Trump Calls Capitol Riot He Incited An ‘Unfortunate Event’ 1

Trump Calls Capitol Riot He Incited An ‘Unfortunate Event’


During a press conference where he announced he's suing tech giants over his social media bans, Trump was asked about what he did to stop the Capitol riot. He dodged the question while calling it an 'unfortunate event.' We discuss that with Peter Baker of The New York Times.
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    1. @Clubber Lang Wow such ignorance, it well known that trump did in fact charge the taxpayers every time he golfed at his resorts. You’re clearly willfully stupid if you think otherwise.

    2. Andres Herrera So just for fun, I looked up the cost of Trump’s golf games for taxpayers. The amounts were all over the place, from $0 to $115 million over 4 years which ridiculous but the funniest part is, not one of the media or “news” organizations was reputable, meaning it was CNN, MSNBC, the Washington post, New York post or fake news outlets all owned by democrats.

    1. I don’t think they put Presidents in jail..That would be nice but honestly he not going to serve any jail time…

  1. Why does any network put that crazy man on TV? He should be in prison, but he’s allowed to talk crap all the time.

    1. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL we will see, he’s definitely not coming back as President as Fox, Q, and the Proud Girls want you to believe. Haha cyber ninjas

    1. @Eagle 1 Biden doesn’t support the Green New Deal – the Green New Deal isn’t happening. You’re terrified of something that you don’t understand and that will never happen anyway. As for the Paris Climate Accord, most states kept the carbon emission levels they’d agreed to under the accord anyway, so you won’t even notice anything change. You do realise that the US didn’t even withdraw until 4 November 2020, don’t you? Or were you under the delusion that the US had been out of that agreement for years?

      These two things show that you swallowed Trump’s BS hook, line and sinker, yet didn’t have the first clue about the reality of either situation.

    2. You wouldn’t have a Trump administration if politicians actually did thier jobs the last 30 years

  2. Donald Trump sent 5 ppl to their deaths that day with over 200 Injured police, some hurt pretty badly. Head trauma, broken bones, one cop lost an eye, Bryan Sicknick died. Two more committed suicide and many have turned in their service weapons and badges bc of what they witnessed and experienced was so traumatizing and some more were contemplating self harm. Beaten with flagpoles literally flying “Blue Lives Matter” flags. If that’s not a sad irony, Idk what is.

    1. If you live in the MAGA alternate universe, none of those facts you listed actually happened

  3. I just want to know who did what, when, why and how. The American people deserve to know. We pretty much know anyway, you might as well admit what group of people assisted on the inside job.

    1. But the republican party don’t care what you or half the population thinks. That’s why they wouldn’t agree to the bipartisan inquiry.

    2. I want to know who sold our data to biden, is what i want to know. Could really careless about the capitol getting attacked, they needed a little wakey wakey

    3. Most definitely was a inside job. The ones who voted against the investigation are the ones. Main man McCarthy 💯🎯👌🏾🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    4. @Sumon Jamal Idk what you mean you sound like a Russian troll comrade. Or a rose city antifa or SoCal antifa person. ?
      You still have that picture of Brain William’s over your bed ?

    1. @Divine Falcon trump is a true example of why we need to keep abortion legal, so you can rid the world of monsters like him

  4. By “unfortunate event”, Trump of course means that it was unfortunate in the sense that it didn’t go as he wanted it to, or deliver the result that he was hoping for (a coup d’état) .

    1. That’s exactly what he meant. Even though the insurrection failed, he would have liked to seen some of the lawmakers get seriously f**ked up including Pence. He’d be telling himself how much they love him by doing it.

  5. That’s funny, I thought it was just a bunch of peaceful tourists. Might want to make up his mind on which narrative he wants to use.

  6. The “unfortunate event” to him is that the coup failed. Let’s be clear about that. The reporter should have asked to clarify, tbh.

  7. Trump’s name keeps getting “mentioned” by his insurrectionists in their court cases – another 5 charged yesterday for attacking the US Capitol due to his incitement. He should be asked, every time he appears, why he said he would march with the insurrectionists to the Capitol, but then ran away and hid like a pathetic coward.

    1. Are you sure that’s what he said? Trump is ready to go to the conclusion of a business deal, but going to the barricades is not his style at all.

    1. I thought he was a winner, but he is a loser. He lost so much, I figured out it that was a pattern. All the bankruptcies, the billions he lost, so Trump winning a presidential race is an accidental event.

    1. guys: you don’t have to show tr*mp’s image or play his voice…
      If you say he said something we believe you.
      Please stop giving this clown airtime!

    2. @RRocr I’m not showing his image or giving him airtime. You just brought him up.

    3. @Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk Ironically, the same pattern of insult can be applied to any leaders using artificial intelligence, The comment looks worded well enough. Except the phrase “tell a lie loud enough and often enough becomes the truth” was repeated quite often when kidnappers try to discredit a person and through this the AI learned this phrase. Bad thing to use if you are trying to appear commenting as a human! And if you are an actual human you were neural fed.

    4. @venus firenza Insults are easy. You must be really bored, you are real boring. I have no reason to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. I’m done.

    5. @Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk yes, why? Cut off his coverage and he just might go away, hopefully anyway…

    1. U don’t have to mention his name so he can stop the insurrection he is the is the president Americans elected him to protect them included the Vice president and our beautiful historic building live with the SHAME 😥😥😥😭

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