Trump Pardon Worthless To Kushner Pal Facing New State Charges 1

Trump Pardon Worthless To Kushner Pal Facing New State Charges


Rachel Maddow reports on Ken Kurson, friend of Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who was pardoned of federal charges by Trump before he ever went to trial, but now faces charges from New York State, which is not bound by federal pardons. 
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  1. The position came with an FBI background check.
    Shouldn’t EVERY government position come with a thorough FBI background check?

    1. @Eddapults Tab But the vice-president nominee does, but reich-wingers want to forget about that because, of course, Biden was the VP. For two terms.
      While the former guy’s family were granted security clearances even after it was determined that they shouldn’t get them.

    1. @Debra Johnson Debra again? You run every time you get proven wrong. Can I look forward to the same?

      You flat out said that I should wait till August 13th and see Biden and Harris go to jail. Didn’t happen. Now what?

    2. @Mary Beth The FBI leadership is corrupted with the same types as Stroyzk, McCabe and Comey who had a insurance policy to remove Trump from office.

  2. Funny Trump’s pardons actually screwed his friends and coconspiritors out of being able to do their time in a cushy federal prison and now they might have to do time in state prison.

    1. @Kathleen Ross that is correct! It was federal pardons,so now they look for some crime,they did,on state level.WE ALL KNOW,that all the jerks he pardoned,were guilty,just like him.

  3. Apparently, the t’rump pardon is just as worthless as his steaks, water, wine, suits, casinos and university.

    1. … and his medical advice: “It’s like the flu”.

      … and his so-called work ethic. He watched TV for hours at a time. He called it “Executive Time”.

      … and his ability to understand that receiving fewer votes in an election means you lose.

  4. “ALL” pardons should be crime specific. A blanket pardon for crimes not charged or noted is totally ridiculous. It doesn’t matter who is president.

    1. Pardons probably “should be” many things, but none of those things are in the constitution. So until we can pass some sort of constitutional amendment – good luck – the power is virtually unlimited and will remain that way indefinitely no matter what we all think.

    2. @Kathleen Ross Total misunderstanding of pardon law. THis is simply not true. Asking for a pardon can NOT be used as evidence of guilt.

    3. @GlennC777 Great comment. Everyone wants things to be as they wish, but it ain’t gonna happen. We can’t even pass a voting rights bill in Congress, let alone get a COnstitutional Amendment doing away with pardons. Or even reforming them. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. Sigh…

  5. Justice takes a long time to come, but when it comes, boy oh boy, does it hit you upside the head with karma.

    1. Let’s hope karma gives him a *long prison sentence* & an *angry, disillusioned, insurrectionist who Tramp scammed out of his life savings, as a cell mate! & all he has left is afull of nickels*

    1. @Janine Anderson Go after that killer Navy Seal guy also. He killed innocent people for fun, his OWN men said he was a blood thristy killer who ENJOYED KILLING.

    2. @GT Nismo Actually depending on the pardon it CAN provide blanket immunity for federal crimes, as Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon did in 1975 “for all crimes he committed or may have committed during his terms as President” (rough paraphrase). It even covered crimes that we didn’t know about. But you are correct that (a) most pardons are specific, and (b) they only grant immunity from federal prosecution, not state prosecution.

    3. @Janine Anderson Unfortunately the crimes he committed were committed overseas and are almost certainly NOT going to be pursued by overseas legal authorities. And a state can’t prosecute him for the crimes he committed overseas.

    4. @Jon Rosen Wouldn’t the Nixon pardon be more of a “special” deal, considering he was president at the time? An average Joe like me wouldn’t see anything like that. (Not that i would need one.)

  6. This guy’s ex wife is probably SO GRATEFUL for Vance. That poor woman. “From his perch at The Observer”
    He was an observer alright! Downright stalker.

  7. What Happened to Only The Best People seems to be a Lot of them Facing Criminal Charges what about the Clown Ringmaster

    1. He meant the best criminal element he could find, I think that’s pretty evident. The dumpster’s entire existence has been surrounded with the shadier side.

    2. Fuhrer D’rumpf will get whats coming to him, just give it time so they get everything they need and can put him away for life.

    3. I know you didn’t believe they were good people. They were the best people to do the corruption with trump without questioning his motives.

  8. Isn’t it funny how everyone around Jared is a crook? His Dad, even his wife? It’s like its just good business to him.

    1. I think it’s interesting that Republicans have so many friends and know so many people who just happened to being caught up and stalking not Gates little pedophile buddy also is involved in cyberstalking

    2. @Tommy r Westbrook
      So the Bidens have taken over the Clinton’s “mass murders” as the most egregious crimes of the Dems now?

    3. @Tommy r Westbrook One would suggest perusing the works of renowned wits such as Noel Coward, Dorothy Parker, and Oscar Wilde before you make such a *feeble* attempt at a put-down.
      The “reversal” insult belongs on the playground, not in an adult discourse.
      nrn eod
      ‘bye now
      (One suspects this is a troll.)

    4. That’s why dotard was fine with kushner marrying his blow up doll. He’s as anatomically correct as a Ken doll.
      They should probably give iskanka’s spawn DNA tests.

    1. @J Von Senator Byrd was NOT “the head clansman of the KKK”. But you’d know that if you weren’t a lying newborn troll – start date May 23, 2021.

    2. @J Von Was he still the head of the KKK? Yes or no? We shall see your dishonesty and cowardice shine.

  9. To say that the Trump Administration and his associates were the swamp on steroids would be a gross understatement.

    1. @J Von Companies have a right to require vaccines as they had the right, and still do, to require masks.

    2. @J Von Give you what list on Biden and Harris?

      I see, it was your deflection on what I previously asked.

      So you don’t want me to go through your list, correct?

    3. @T.J. Cunningham thats weak, they would not if the govt wasn’t pushing it, my body my choice? jab dont stop the spread, let people choose their faith, that’s what were supposed to be about, to much wishy washy to fully trust it yet, i got my shingles vax! it’s proven and no one forced me

    4. @J Von So the government shouldn’t push the vaccine? Should they tell people not to get it? Should people now or ever wear masks? Should I legally be able to cough on you or just give you a virus willingly? Why not? Don’t take away my freedom.

    1. I would throw the book at them, they’re lucky they’re not having to appear in front of me.

  10. The funny thing is that accepting a pardon is admitting guilt for the offence you’ve been pardoned for. I wonder how they will spin that in court?

    1. Actually that is a complete misunderstanding of pardon law. It doesn’t in any way acknowledge guilt in a way that can be used to convict someone. That would be a violation of your right against self-incrimination. Accepting the federal pardon does waive certain privileges in federal court (i.e., you can now be compelled to testify about your actions – you can’t take the 5th amendment – because you no longer can self-incriminate yourself since you are pardoned, but it doesn’t mean you are in fact guilty nor can it be used to find you guilty in a state court.

    2. @Jon Rosen The right against self incrimination was waved when the pardon was accepted, just as one can speak after being read Miranda Rights. In 1915 the Supreme Court, in Burdick v. U.S., stated that accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt.

    3. @Troy Clayton Of course, one had to do one’s own research.
      So something was learned from your reply. Another erasure of ignorance!
      Thank you.

  11. When a pardoned felon is brought to testify on any other case, they cannot plead the 5th as a condition of that pardon.

  12. I love Rachel, she brings the news most people don’t talk about and she’s very thorough when she covers her stories, she’s my favorite part of the day.

    1. Another reason to love Rachel is how her straightforward, factual reporting sends right-wing lunatics into a rage.

    2. I wish she would use her position to bring the Afghanistan children to light INSTEAD of kicking the presidency that could have done the Afghanistan evacuation successfully.

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