Ex-CIA head reacts to audio purporting Russian troops feeling abandoned

Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.) reacts to purported intercepted communication between Russian soldiers expressing their frustration towards their commanders. #CNN #News


    1. @Алексей Румянцев Z Zzzzzzz. Putin’s asleep at the wheel while Russia drives off the cliff and into the abyss.

  1. It is amazing how the US, EU, UK, Japan, Korea and others (even Switzerland) have come together to fight this evil. Our prayers are with Ukraine.

    1. @x chen It is an entire world united against russian evil aggression and you are in the fight, too.
      I salute you and salute Taiwan.

  2. As a Marine veteran, this is unimaginable. But if you’re a Russian soldier, it probably makes perfect sense.
    Glory to Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. @echt114 “we [tv viewers] have seen” LOL, very LOL.
      I read Russian and Ukrainian channels in social network “T” (zero censorship) and I think that I see only 10% of the real war.

    2. @Николай Кузнецов Very LOL at your obvious resentment toward facts that you don’t like. An invasion that was supposed to result in a conquest of Ukraine rather quickly has been bogged down with embarrassing failures and little progress ever since it started. Massive troop losses, ships sunk, generals killed. Yes, that’s incompetence and yes, most of the world has watched it happen.

  3. Ukraine is coming off of massive victories and is being aided directly and indirectly by near half the world. If one is still underestimating the talent and resolve of the Ukrainian people, they haven’t been paying attention. Basically Ukraine does not have to win. It just has to not lose. Stay Strong Ukraine from the US. 💪🇺🇸♥️🇺🇦☮️💙💛

  4. It’s sad that all of this misery and death was created only to satisfy the ego of a tiny angry old man. It’s all just really sad.

  5. The Englishman (Neil Melvin) “There is a breakdown in discipline with the Russian troops.” There can’t be a breakdown of something that was never there…..

    1. @Lord Of Chaos Inc. Silly man! That was last weeks dinner. I think cat is on the menu at this point. Are there many snakes in that part of Ukraine? I hear they taste like chicken.

    2. Thats your opinion , how do you know if it was never there, The Englishman as you called him and then gave us his name has a right to his opinion, so go and get a life.

  6. If these troops are being abandoned, forcibly drafted to fight, and kept in the dark, is it really any surprise that a good amount of them are either bad fighters or surrendering?

    1. Running out of vodka don’t forget 200000 soldiers 13 generals and many officers have loved one to account to☠️👺💀👹👽💰💰😎🇺🇦🇺🇦😎😎

  7. The Nordic countries reaction to them threatening Finland was one sentence “We don’t care what Russia thinks”
    And reminded them what happened last time they tried taking on Finland!

    That was the response!

    1. Wasn’t that how the biathlon was created?
      Ski, ski, ski….drop to the ground…five accurate rifle shots….
      Finland usually scores high in the biathlon….

    2. Having explored all the Nordic countries I’d honestly say Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland would remain united and defend each other to a Russian attack.

  8. I remember Soviet soldiers from my childhood in the GDR. The younger ones had to endure the most hardship. Days without food or hardly anything to drink. It was forbidden to the locals to give them anything. They did that anyway, in secret, especially to those who had to stand in the sun for hours directing the throngs of tanks coming down or while waiting for them to come back from maneuvers. Looting shops, farms or the local supermarket, they had to do that as well, and their superiors were literally ruthless when they found out about that. When asked, they told that these recruits would be subject to harsh punishment, the possibility of execution included. Imagine stealing a chicken because of hunger and getting shot for that. These were soldiers from all part of the Russian-dominated Soviet Union, though, but it doesn’t surprise me that this tradition of undersupplying foot troops while showering the higher ranks with luxuries lives on.

    1. @Jacova Wernett Denmark here 🇩🇰 yes it’s true. I’m so sorry you lost your family member ❤️ I once went to DDR and afterwards I understood why so many people wanted too flee from there. I went to Check Point Charlie museum that was very interesting.

    2. @grop66 after 1941-45, all these “GDR” and their allies Romania, Czech and etc should keep their mouths shut for another 1000 years about Russians, Russian soldiers…in my personal opinion…

  9. Putin launched his “new” ballistic missile and his “new” hypersonic missile, of which he had exactly ONE operational. Like he showed off his “new” Armata tank, Of which exactly none have shown up on the battlefield, because he simply can’t afford to build these things in any numbers. In any actual ballistic exchange he will be relying, as he is in Ukraine, on aging Soviet era equipment or early federation re-hashes of Soviet equipment that he can not count on having been maintained, nor even his troops trained to properly operate. I think the only real chances of him using a ballistic missile is when he feels he won’t survive regardless of what he does. As long as he feels he can weather the storm and remain on top, he won’t do the one thing he Knows will Absolutely result in Putin, himself, being killed. I honestly wonder if he realizes the likelihood of his giving such an order and his generals immediately killing him on the spot, rather than carry out an order that will get the Russian people annihilated.
    he has to tread a line where he appears strong and survivable to the people immediately around him so that they remain in fear of his reaction to any attempt to oust him.
    But I think the only way to get Putin to change his stripes is for Ukraine to refuse to cease hostilities until every Russian soldier is out of Ukraine, INCLUDING Crimea. Putin has to end up with LESS than he had before his invasion, or he will simply try again.

    1. He doesn’t need to try again, because Russia is never again going to give back territory to Ukraine, especially Crimea, you are delusional.

    2. @Don and Anna And Putin 3 and Putin 4, because guess what Don and Ana, this ain’t about Putin, it’s about Russia, and RUSSIANS will never allow Ukraine free range to do whatever it pleases especially if Ukraine wants to enter an alliance like NATO which Russians feel is a threat to their national security.

  10. “The world is in greater peril from those tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” Dr. Albert Einstein

    1. I guess if fighting in Ukraine is not a viable or practical option… we’ll have to stick with Bot and Troll identification! Eh Brian?

    2. @Brian Lam no man, hanging Ukrainian flags everywhere and whining on social media is definitely not just useless virtue-signalling. If enough people repeat whatever corporate media is currently lying about, the world is sure to change, for better or worse.

  11. I saw interviews with pows that said the same thing. In two interviews the soldiers said they didn’t even know they were going into Ukraine until they were already inside. In one situation a battalion commander found a warehouse with home electronics.. He had his troops pack them into a truck.. And then he and a few other officers just disappeared with it and never returned. This was the leader of over 1000 men that originally held the airport at Kiev. In all cases, nobody has maps or battle objectives except the battalion commanders who ride at the front of the convoy and get killed first

  12. Just being in the Russian military is brutal for the young recruits. The hazing is relentless and sometimes fatal, it’s one reason why the Russian military has such a hard time retaining personnel.

    1. @Jonas Whitt in short, you are mistaken in believing that in the Russian army a soldier can afford atrocities and go unpunished. Stereotypes

    2. @TheDrAstrov is that why the soldiers in Bucha ewhere they committed war crimes and mass executions, allAll got medals.

    1. @Douglas Brady l was in the Navy.
      Best food l had in my life. And l was a SK3 (Storekeeper 3rd Class). I had the keys to the kitchen! I would make a midnight snack after leaving the NCO club. 🤗

    2. You obviously never been deployed overseas, much less in a combat zone. Otherwise, your opinion would differ.

    3. I spent 20 years in the U.S. Army. From 1980 to 1982 I was attached to the 193d Infantry Brigade as a 97B. I had pay guard and we flew a helicopter to the Atlantic in order to pay soldiers. No matter where they were, they got paid. When in the middle of the jungle myself, we had plenty of food and water. The rest of the f my 20 years I never went hungry. I may have been a bit hot or cold and sleep deprived, but nothing like we are seeing. The Russian Army is all show and no go. Putin and his buddies got rich by stealing so much from their military budget. I feel sorry for those who had no idea what they were getting into. The other soldiers committing war crimes will answer for their sins, hopefully soon!

  13. Russian officers strike me as men who are fully aware of their privileges, but indifferent to their obligations.

    1. The Russian officers have not changed since the days of the Czars with regards to privileged lives

  14. “They” are increasingly getting angry that they totally miscalculated the power balance and Ukraine doesn’t simply fold. It’s ridiculous. They are killing thousands of civilians, also babies, and have the nerve to get angry because they are facing some actual resistance. In light of such circumstances, I totally love their impotence.
    That missile is a sign of weakness. “They” feel weak. Like showing a hammer when you repeatedly failed to hit a nail.

    1. The longer it get strung out the worse their moral gets. Sad desperation is causing them to fight for food.

  15. It’s so heart-breaking to see the plight of the Ukraine’s brave soldiers taking their last stand in Mariupol. They are the heroes and determined to fight till to their last drop of blood. Like the heroic people of Ukraine, the people of Burma are also taking their last stand to stamp out the military dictators from the land, once and for all. The National Unity Government (NUG) which is formed by the elected members of the parliament by the people in 2020 general election, which resides in the liberated areas, has declared to begin an “offensive war” from now on against the military regime, from the previous defensive positions. Loads of junta forces’ wives and children are now fleeing the city of Yangon, to the military stronghold city of Naypidaw in droves, in fear of attacks from the guerrilla forces. On 19 April 33 junta’s soldiers were killed and 42 wounded in a 15 days battle with the KNU. In other news, 5 police and 50 soldiers were killed by mines and attacks near Hteelin (ထီးလင်း) by the People’s Defence Forces – PDF (Democratic Voices of Burma DVB in Burmese 19 Apr 2022). For revenge, soldiers burned villages along the way. Students, who were protesting peacefully on the streets before, are now becoming PDFs and have trained systematically to fight back the military regime. At the beginning, they started with catapults and hunting rifles, but they now have some automatic weapons bought by donations from the people through black markets. They will not stop until they get the victory. They have trained well and are now gaining momentum (BBC in English 22 Apr 2022 “Myanmar – Young rebels fighting for democracy” & 01 Feb 2022 “The deadly battles that tipped Myanmar into civil war”). Fight on heroes of Ukraine till you defeat the Russian invaders! We will also fight on till we get our freedom and democracy! May the hero President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the cruel Russian invaders!

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