TX GOP Remove Controversial Election Provisions Ahead Of Special Session 1

TX GOP Remove Controversial Election Provisions Ahead Of Special Session


Texas GOP revealed an updated voting bill that removed provisions on overturning elections and limits to Sunday voting hours to be debated during special session. Texas State Rep. Gina Hinojosa called it a “victory” for Democrats in getting the “sharp edges” removed, but says it’s still a bad bill that Democrats are committed to fighting against. Rep. Colin Allred adds that Congress has to act at the federal level to “provide some relief to make sure our democracy is protected.”  
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    1. Trump 2024. MAGA. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. @Georgia by 2024 Trump wouldn’t even know who he is. Dementia is taking over his little mind.

    3. @marge beauchamp you’ve obviously confusing BIDEN with TRUMP, if you are liking the PRICES of everything increasing then BIDEN IS YOUR MAN ! Not mine

    1. It’s still fascism but the back door. Try to pass provisions that make Texas a Nazi state, knowing it won’t get passed, then watering it down, but still getting outrageous provisions passed! It cannot be allowed to succeed! These GOP goons should be LOCKED UP! They’re stealing democracy!

    2. @Nagha Nass Idiots always grasp on the provision that bears no relevance to the principal disenfranchisement. Do you always have to deflect from the atrocities on the bill itself and your fascist, corrupt government?

    1. It’s still fascism but the back door. Try to pass provisions that make Texas a Nazi state, knowing it won’t get passed, then watering it down, but still getting outrageous provisions passed! It cannot be allowed to succeed! These GOP goons should be LOCKED UP! They’re stealing democracy!

  2. It practically took an act of Congress for me to get a mail in ballot last fall. I did not receive a ballot for the most recent election in April. So evidently I have to apply for every election?

  3. Would Texas have a better turnout,if they would quit mucking around with the system? They think it’ll be a good thing? But backfire?

    1. Nah, didn’t that AG already admit that if they had not blocked Mail in voting they would have lost by 2 million votes? They do NOT want more participation in elections as they not yet voting in TX are not their friends…

  4. you want to see a brawl? send a partisan ‘pollwatcher’ to antagonize someone as they cast a ballot

    1. Aka people with guns. They tried that crap in my neighborhood last election, my neighbors also had guns waiting for them to show up,, they saw we were locked and loaded too, and immediately left.

  5. What about Ercott Mr Governor.,??? Don’t forget to put it on your priority agenda.

  6. Will someone please explain to me, how our elected officials, many who have legal or business backgrounds, will regularly vote on bills and measures that they have not read? I have actually heard members from both parties claim, “ Well, it’s just so long!” How (rhetorical question) do you accurately represent your constituents if you & your staffs are to lazy to read the document?

    1. There’s a memetic video of a Republican IL rep complaining of this very fact. There are so many bills coming to the floor for a vote that even if they are dedicated and conscientious representatives thy just aren’t given the time to read all the bills.

    2. @jb888888888 That is true. However, even when that whole bill was read in the Senate at the request of Ron Johnson (?) nobody was there to listen to it except the clerks who did the reading. Shameful.

    3. @jb888888888 Then why not start a “reasonable Law output caucus” and protest a flood of poorly written, lobby-provided and nonsensical laws that are then waved through as nobody has time for all that.

      Or maybe put all committee members under oath that they prepared the law with due diligence and wrote it to serve the people of he state/nation as good as possible… and then when it turns out they did muck up again, throw them in jail for perjury.

  7. Hey Texas! Your GOP trying to fix your votes and claim they won if they didn’t get the votes. They have Cancun Ted. They have your Governor who wanted only ONE ballot drop box per county, which means ONE box drop for 2 million people! Remember your power failure? Why are you guys voting the GOP back in???


    2. Yeah I wonder why!! Since the Feb snow storm I think a lot of people will be Voting Blue!! I hate the Republicans!!

    3. Do not underestimate, or misinterpret the power of greed, fear, bigotry, racism, and stupidity.
      When you have no education, or are mis-educated, lack historical and cultral pride (not to be mistaken for pride based on skin color), you’re left with a scared, angry, lower class base where their ONLY perceived value, is status.
      We’ve all had some sort of situation where we vote against our own interests… that’s theirs.

  8. Everyone should have the same laws and everyone automatically registered when they pay their first taxes. If you can take their money they should be registered. 16 year olds pay your bills too. No one should be allowed to take your rights away and should granted to every citizen not be able to be determined by politicians trying to take over positions or our country

    1. @Kayanna Ottaway : One more time. It’s the states responsibility to run elections, NOT the federal govt. Here in Indiana, we have signature verification and have to show a photo ID, They are free at any BMV. You can vote absentee, but only with a valid reason. We do have early voting, but NOT 17, and none are on a Sun. What you are calling restrictions ? we just call it the rules you have to follow. As for your dividing districts (gerrymandering) ? BOTH parties do it, not just republican. As for the rest of your comment ? doesn’t deserve a response.

    2. @Gary Campbell free ids are not in PA it’s a poll tax. We show Id and register with a social security number. Unsure your comments are making much sense. Stop pretending that it’s ok for any party to rig areas for their benefit. It should be the voters who choose all of it. Register everyone the moment their paycheck funds these idiots. Do not take it away for any reason. If it’s coming out their pocket then they have a right to choose in concept where it goes.

    3. @Gary Campbell just because republicans are scared to actually have to serve the people not their interest. They shouldn’t be allowed to be criminals either lawmaker shouldn’t be lawmakers. They are too afraid that no one want their policies or racism so they cheat and lie. After all this every last one should lose their ability to run let serve. There were polls they had armed people at and took ballot boxes away. The only ones who got in trouble for fraud were trumpers including one who voted for his freshly murdered wife. Such wonderful people you are defending. Even trump should be going to court for voting illegally but zero do anything. I lived in Indiana nice place but you all voted in pence and then went for trump um not taking your comments as anything worth contemplating, sorry

    4. @Gary Campbell by the way it’s republicans that were against ids because they think they are being tracked . Again not much critical thinking at all in that party.

    5. @Kayanna Ottaway : The feeling is mutual, sine you have been able to get a free photo ID at any PennDOT driver license center since 2012. And I wondered when we were going to get around to the racism crap. Here, we voted by mail for the first time ever. There were NO ballot boxes. You mailed it to the county clerk, and by the way, if it did not get to the clerk by 6pm the night of the election ? it was NOT counted.


  10. The law would allow judges to change the votes along party lines for any reason. Allowing the party to pick a winner and that’s a oligarchy! Owned by the 1% and should trigger civil war.

  11. Trying to think up a great GOP motto, how about: Make Texas Gated Again! Republic of Republicans! United by hate! Sorry, that’s all I got . . .

  12. I’ll never visit that lousy state. We aren’t hearing any big out roar from the citizens of Texas. Not interested in being around people who voted for these mentally unstable republicans.

    1. To many techies moving there they will vote out these bubba’s the republican party is in complete disarray thanks to 45 more and more rational minded people are coming to their senses.

  13. 45 has made this a nationwide problem. He’s made SO MANY things “nationwide problems”. Its too bad the republicans in Congress refuse to do their jobs instead of cowering to his wishes. Shameful.

  14. The Texas legislature can’t guarantee that our lights will be on from day to day but they have nothing but time to engage in voter suppression.

  15. Well, TX voters how do you like your Governor now his failure in the electric problem and now him trying to restrict your right to vote when there was no fraud in TX do think it’s time you say Bye,Bye to Abbott I would think so time for a change in administrations in TX 2022 election are coming get out the vote to remove him from power.

  16. So, Texas is proving that America is a post-racial society by enacting voter suppression laws; I wonder if CRT is as dangerous as that.

  17. If they don’t know who wrote the bill, then the whole thing should be thrown out. That is simple.

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