'Everybody Is Joe Manchin': Senate Could Consider Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill July 19 1

‘Everybody Is Joe Manchin’: Senate Could Consider Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill July 19


With a 50-50 Senate and a very narrow margin in the House, every Democratic member of Congress has leverage in infrastructure negotiations. E.J. Dionne, opinion columnist for The Washington Post, says “In this process, everybody is Joe Manchin.”
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  1. Lol. Get over it!! No way Republicans are going to vote for this. You’re in dreamland if you think the Republicans are not just wasting more time.

    1. Only because it’s been so badly handled by Biden and co. Big infrastructure spending has been a hallmark of conservative campaigning and politics forever.

  2. Lol you keep calling this bill bipartisan, when it’s not bipartisan at all. This is DOA in the Senate

    1. As Mitch McConnell said, “bipartisanship is over.” Plus most people don’t care if a bill is supported by both parties. They just care what the bill will do for them.

    2. @New Blue is right. However, I’d add that this bill is bipartisan. There are 11 Republicans who support the Infrastructure plan. That brings the total support to 61, more than the sixty-vote threshold. Sorry GOP obstructionists but we are actually getting stuff done that will help the American people!

    3. It is not “bipartisan” — it is a Republican manipulated much shrunk version of the Democrats infrastructure bill that will use up the one remaining “reconciliation” ability of Democrats to pass meaningful financial legislation. This will pass on a party line vote and take the place of a better financial bill that should have gone to reconciliation and it will end up taking money from the COVID response to pay for it rather than taxing the greediest of the wealthiest among us who are the actual owners of the Republican brand.

    4. @Sue Zbell you are absolutely right. Bipartisanship is just another label for helping the rich and large corporations.

  3. Why don’t we spend the money on infrastructure that is already in the federal highway trust fund? What a novel idea to spend the money we already have rather than ask for more money.
    It’s hard to get a straight answer now but if there is anywhere from $40 billion-$70 billion already in the highway trust fund from the taxes that we all pay on every gallon of motor fuel. This amount of money will repair a lot of bridges and rebuild a lot of streets. Let’s spend this money before we ask for new money which is likely to cause more inflation.

    1. @Big Bad The P38 You’re absolutely wrong bad boy. That fund is alive and well and as I stated, there is over $40 billion to $70 billion in the Fund. That money will pay for a lot of bridge and highway repair. The amount in the fund is growing because every time people buy motor fuel we paid both federal and state tax. The fund is a users fee and is alive in the world. Let’s spend the money in the phone now rather than asking for new money.

    2. @Big Bad The P38 Giving additional thought to your post Big Bad, the federal highway trust fund can never dry up. Every motor vehicle at a convenience store filling up at the gas pump is paying into both state and federal highway trust fund. The fun can never dry up because it is constantly being replenished.
      One issue we must be concerned with is that the corrupt political class has siphoned off some of this money to non-highway spending spree’s. Money from the federal highway trust fund is given to law enforcement overtime ticket rating of schemes, the money is used to build biking hiking and snowmobile trails as well as other non-road uses. However, the fan can never dry up because it is being constantly replenished.

    3. @Big Bad The P38 BTW, I know the sheet-metal fabricator who re-skinned ‘The Gun Fighter’ after it was rolled up into a ball.

    4. @T. R. Campbell Please cite your source on this. Seriously, I want to know where you’re getting that information.

  4. the disconnect is real when the media people admit that our leaders vote to win re-elections instead of helping their people and fixing the country, truly disgusting

  5. We have not had bipartisanship since forever the purple lipped McConnell will never allow democrats to have a say until they get smart and take away McConnell’s filibuster.

    1. Yes, that. Not ending the filibuster is giving McConnell (and the worst of the Republicans he leads) VETO power over the Biden agenda.

  6. Sorry but putting the blame game, demonizing and censoring the Republicans and whites won’t get you any favors from them

  7. Joe Manchin is not a Democrat by hart he is lieing to his party and people of Democrats he is a Republican

    1. If he changes his label, McConnell immediately resumes control of the Senate. He has a campaign contribution incentive to be “conservative” and needs to be called upon it; however, Republicans have already set the precedent for a very public change of position (SCOTUS seat in election year) so they could change their position on the filibuster as well — and definitely need to do so.

  8. Manchin is right on the edge of looking like a republican. Hope he realizes that the appearance of what he is doing looks like he hates his party

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