‘Legal Buffoonery’: Trump's Social Media Lawsuits Are Fundraising Publicity Stunt 1

‘Legal Buffoonery’: Trump’s Social Media Lawsuits Are Fundraising Publicity Stunt


Tim O'Brien, who won a lawsuit filed by Donald Trump, explains to Lawrence O'Donnell why Donald Trump will end up "as he always does, shooting himself in the foot" with his new doomed lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
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    1. It’s a Class Action lawsuit. It’s been in the works for years. Who else does constant fundraising?
      You’ve got to be kidding.

  1. “Who’s hammering!….stop the ding dang hammering!!….I’m gonna hold my breath till I turn green if they don’t stop HAMMERING!!!!”

    1. @dsndicmsa youre incoherent and u wonder why no one takes u seriously except your incoherent powerless cult lol

    2. @Iain Herridge they didn’t vote for Biden they’re not saying they didn’t vote for Harris! 🤣

    3. @dsndicmsa think outside of the box. They’re not claiming Biden because it was actually Harris their vote was intended… 🤣

    4. @dsndicmsa
      Does the FBI have your likeness on video at the DrUMPf jan6 incitement pep rally and attempted overthrow of US?

  2. “I don’t think we’re going to get much ongoing entertainment value from this one.” I nearly peed my pants when I heard that.

    1. @Cold Beer Yes, unfortunately Trump & I have a lot more in common than I’d like to admit.

    2. @The Kat Again, your fault for getting your posts deleted. Maybe follow the rules next time? Stop complaining about fake censorship

    3. @Lucky Lambdin
      Looks as if a few of the “poorly educated” cult are here for our entertainment?

  3. After reading most of these comments, it’s amazing how many people don’t understand what the 1st Amendment is or what it means.

    1. That true but if he getting free press from this guys then it kinda working him where would stop talking about him won’t give the power of attention which he looking for and CNN and these dumba$$es are keep falling for

  4. Did Trump even file the suit??? If it’s just for grift, he doesn’t even have to file one!

  5. I think all Trump fans should back up there hero and boycott Twitter! That would be nice ! A break from all of this BS

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