John Bolton Issues Rebuke On Trump’s Handling Of North Korea | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former national security adviser John Bolton suggested the Trump administration is bluffing about stopping North Korea's nuclear ambitions and soon might need to admit publicly that its policy has failed, according to new reporting. Aired on 12/23/19.
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John Bolton Issues Rebuke On Trump's Handling Of North Korea | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Bolton is a “war-hawk” I don’t even like him. But considering he will not testify about the Ukraine situation, he is also a coward and not loyal to our Constitution. So let him peddle his war hawk propaganda in his book. The only thing I am interested in hearing from him is what he knows about the “drug deal”

    1. @Hysterical Vines Listen kid, I am not attacking your intelligence. The gripe I have is with your lack of knowledge. What I find interesting about your comments is how off topic they are. The topic was Bolton, your answer to that comment was about Hunter Biden. I believe someone called it deflecting. And then your choice of source was questionable.
      Next you connect intelligence and dyslexia(where did that come from?). And then leap to millionaires and dyslexia. So many things wrong with this I cannot even begin to say. I think in someway you were trying to say that even with issues you can be successful??? Actually I am really not sure where you were going with that.

      It’s funny that you mentioned dyslexia and borderline genius. Cuz that is me. I am in school at a University working on my PhD. I have many disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHC, something they call slow working memory, poor eye hand coordination and many others. My learning disabilities are so profound that I receive accommodations even during a Republican administration (that’s a joke son).
      Still not sure why you brought up dyslexia. I would think that if you had a learning disability it would maybe be Attention Deficit Disorder, in which case I say take your meds. I do.

    2. I have never liked Bolton. He IS a war freak. But I have never thought of him as devious. So I would like him to tell us what he know and thought about the whole Ukraine deal. It’s hard for me to believe that I want to hear anything from him. However I am hoping for a nice big trial in the Senate with witnesses and clowns. I am hoping he will take center stage then. Because you know he will not pull punches, that has never been his style.

    3. vsedai your in no position to question anybody’s knowledge until it’s put to the once again you fail to reply with a logical answer. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt, you probaly excel in whatever it is that you are studying.. but common sense seems to not be your strong point. “ I am in a school at a university “ says it all. What school you go ? might be wise to get a refund unless your degree came in a Cracker Jack box than that would explain a lot.

  2. Donny is what everybody calls transactional. I’m guessing the Ukraine thing is small potatoes compared to what Humpty promised Kim Jong-un. Remember Humpty wants a tower in Moscow, I’m willing to bet he want a golf resort in North Korea with a tower. KimJong-un is playing Don the con.

  3. Oh, the reappearance of Bolton ! He is speaking out against Korea but won’t testify in the impeachment hearings which are important for the future of America

  4. Trump has created a mess of our foreign policy and is increasingly endangering our country.. Four more years of Trump could destroy us.

    1. @Dearly Diane someone Jewish who doesn’t prioritize whiteness would be even better. Smh
      . Dammit.why isn’t Adam schiff running?

  5. What’s hurtful to us old-timers is realizing that the U.S. is not a nation ruled by law. We’ve been wrong all these years.
    The whole showy apparatus of laws and police and courts and prisons applies only to ordinary people.

  6. Donald Trump did fail with North Korea remember they were still still shooting there missiles and they still doing it and trump claimed that they would not be shooting off missiles and what did they do a couple days later they were shooting off missiles it was a fail policy and they are still shooting off missilesafter Donald Trump lie to the American people as he always done that North Korea would not be shooting off any missilesin the same he filled with Mexico member he said Mexico will pay for the wall and he think we’d want to pay for a wall that don’t even need to be there that should be at the point of entry where the drugs are coming in yes bone is right because North Korea still shooting off missiles they never stopped it was a fail policy

    1. If Trump honestly believed that Kim would stop his nueclar program…he is more delusional than i thought…Kim has NO intention of giving up his nukes….ever…

  7. Trump is an international embarrassment! Trump thinks he can negotiate with a murderous leader by using sanctions, that’s almost hilarious like he cares about sanctions. Kim cares about World Domination, and this guy has absolutely no regard for human lives, he murdered his own brother, and if Trump thinks he can negotiate with him, he better not push Rocket-man too far, or the fireworks will begin!

  8. Republicans in senate and the house are not lawmakers they are law breakers. Support trump to break the law is act of lawlessness, just because
    of party affiliation we can’t betray our country’s law because our own safety is paramount
    It’s a security risk to keep inviting foriegners to interfer in our election
    and its against the law just because trump became president through russian interferance and he was not
    Indicted does not make it right .mitch
    McConnell and lindsey graham with other Gop members should be careful
    with the way they are defending trump
    In breaking the because its not about
    winning, this not about democrates or republicans this about our security as a nation our election united states is secred only for American can’t be cheating by asking ukraine to interfere
    thats totally out of place and trumps got to be removed to prevent future
    occurence of such behaviour from a democrate or a republican.

    1. Demoocrats broke every constitutional law in the book to impeach trump,
      – paid foreign spy for dirt on trump
      – Fbi spied on american citizens
      – Fbi altered court warrant applications & lied to courts
      – shiff lied to congress multiple times
      – witch trials with no due process for the president until it went to the proper committee that disnt have any fact witnesses
      – Denied president executive priviledge
      – Voted on a bipartisan impeachment without collecting all the evidence and want senate to violate the presidents executive priviledge and try to smear the republican senate for not wanting to do the democrat houses Job

  9. Everything is according to Putins plan. Wake up America. Are you waiting for Russia to turn the lights off? For the mushroom clouds? Your President is an obvious traitor!

  10. Some current allies may not coalesce with an untrustful Trump junta when the big threat takes off between NK and USA -Trump and his republican junta will rue the day that they stamped on their friends throughout the free world.

  11. If Americans who support Trump actually knew what atrocities  Putin and the North Korean dictator have committed, they would immediately divorce their allegiance to Trump because of Trumps affinity towards those two ruthless dictators.

    1. @James Irving You certainly are in the right. His base is fully aware that Trump is a criminal, they know he fakes his religion, they know he really did try to strong arm the Ukrainian President, and all the ugliness associated with Trump. Like you said, it doesn’t matter to them, because he’s one of them.

    2. What are you talking about numbnuts? Tell me an American President that hasn’t tried or actually worked with a serial killer leader? That’s all the Muslim countries😂😂😂

    3. @Armando Morales…there’s a huge difference…For one, “IF” they do it, it’s done covertly…not openly embracing them as allies which is what Trump is attempting to do.

  12. Has Trump been successful in dealing with Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey or Iran? He has made things worse in every area, with no improvement in sight. His charm has not eliminated the need for setting up alliances to combat China and Russia. He even has NATO chuckling (with sadness). Everybody wants to negotiate with Trump.

    1. He has followed Putin’s orders to a “T”…he is a good puppet and will be rewarded as king when Putin claims domination over USA, United States of Russia? How does that sound? That’s what IMPOTUS makes with MAGA mess…so horrid! :-#/

  13. Kim could nuke NYC and Trump would say it doesn’t concern him as he no longer lived there and mostly Democrats were killed in the blast.

    1. Their nukes can only hit the West Coast like Nancy Pelosi’ s 30% owner of all the land in California. Good accuracy Obama and Clinton admins set up their systems. They said good stocks and higher returns.

  14. Somebody robbed a bank, they have a suspect. The DA is asking for the CCTV camera recordings to prove or disprove that the suspect is indeed guilty. The defense attorney says that he will easily win the trial and wants the trial to start immediately, but frantically opposes the release of the CCTV recordings. He also wants to keep two witnesses and the bank teller from testifying. How would that make sense?

  15. Americans know the atrocities Putin and Kim have committed. Trumps base, dont care.
    Trumps base take any criticism of Trump personally, as if they are responsible for putting him in office… which they are.

    Get over it. Trump wants a Trump tower in Moscow and a Trump resort in N Korea.

    Putin and Kim gave him their word. Its going to happen.

    1. A real leader tries to come to a mutual understand with their enemies. I guess you never heard the phrase keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You want to understand foreign politics go read the art of war

  16. All the networks need to stop labeling traitor-trump as “president”.. he is not the legitimate president of our Nation, never was and never will be. traitor-trump is EVIL, pure EVIL and a true dangerous psychopath!! REMOVE THE THREAT!!! BLUE TSUNAMI 2020, or sooner!!!

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