Ex-boyfriend of George Santos speaks out to CNN

CNN's Erin Burnett talks to the former boyfriend of embattled Rep. George Santos (R-NY) about their relationship and the many false claims Santos has publicly made. #CNN #News


  1. What a trainwreck Santos is. This guy, Pedro, is the luckiest guy alive, having dodged a HUGE bullet. He seems like such a nice guy too.

    1. The Republican Party is such a joke now that keeping Santos in surprises no one that has watched that party slide into a deep pit of lies, hypocrisy, corruption and insanity, all the while screaming “But the Libs! b-b-but Hilary’s emails! Trump is our lord and savior!” Let them keep Santos – he’s right at home with a bunch of very like-minded – and like-doing – individuals!

    2. McCarthy gets great cover having this drama queen on board! Everyone is distracted by Santos and McCarthy is hiding in plain sight!

    1. @Brandon isHere to this degree ? Seriously. Why do idiots who use false names post the most stupidest comments

    2. I didn’t know republicans allowed LGBTQ people like George Santos and Donald Trumps buddy Peter Thiel in their party because i thought republicans were conservative. The gop’s new flag🏳️‍🌈

    3. Love love love to see a drag queen draw down between George Santos & Michael Obama! If Obama would synch down his “Bulge” & cut down on his makeup, he’d be a shoe in! 💋

    1. We humans lie. Period. Stop acting like politicians were a different breed. There’s lying and there’s being a pathological liar like Trump or Santos.

    1. Definitely! Keep hounding and asking questions about and to him…. I think we need a doctor to verify he’s even male …🤦‍♀️ he’s pathological like the ex President 🤬

    2. I’m sure he’s been told to just ride it out because the GOP won’t get rid of him. He’s there for the next 2 years.

    3. @Chris Hutson just wondering why they have never reported on all of biden’s LIES and present corruption. Seems like CNN is trying to deflect.

  2. I hope Pedro finds someone wonderful! Seems like a really nice guy. Sucks he got mixed up with his now ex and his lies but I’m glad he realized it and ran in the opposite direction.

    1. @Common Sense He’ll be writing a NYT bestseller soon and getting a Netflix deal. Thats the American way, reward bad behavior.

  3. This guy was very smart to get away when he did. A relationship with a narcissist is always going to be a disaster and the sooner you leave the better. They always start out as prince or princess charming before Mr. or Ms Hyde appears.

    1. I guess, Trump the TRAITOR, and curious George Santos are competing for the winning awards, under the categories of the BEST CoN ARTIST, and the BIGGEST LIAR of all Time.
      Presenter: and the winner of the awards goes to…it’s a tie! They’ve both won the awards for the BIGGEST LIARS, and the BEST CoN ARTISTS of all Time !!!
      Congratulations CRIMINALS !

    1. No,That was Biden eons ago after a brief stint during an incanation as Luke ‘Biden’walker. He said so.

    2. I didn’t know republicans allowed LGBTQ people like George Santos in their party because i thought republicans were conservative. Gop donor Peter Thiel is also a LGBTQ person like maga Ricky Rebel

    1. If an ex calls this guy a lying “psycho,” BELIEVE the ex. Cannot believe these Republicans! THIS pathological liar and conman represents their party and they are obviously OK with that. Says a lot about the Republicans and how there’s no bottom to how low they’ll go!

    2. Lots of people have exes like that.. hopefully it’s a learning experience and the mistake is not repeated. People who are out of their minds are often wearing a mask to hide it

  4. Many in Brazil blame George Santos for their failure in the Qatar World Cup. If you ask me, he was the player of the tournament and the only one holding the team together. What a player!!!

  5. I know someone like this. We throw out the term “compulsive liar” but to actually interact with someone who lies in every interaction you have is so odd. You walk away always wondering if the smallest most insignificant detail was made up.

    1. So true! We also knew somebody that told lies like this. Sometimes part of it was actually true. At the end we had to cut ties with this person.

  6. Thank you, Pedro Vilarva. You’re helping a lot of people. You seem like a quiet person, and it may have taken a lot of courage to tell people . Thank you.

    1. @Mr. Feeny Are you humiliating me or yourself? Don’t you understand my comments? Which comment makes you think I love that lair?

    2. @Mr. Feeny Are you one of that liar’s followers? It seems so, otherwise you wouldn’t think everyone loves that darn lair!! How dare you! I’m not insane as you are!!!!!

  7. I also dated someone who was equally mentally ill . it’s a condition . they get caught up in it and it takes hold completely . it’s like turrets syndrome . to get away with it they gaslight you constantly . It’s unhealthy being around anyone with this kind of disorder

    1. Narcissism is a _personality disorder,_ it’s not a mental illness as such. And I think you mean Tourette’s? Turrets are the things on top of castles! 🏰 😂

    2. It’s a choice not a disorder. I believe it can have adverse effects on your mental health, however a lie in itself is a decision.

    3. @Vatican Cameos Now that you’ve shown everyone how intelligent you are and how superior you are to the person who commented, why don’t you crawl back into your own narcissistic basement.

    1. Comedy ? is the whole world a stage to you ?
      The only reason anyone would find this funny is if they are mentally ill / serve the con / are a follower of Satan.

  8. Pedro, you seem like a very genuine, kind man. Take care of yourself. I’m glad you had the strength to stand up for yourself and get out of that relationship. I hope you are well. ✌️🙏

  9. Pedro seems like such a sweet honorable man. I hope he has found happiness with someone who appreciates him.

    1. @trashtvinternational George Santos was the one who married a female friend named Uadla Vieira in order for her to obtain legal residency in the US. It was a sham marriage.

  10. Damn. I dated a girl exactly like this. It’s been almost 7 years since I finally got her out of my life, but the emotional trauma has been so immense and something I’m still working on getting through til this day.

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