doesn’t believe in respect for the environment, Jesus doesn’t believe background checks for gun purchases, on and on and on. This feels like the final Apostasy !!!

  3. The Evangelicals are pseudo christians – basic Christianity is all about Faith, Hope, and Charity – real Faith, real Hope, real Charity

    1. @BeBop Aloola You are so wrong…..I agree with Matthew 7: 15-20. The LORD has opened doors for me I never thought possible. I have moved mountains that I never thought I could, so I adore that scripture. However let’s talk about what you think of President Trump. Did Jesus come to condemn the world or save it? Who is the one that accuses? Ponder on these scriptures>
      1.John 3:17-For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
      2. Revelation 12:10-For the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
      NOW WHICH ONE ARE YOU DOING? Number 1 or Number 2?

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Sorry but NO he is not..This next election is a divine appointment so I hope you are prepared.

    3. @lilly pad Do you also believe in mermaids and unicorns..? Trump is finished. Nobody is going to vote for him. Trumpism is over.

    4. @lilly pad The deluded one is the person who believes in things without any facts to support their belief. So go ahead… show us some facts. You’ve got NOTHING.

    1. @Steven Williams That it should Steven. All religions should be made illegal. Anyone who practices any religion should be shot to death

  4. P.D.J.Trump has no right to add divisions between God people. Has no clue how important to be united as people. Name calling when no individual is greater than the next individual. He has no clue.

    1. @lilly pad it is clear to see what you are implying with “We don’t”…but okay… Enjoy your days… On a lighter note someone said the number 2 for second Corinthians…so funny you would remind me of that thanks!! A bit of laughter is good!!😊

    2. @smiley 24 Making an assumptions about people you do not know makes you look pretty foolish, people can debate the issues, ideologies but when you think you can judge who follows the LORD you will always be wrong since GOD is the only one that can see the heart and motivations of every single person on earth….

  5. Evangelicals should take a lesson from the Pope. Trump is not a christian. As Jesus said, ” Beware of those who come in my name”. That covers a lot of you.

    1. @lilly pad = A Hateful ugly Hearted TROLL . Spewing lies of deceit in the Lord’s name . Go away you horrible person.

    2. @mandark357
      Trump can’t claim to be Reborn or a Christian, he believes he is without sin & needs not to be forgiven.

    3. I don’t think many people are going to understand your ‘Manchurian Candidates’ reference. But good call

  6. I admire the editor of Christian Today for releasing the statement that he did and jumped for joy that finally at last the real Christian has stood up! I have waited for such a long time for an evangelical to stand up for truth. Billy Graham’s legacy is real and his son is a Liar-an absolute counterfeit Christian. My question is the same as Mika’s question: what is trump giving them besides right to life appointments to the Supreme Court. These people are not Christians. It ASTOUNDS me that the evangelicals support this extremely evil man: Donald Trump. It is shocking and abhorrent to me. I am delighted that the editor of CT made public his statements–it seems like light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Donald Trump and his family as well as the Republican party are evil, criminal and dangerous and will wreak havoc in this country if he is re-elected, which looks like he will. The current evangelical (the “frozen chosen”) support of trump is so disappointing and disgusting and Jesus will not know them when they leave this planet and die. And NO, they will not be comfortably “raptured” when things get really ugly as they believe they will. These evangelicals are supporting a false idol: Donald trump. I hope that God deals with trump in 2020. America: Wake up!!

    1. Christ = anti-trump <=====> trump = anti-Christ ! Open your soul and you’ll see the truth! Just in front of your eyes! trump is an asset of the beast!

    2. Brigida Banfelder trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem is what they got…. evangelicals are extremists and want the word of god to be true, so they are setting it all up like it’s been prophesied

    3. @Mike Young The End Times….. They want to bring on the end of the world, the RAPTURE. Friggin’ loonies!

  7. Everything Trump touches dies, Christians should be careful and who they choose to stand behind.

  8. I doubt very much if TRump ever read a christian magazine ! He could count on his tiny fingers the number of times his tiny feet ever graced a church . Does he even know what the Ten Commandments are ? I doubt it he has broken all of them !!! For the record TRump there is no such thing as 2 Corinthians . Also TRump your mother wants you to RESIGN you are disgracing the family.. Listen to her .

    1. @nworder4life That is your response, he chooses men that say and preach (tweets) what Trump says? I don’t think you really have the teachings of Christ right. Please go back to your bible studies.

  9. That ANY Christian….of any sect could ever support trump shows how far they have fallen. We impeach Bill Clinton for an extramarital affair….then elect a man who admits to sexual assault on woman on tape?? At least Monica Lewinski was WILLING! She wasn’t assaulted! That we the public should care what took place between 2 consenting adults & impeach a president over it was absurd!! Impeachment should have happened for trump after his cover-up of the Stormy Daniels election interference was uncovered. That was intentionally holding back from the public behavior we needed to know about BEFORE the election. Would that have changed the so called evangelicals view of trump? Well it SHOULD have. All of his ACTIONS SHOULD be scrutinized, not overlooked & excused! He is a constant liar, he is greedy & dishonest….he is the worst president we have EVER had! And Christians put him there??? They should all be ashamed of themselves. I promise there isn’t a one who is in touch with the Holy Spirit.

    1. Trumpism = two(or more) wrongs do make a right. Pick your poison. (excuse) End justifies the means, for the greater good, confirmation bias…etc. It’s a glaring weakness of all religion/humanity not just Christianity except for maybe Janism.

  10. Evangelicals are just hypocrites, they only care about forcing their beliefs on everyone while they also flip flop on what they believe, you can NOT believe on the 10 commitments and also believe Trump is the person they want to endorse and someone who was sent by God. It is utterly laughable. he is immoral, and he will use and dispose of the evangelicals as soon as he does not have a use for them. Look how fast he flipped on the Christianity Today magazine, as long as you disagree…it is on, “I never liked you” or “I don’t even know you” Their time is coming anyways and they are the ones who will need to repent for enabling and endorsing such a bad, disgusting “Human”. I see the evangelicals as the worst humanity has to offer because they supposedly know what the bible asks from you and knowingly decide not to follow but whatever it is convenient for them.

  11. Evangelicals worship power and wealth. They want both, they covet both, and they will give any and all excuses to justify supporting anyone who they think will give them power and wealth. There is a reason why the bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. The Evangelical embrace of Trump proves that.

  12. No. I agree. Trump is off the charts evil, immoral, wicked, deceitful, dishonest, malignant. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that, is lost in the weeds. Good on the editor for doing what’s right. Trump is a wicked hypocrite who uses the Bible and panders to the naive and confused for his own evil ends.

    1. Yes!!….Trump is simply a manipulator. He has figured out what to do and say to make the evangelicals believe he was sent by God. He is using them and their faith….he is diabolical.

  13. All Trump has proved that he is not a humane person; he is a racist, has put innocent children in cages, and has let them die if they are I’ll. He is unfit to lead anyone except a Nazi.

  14. Sadly, Trump has no a moral compass. This is a necessary trait for the leader of the free world. Every decision he makes is tainted with his lack of moral goodness that All Americans expect from their president.

  15. The false prophet has moved his masses. Trump and his minions have left sick children to DIE ALONE on the concrete floors of his prisons. No God is going to let that slide. Trump is a sociopath and a criminal and God does not approve.

  16. It is pot calling the kettle black again.Trump embraces and praises Putin, KJU and SJP, all hardcore communist and he has the gall to accuse Warren and Bernie of being socialist/communist? If his love for Putin, KJU and SJP is so great he should be giving up the presidency to Warren and Bernie.

  17. Donald Trump is a crime against humanity himself and should be named the 8th deadly sin. He should face Capital punishment or life in prison. WE THE PEOPLE should absorb the Trump empire and use it to pay the entire Trump families back taxes. Back to when Fred Trump sent up his family tax scam.

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