'Evidence Is Clear': Dems Say Trump 'Alone' Incited Capitol Mob | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

‘Evidence Is Clear’: Dems Say Trump ‘Alone’ Incited Capitol Mob | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


House impeachment managers have officially rested their case, and Trump's defense team is set to bring their case forth tomorrow. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, who is a juror in Trump's second impeachment trial, joins MSNBC's Ari Melber to recap the proceedings up until this point. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 02/11/2021.
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'Evidence Is Clear': Dems Say Trump 'Alone' Incited Capitol Mob | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Lee is with Graham and Cruz conferring with trumps lawyers on his defense.. seems like they just forfeited their right to vote on the trial

    1. Pretty dumb to continue to support Trump at this point as he will never be president again!
      Support has dropped to the 30% range

    2. If that’s true then absolutely they should have no vote. If this were an actual courtroom, I would think this would be illegal. Kind of like witness tampering in reverse. And they would certainly not be allowed to leave the room while the case was being presented. It’s more than a bit upsetting to think “we the people” pay these slackers.

    3. @William H. Baird 30% with all Americans but much higher among Republicans (still around 79% after the Capitol attack). If the red hats turn against these Republican Senators they don’t stand a chance of being reelected. The spineless Senators are choosing to try and save their jobs over doing what is best for the nation.

  2. The “alone” part better be the old bait & switch. Get those Senators that are just as guilty as Trump, just working inside the building doing his bidding to MAYBE vote against him, then bring down the hammer after cutting the head off the snake. If they mean “alone” literally, that is some BS. He “alone” would have benefitted, but he did not act alone at all.

    1. @Elliott bluemedsea can’t argue with that, but i will lean more to Antifa to call them domestic terrorist then BLM.

    2. @TurboM You lean more towards the other side because its in your nature due to the over exhaustion of influence compared to the other. But in reality, it is the exact same.

    3. @Elliott bluemedsea I don’t think so, it is because there action’s. Most of the protest that ended in looting where, for as I know, from Antifa. BLM where mostly peaceful, tho provoking a reaction! But if it is so that violence is coming out of a group with the intention to destroy society that can be named as a terrorist organisation.

  3. When referring to anyone who votes to acquit DT, just add Mudd to their name:
    Mudd Cruz, Mudd Hawley, Mudd Graham, Mudd Lee

  4. Just make sure that there’s a secret voting at the end of this trial! That’ll make all the difference I think.
    The former prez should be convicted and they all know!

    1. I’d agree if not for the possibility the GOP votes in Trump’s favor anyway so we wouldn’t have a personal record to hold them to account after

    2. That same “base” they claim to fear, the Dems Senators and Representatives face them. No cover for Hawley, Cruz, Graham and McConnell etc

  5. Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he incited the mob to defend his illegitimacy!
    When has a losing president held a rally on the day of the electoral college votes?! Hello… the evidence is clear!
    Stupid is as stupid does! The evidence is clear.

  6. WHERE ARE the Republican Senators??????? Where did they GO ????
    Deserters?!! End the Republican Party NOW

  7. Trump’s defense is going to somehow end up incriminating Republican Senators AND throwing the Capital insurrectionists under the bus.
    Q told me.

    1. Yes. The Constitution in (Article 1 Section 3 Para 6) says to Indict, Try, Judge, and Punish NEVERTHELESS of Impeachment, according to Law.

    2. Seems hard to see how it could be avoided at this point. Biden fervently supports the independence of the DOJ. That means both never initiating cases against political opponents- and never blocking them either. It will all be up to the line professionals at the DOJ.

  8. Trump did not incite alone. Rudy helped. All of the corrupt GOP helped. His family helped. Hawley raised his fist in solidarity. I hope the new AG remembers that.

    1. Sandra but they were doing what Trump wanted. They even said we are here because of Trump and they told the police, yeah your boss!

  9. Republicans “know, in their hearts, they should be voting to convict”.
    I hate to break it to you but you’re discussing sociopaths.
    The question is how are those now in power going to see to it that justice is done?

  10. *~Helter Skelter~*

    Charles Manson and Trump have allot in common, they both sent their mentally manipulated for bloody terror.

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