Evidence Is Trending Toward Sedition Charges For Some Jan. 6 Attackers, Says Fmr. Lead Investigator 1

Evidence Is Trending Toward Sedition Charges For Some Jan. 6 Attackers, Says Fmr. Lead Investigator


Michael R. Sherwin, the federal prosecutor who was heading the Justice Department’s investigation into the January 6 riot, says 'evidence is trending' toward charges of sedition for some participants. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Evidence Is Trending Toward Sedition Charges For Some Jan. 6 Attackers, Says Fmr. Lead Investigator


  1. So.. the regular people gets arrested and facing charges… While the politicians who encourage this sedition are free and running the government…. Sounds legit.

    1. @Andre Desrosiers Given the plethora of Corporate money poured into US politics, the only possible solution is as per my earlier answer-

      The question needs to be asked, because while the Dems are slightly better than the Repubs, they “will not help the citizens”! If the population – “Always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got”! There are currently two parties jambing up the right hand lane of the Political Spectrum, while the center lane and the left lane of the spectrum are completely free (there are small parties trying to fill this void so perhaps we should try to assist). It seems to me that this is the only way that we may get some meaningful diologue and possible change!! If we continue to think that this is ‘Pie in the Sky’ then we are stuck on a road to nowhere.

      In short ‘yes of course we should vote’ and there are potential third parties that could be worth voting for! Unless we start voting for third parties the status quo will remain! I know that people will see this as a wasted vote but it is difficult to see what other options we have!

      I am a US citizen living in New Zealand but have close family still in the States and many are finding it tough! It is very hard as a citizen living overseas to understand how Politicians keep overlooking M4A when it is in place in every other developed country (and works brilliantly), how the US has a $7-25 min wage when it is $19-90 ($16-00 US) here. We have 4 weeks paid vacation every year! When we had our kids my wife had 6 weeks paid maternity leave and her job had to be held open for 1 year!
      I feel the family over there are dealing with (almost barbaric) policy positions and it is so distressing!!

      We have 5 parties represented in our Parliament over here and it is expected that the smaller ones use any leverage they have at every opportunity. The Progressives in the House have to use the leverage they have or they are letting down all who voted for them!

    2. @Brian Mitchell Finally. Yes progressives. I concur. We have achieved parity! Andrew Yang 2024! Have a great day.

    3. @Andre Desrosiers Andrew does offer alternatives and I wish him well in the New York race! Kind Regards.

    1. @Sarah F Thanks for that. By the way, whatever happened with Lev and Igor? Did Barr make that case go away too? Haven’t heard anything since they were released on bond and the investigation into Rudy was started. It’s so easy to forget corrupt and or questionable events since there were so many and the new one crowds out the older ones..

    2. @lynne baker I can hope that they are still on the hook for testimony and looking over their shoulder at all times. They work for Putin.

    3. @American Avenger Where’s the proof that it wasn’t an honest election .Saying prove it is backwards.

    4. @Sarah F Anyone heard anything about Barr? He’s another one that’s slithered off and has been far too quiet….

  2. You know the jingle one hears when the contestants are writing their response to the final jeopardy question? That’s what I hear everytime something new like this comes out. Tick, tock, tick, tock. The clock is still running. Heading towards charges of sedition. Excellent.

    1. Cervellone, assume I know the meaning of words unless I suggest otherwise. I’m well educated. As you will fully appreciate, the left has a habit of appropriating words and redefining them. It doesn’t make it what they tell you it is. They’ve done it with ‘patriot’ and ‘nationalist’, for example, which are now dirty words in the left wing lexicon.

      Antifa are fascists, not anti fascists. By the very definition of fascism, their behaviours are fascist: shutting down speech, violent thuggery, threats and intimidation, cancellation, deplatforming, and refusing to enter into any civil dialogue to further their ends. They are the brownshirts of the left, the hired mercenary thugs who do their dirty work. That’s why they disappeared into the woodwork again after the election.

      Now, do I make myself absolutely clear to you?

    2. @TheDiamond2009
      Don’t you get tired of copy and post your s*** over and over again and thus repeatedly expose yourself to ridicule?

    3. Cervellone, I couldn’t give a tuppenny hoot, squire. But it’s not copy and post, just to inform, I type it on my iPad or phone. There’s no copying involved.

      I guess by your last post you have nothing left, you’re bereft of any logical response, any argument. You were in the middle of teaching me the meaning of words in your last post. Pray continue, I’m all ears.

      It happens all the time on here, son, so please, keep ridiculing me.

    4. @Howard G Maybe maybe not. A european country, I forget which one, just put a former president of theirs in jail for crimes committed. First time for them. There’s a first time for everything, even here. We can only hope that this is the year.

    5. @TheDiamond2009 If you’re not even an American then butt out! Period. Yeah we all saw it as well. The FBI already confirmed the instigators were right wing extremist WS and some Antifa. The BLM was protesting systemic killing of members of the black community. Instigators took advantage of it. We decried those actions then and still do. Now we have this to decry as well. I don’t blame the black community one bit if they wanted to riot and burn down what was built off their oppression and systemic genocide by white capitalists in charge of the manipulated conditions of scarcity they have to constantly fight against. You say your 55. Then you should know the history of this country and it’s failed promise under our Constitution to Americans of color. Just butt the F out since you don’t live here!

    1. The stakes are so high that I have a feeling they are going to keep their cards close to the vest and be sure to have utterly unassailable charges.

  3. Looking forward to the moment when members of Congress charged as well…..they are saving the best arrests for last

    1. @Logan Fiive or had mommy fight for them cuz they didn’t get “Organic Food” in jail! So “Manly” so “Tough” so “Revolutionary” isn’t it! These people, like it’s already been stated, are a bunch of racist, neck beard, MAGTARDS who couldn’t make their own bed in the morning let alone start a real revolution!


    3. The who *cased* the Capitol being led around by Marjorie Greene might be offered reduced sentences if they testified against herr.

  4. brilliantly said and shown, ty all. about time! everyone directly involved should be charged with sedition and with the addition of special circumstances!

    1. @I.M. Grimripperroo gee, your opinion is just so very important to me… *insert serious eyeroll here*

  5. All the people, who attacked the police officers and crossed ” the line”, should be charged with sedition ! They were trying a coup !

    1. @MAGA JESUS CHRIST Trump = Anti-Christ! Trump lied about Covid-19 and people have died! You need new glasses there Bubba Bobby? Trump supporters that attack Capitol hill are being investigated and charged with with trying to destroy Capitol hill! No BLM!

    2. @Sweger Shanna not Biden. The democrats. Just like it was windy. China is our friend and Florida is going to perish. Please either go back to work or watch whats really going on. #woke

    3. @Altrusian WolfDog yeah cant help they were dumb enough to bring smart phones to their coup. Didn’t say they were successful or in any way a normal thing in America. Funny these idiots call themselves “patriots” but they are loser cult followers who listened to a moron.
      Btw there were guns confiscated as well as bear mace…. I didn’t see any bears on DC… Or lets discuss the noose outside… or maybe the idiots with the zip ties. Guess they forgot they were storming the Capitol for a pathetic LOSER….

  6. About time
    They need to charge us senators and congress people that gave them information and tours through the capital

    1. @mateowey i see the dumbocrap party that “switched” still use’n race, just like the good old days to push agenda … gee shocker 🙂

    2. @mateowey least now , i can watch them try to cancel a black woman head of school board member in SF for all the racist shyt she was saying about asians “because trump won” 🙂

    3. @DJ See’s through it right, insulting people is so predictable from a trump supporter. Can’t spell hate without red hat!

    4. @mateowey “dur they switched” yet every time they open thier mouths “this color… that color… your color” … yeah sure clowns 🙂

  7. They must include sedition charges against Drumpf, Cruz, Hawley, and those who voted against certifying the electoral college.

    1. @Babyface0603 The OP said ” and those who voted against certifying the electoral college.” The people who voted against certifying were completely within their rights. As for Drumpf, Cruz, Hawley and a few others, yeah, charge them!

    2. @Linda Campbell Blame the victims. Yeah, that sounds right. I mean, they hid instead of coming out to be lynched!

    3. @Linda Campbell on what grounds? That you don’t like them? Very fascist of you wanting to lock up political opponents for no reason.


    1. I wouldn’t comment to any of Trumps people on line im pretty sure that the FBi is possibly trolling on line too. I hope they catch all of Trumps people

    2. Ms December, is paranoia setting in?! I’m sure they can track all online records if they wish to, but I’m not certain that what gets said on MSNBC is going to be even remotely interesting to them!

    3. @TheDiamond2009 you don’t think so of course they would hanged Pence they got the call from fatboy to take him out, they bashed a cops head in c’mon man

    4. Keith, that’s silly, you’ve taken it a step too far. If they genuinely were going to hang someone, then let the law deal with them. But to take it from there and make Trump culpable is stretching the bounds of the imagination.

      The Trump sedition charges argument seems like yet another attempt by the left to delete him forever, which they’ve tried several times now. They won’t stop, not ever. And they won’t stop with others that they consider to be worthy adversaries in opposition. This is a purge to ensure that they retain power indefinitely.

    1. @Brian Martinez we do need to reallocate(was never about refunding) funds when it comes to the police. The police shouldn’t be the ones to show up for well checks and mental health crisis (crisis counselors should go out for those).

  9. Six members of the Seattle PD attended the January 6 insurrection riot, but a judge and the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild in Washington State continue to block the public from knowing who these public servants are and why they were interested in hanging Mike Pence. Talk about a loss of trust.
    *Is my local law enforcement even cooperating with the FBI* ?

  10. It had better not just stop at the point where all the ‘little people’ get rounded up and jailed. Some seriously important public figures were deeply involved in this. It wasn’t just a meaningless riot, it was done with purpose. People in public positions were hoping to gain even more power and influence off the backs of these dupes. Perhaps even complete and permanent power.

    1. @Roy Polloiok all you women think the same. Ok something small. Look up when she stole 200,000 of furniture from white house and had to give it back LoL. Hagd buckwheat. You cannot respond to anything with a non partisan view. Or to anything I’ve brought up. You win. Your trophy is in the mail.

    2. @DriveInFreak no crying here for Trump. But crying for the country. And our children. For this new world you counts are creating. Obviously u cannot research anything other than wat CNN tells you. Otherwise u could have an intelligent conversation. Paying for illegal aliens to stay in hotels while are veterans are sleeping on the streets . !!!

  11. There’s a reason why 30 Republikkkan Senators voted “no” for AG Garland’s confirmation. I hope the Justice Dept investigates Republikkkan Congresspeople for their part in the attempted coup on Jan 6th.

  12. Insurrectionists: “We’re not here for you, we’re here for America!!!”

    America: “I don’t know who these yahoos are, and I never called for them.”

    1. Yep. This was the biggest temper tantrum fest born out of entitlement this country has ever seen. Nearly 8 million more Americans voted for Biden and these dense idiots and their bubble living entitlement (egged on by big stupid saying it was a fraud minus any evidence and losing with that lie more than 60 times and twice with SCOTUS). But they’re here for Anericans.

      I don’t have enough middle fingers for these guys.

    2. When a man wants to attack someone and he encounters another person intentionally blocking his path, he will frequently say “I’m not here for you, I’m here for (target’s name)”. That’s how you should interpret the insurrectionists’ words — they weren’t there to attack the police officers; they were there to attack America, the America that clings to democracy and refuses to give in to terrorists, foreign or domestic.

      Those police officers were attacked simply because they were doing their jobs, defending the lives of everyone in that building — including the lives of those who incited and encouraged that attack. It’s sad that those officers were defending our democracy more than those who swore (and violated) an oath to defend it, while getting paid far less than those who swore (and violated) their oath.

  13. They need to charge and prosecute those members of Congress who encouraged and supported it as well.


    2. @Likegod butbetterlooking Impeachments were a joke n a bunch of bs lies by Pelosi. Shes the one planned that bs with ANITFA

    3. @Linda Campbell you think Antifa staged Trump’s coup attempt? Even though it was obviously Trump supporters, who were openly calling for it before hand and many famous Trump supporters (like the Qanon Shaman) were there???

      How delusional are you exactly? Do you think the election was stolen too?

    4. Yes, all of those Congressmen and Senators who supported and encouraged mobbing Congress should and will charge guilty.

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