1. Trump’s rhetoric at this event will be remembered for a long long time…..remember that he watched and enjoyed it all while being at a party with his Family!!

    1. @Jeff Libby I can agree to disagree with you; that is the beauty of our country when it works properly. I am very old school and quite conservative but also understand that the world changes and we either change with it or get passed by and the world changes anyway. As a leopard, it may be too late for me to change my spots, but I can recognize that my spots need change. I think that is the difference. Just look at history. I wish you a good evening and thank you for the dialog.

  2. “My political ideal is democracy. Let every person be respected as an individual and no person be idolized.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1930

    1. @William Springer , What sad dark part of the world are you trolling from, my sad simple friend?

      My condolences to your mother, poor woman.

  3. The leaked recording of Bannon that just came out a little bit ago should be a huge nail in the coffin.
    If you haven’t heard it yet, find it, it’s shocking.

    1. @Mike V O we have the highest inflation ever recorded, high gas prices, high energy prices, and not 1 hearing about getting these things down. Tell me how the democrats are helping the American people again?

    2. @David C Whataboutism. Weak.
      Inflation is currently a global issue. Gas prices are coming down. Did you study macroeconomics at Trump University?

    3. @David C ExxonMobil, Tyson foods, Kroger Supermarkets have all recorded record profits.
      Run along now….. Tucker’s on !

    4. @Easternsun Eastern sun why not ask anyone that works at the post office? Oh yeah they aren’t allowed to speak about what goes on but Dejoy sucks, knew it when he got the position what his intentions were

  4. The Jan 6th committee’s job isn’t to “tie things together.” They’re making a case for creating new safeguards against another Trump. They’re doing an *excellent* job in making that case.

  5. It’s clear! It’s clear! It’s clear! It’s been clear to most Americans for a long long time. Quit mincing words. Get real. So frustrating to just see the round and round go on and on.

  6. Those guys are not sorry they are just trying to get a light sentence. This is so typical of people looking at jail time.

  7. I’m tired of the watergate reference, Trumps behavior is so much more extreme and detrimental to our democracy.

    1. Watergate was a night time toilet paper rolling of a front yard compared to this unprecedented insidious sedition.

    2. @kay armstrong kay, heard a couple years ago that Nixon told a young Trump that he should run for President one day. Even more believable now than when I heard it.

  8. There is a long and growing list of FORMER Trump lawyers, aides, and advisers. That tells me a lot.

    1. @Studebaker Hoch
      I will answer your question when you can answer mine.

      Can you define a woman?


    2. And for people who say they’re all lying about him, people should ask them, then why are so many of his former staff speaking out against him and very few people in his cabinet defending his actions?

    3. It tells you they have been desperate to nail him for something…anything for a very long time. The fact they have not yet done and will not do damn thing ought to tell you even more.

  9. Trump is one hell of a guy. His friends, allies, employees or supporters, they are all turning on him. What a miserable human being to be so villanized by those who once carried his water.

    1. @jabbermocky
      You lost your soul to the demon without even a challenge…
      Tell us about that, sunshine

  10. Don’t forget, “Proud boys, stand back and stand by”. Then, “be there on Jan. 6, will be wild”. That’s the only link that prosecutors really need to indict Donald Trump.

    1. @Easternsun Eastern sun Lol! The DOJ has no case against him?! Are you for real? And seriously, I ask again, please tell us what you think there’s no evidence of?

    2. @Larry K No they do not have that ability, if this were any kind of legal proceeding they would be subject to cross examination and evidentiary standards. Nothing that they are doing would pass muster. Any cross examination would tear them apart, and they want to keep talking as long as possible without facing cross examination. CNN is doing it’s part by continuing to not questioning anything of these proceedings. This is why this story which is a major news organization analyzing serious charges against a former president of the United state and it has less than 2500 views. It is not new, it is not even hackwork. It is the pathetic dying gasp of a once proud news agency. How does it feel to be less trusted than Fox News?

  11. All these millionaires do the same thing to bypass what all the rest of us have to. They bully and threaten and use the already angry people as weapons for thier personal gain. They spew a few words then sit back and watch them fight for them.

    1. @jabbermocky using people as weapons, a business. Americans should be stronger together than ever at this time but instead there is a huge divide and mistrust when it should be directed at Russia and China

    2. @jabbermocky one side is always given a few more crumbs from the ruling class table to keep the division going.

  12. Donald Trump is an abhorrent monster. Justice is past due, and accountability must be publicly acknowledged. Events such as this nightmare is quickly learned from and repeated again and again, unless the people hold these individuals responsible. They committed a horrific crime against freedom, the people, the U.S. Constitution, and all that it stands for. Too shirk from duty at this point and time is helping to pave the way for the future destruction of this nation.

  13. from what i understand, every one that has testified on the televised hearings has testified in a closed door hearing first.

    1. @Easternsun Eastern sun Poor misguided soul. The Secret Service will not let them testify under oath. A different opinion, (truthful opinion?) they are asking questions under oath, after you’ve answered truthfully, you may have an opinion but it really needs to line up with under oath testimony, not conflict with it.

    2. @Delores Matt so you are saying that the same agency that investigates people UNDER OATH can not be trusted to be investigated under oath? Ludicrous.

  14. @8:30 “…we don’t…we don’t…we don’t know who’s sending these…” threats.
    Bullshit, he just can’t help himself.
    Cheney said directly and clearly that Dolt 45 contacted an upcoming witness.

  15. I think most of us are just tired of watching the news and nothing is being done about it. LOCK TRUMP UP FOR GOD’s SAKE!!

    1. Trump needs to spend the rest of his days in jail. Something tells me though nothing will happen. We keep hearing all of these illegal actions, we SEE with our own eyes illegal actions for years now yet nothing is ever done.

  16. The event had three different names, all including the word “march” e.g. “March to Save America”. The Capitol was the obvious destination.
    People did not travel from all over the country just to passively hear speeches. “Save” is a verb.

  17. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he must be indicted

    1. I think you should go back to the original.

      He invited
      He incited
      Now he must
      Be indicted.

      It rhymes, it rolls off the tongue and it just sounds better. ✌🏼👍🏼

  18. They haven’t put everyone out there live 😂😂 that was just a big lie. They have kept the same process for everyone. They testify behind closed doors first then they put them in front of cameras. Most the witness have testified numerous times behind closed doors before they got in front of the cameras. They just let that guy say that without challenge SMH

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