'Every Second Is A Life Or Death': Marine Encourages Expediting Afghan Evacuations 1

‘Every Second Is A Life Or Death’: Marine Encourages Expediting Afghan Evacuations


Maj. Thomas Schueman, U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the daunting bureaucracy of getting a visa out of Afghanistan meant that he was only able to help his interpreter escape through "a series of Hail Marys," recommends a process of evacuating first and sorting out details later to save as many lives as possible. 
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  1. I’m no foreign affairs expert or 4-star general, but maybe we should have gotten all of the interpreters out BEFORE we let the Taliban take over the country.

    1. @James Barcelona Not surprising at all. Pentagon was too busy getting their last tons of raw Gold to bother. .

    2. This is what you get for voting for a president that brings in diversity hires instead of people based on merit

    3. @LyingDogFace PonySoldier why don’t thank trump for turning 5000 taliban fighters and their leader loose just before he lost the election. Sounds like a sabotage plot to me.

  2. Who’s old enough to remember when, George Bush asked Oprah to go to Afghanistan and speak to the Women & Girls??

    I say that to say this, “Todays “concern” for women & girls in Afghanistan is phony af. It’s PROPAGANDA”. Don’t fall for it. If we were concerned for the women & girls, we would never bomb them!

    And the fact they keep talking about “women & girls” is a big red flag.

    1. I agree. Propaganda to evoke emotion. Mostly men have only been evacuated with no concern to “women & children”. And most of them weren’t even American.

      China Joe always puts immigrants/refugees/foreigners first and Americans last

    2. Well certainly the u.s. government doesn’t give a royal r@$$ for the Women, but not the Interpreters, etc, – either!

    3. exactly, i hope all the people witnessing what is happening today, refrain from pushing for any more regime change wars in countries that do not want to be bombed “for democracy”. The media has not mentioned that Biden has already started bombing Somalia, one of THE POOREST nations on earth,what about the women and children being killed their as i type, ditto for Yemen.

    4. @keef davis true, but when MSM has so much control and influence over what information people have access to regarding wars, that’s what happens. I mean how can anyone think sending the worlds most advanced and well funded killing machine in the history of the world, is going to have anything but a disastrous outcome for the targeted country. Nearly 10 million displaced, mainly to Europe, Millions killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria now on to Somalia, can anyone say those countries are better off after US & NATO intervention. MSM talking heads and journalists who manufacture consent for these horrors, should hang their heads in shame.Since 9/11 not one of them has pushed back against any regime change war for profit, then feign horror & outrage at what is happening now with Afghanistan

  3. This was a complete failure on communication I recommend building new airports where secretive transportation and communication goes on start immediately evacuating families filled up Afghanistan military and US military forces around the complex has to keep people safe and rapidly move people out of the region to save lives this could turn into a catastrophe fast

    1. We only had 2,500 troops in Afghanistan when we began our withdrawal. I believe we would have been far better at that mission if we had more boots on ground at the time. It would have ensured the safe evacuation of translators and their families. At the end of the day though, it would not have mattered when we pulled out of Afghanistan. The Taliban would eventually have taken control of the government, even if the withdrawal was 1-10 years into the future.

    2. @22 Veterans A Day plus 6,000 NATO forces at disposal. But common sense dictates you get US citizens and allies out first, then you take out a billion dollars of military equipment so the Taliban can’t use it, then you remove the 2,500 military from an airport which you control. Instead, we had to send back twice as many soldiers, to secure an airport we did not previously control, in order to evacuate US citizens and allies who are unable to reach the airport due to the Taliban and the confiscated weapons we left

  4. I am having such a hard time with this renewed debacle and dishonor. I can imagine how much more difficult this is for the vets who served with these brave people! We need to fix this ASAP.

    1. I’m not sure how much control we really had over the situation. We could have done far more for these translators, but this was going to be messy whenever we withdrew. It had to happen, but it should have been far better managed. – Iraq Veteran

  5. May This Precious SOUL LIVE to SEE tomorrow. May PEOPLE IN POWER STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH PEOPLE’S LIVES! They were not ELECTED by the People to so

  6. Thanks to hear Major Thomas. Now I have satisfaction that many Officers of Marine who worked in Afghanistan are trying as Rachel told. Otherwise what is the difference between traitor Trump and other patriot of USA? It said ” Breath (Life) and Faith breaks once only (Once break never come back)” Thanks Rachel to keep my trust by this video.

  7. Our gov’t owes these interpreters and families safe passage, who helped us while we were in Afghanistan.

  8. Rightists: “Impeach Biden for letting the Taliban take over”.

    Trump: “[The Taliban] are good fighters…really smart…great negotiators”.

    Taliban: “We hope [Trump] will win the election”.

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