US to send classified drones to help Ukrainians fight Russia

The additional $800 million aid package for Ukraine announced by President Biden will include a new drone system designed by the US Air Force called the "Phoenix Ghost." CNN's Barbara Starr reports. #CNN #News


  1. Intelligence is the most deadly weapon in war. Intelligence turned the tide at Midway. Intelligence turned the tide at Kursk.


    2. @Astro Gremlin that’s why it is easier to about what is public on the internet like making reverse osmosis for water or ipv6. Stuff is public

  2. Congratulations from a German: you Americans are doing such a professional job… very cool and unfussy, but extremely effective… the Russians need to wrap up warm


  3. The Ukrainian Army from 2014 can not be compared to the one today.
    Since 2014 they invested a lot into their military capabilities, but they also received aid and land lease from the west as well as joined drills and exercises. They prepared themselves as good as they could for the incoming invasion, but western intelligence is also a great boost to ukrainian defensive and offensive capabilities. The US recoon satelites helped Ukraine to spot a dozens of motorized and armed convoys, which they then blew into pieces with their old but still very reliable artillery.

  4. The Ukrainian craftsmen made aeromodels, from hard styrofoam, the glider, With camera, observation, flight. With electric motor, so you can not hear where it flies, You can put photovoltaic synthetic panels to charge the batteries 2 batteries one to fly the model and the second to charge from the sun, it can fly for hours at high altitude In its belly airplane synthetic bombs pounds, Wings opening 3 meters, it can fly very high in height, give images, and positions of the Russians, drop the bomb, and turn the pilot soldier pilot. the cost of spare parts is very low.

    1. @David Andrews I might suggest : Hughes Research Labs , Malibu ,Calif. The website offers an overview of HRL’s Nemesis system. Range-tested recently off the coast of SoCal, autonomous UAV swarms that can data link – tactical artificial intelligence (AI).

  5. Dear USA thank you so much for your help! We try our best to defend against this agression and to protect our freedom and our so young democracy. God bless you for your help!

    1. @James Street There are 8-10 flights / day! going into Poland by the US, have no fear sire all the help they need is on the way!
      Most folks don’t know what the custom made drones are packing, the orcs are in for a serious wallop.
      These untis will allow the UA to respond over all their territory, ,, think Putin’s plan to re-attack in the Kiev area when the UA starts to push back in Donbass. They will dispatch a drone or 2 to help the national Guard troops in that region.
      Thanks for posting !


  6. We r rooted for Ukraine’s victory so that they will live in their glorious n victorious independence forever n more. Slava Ukrainians in their Stronger Nation !

  7. Oh, love this! This is the kind of thing we need. The public only needs hints or maybe even nothing. Just do it, so they can win.
    Great job, politicians, engineers, leadership, logistics, and anyone else involved!

  8. US surprises us with this new drones. More and better can be made to impact every vehicle in motion is vital in Ukraine war…

    1. @kukul roukul I just hope we get confirmation that Ukraine has even received the Switchblades and that they are actually working. As I haven’t heard anything from the Ukrainian side about it since the US announced it. Same for the one the UK sent which is our own variant of the drone.

    2. We need to make sure the info about it doesn’t leak out until it is too late for the Russians to respond, but I really wanna know what it is like. Sounds like it’ll help to have a biiig impact on the battlefield with a name like that.

  9. Brilliant. And we know that their policy is always to report on arms supplies AFTER they are in operation in Ukraine. 💙💛

    1. I bet, if you were ever in charge of something important on this Planet, that you would do it very differntly.
      But you’re not.

  10. This really is a game changer, 1st class intel is the key to knowing when and where to strike, inflicting heavy damage on the enemy; and when and why to avoid a battle in the 1st place.

    1. @Gerrick Lovenstein The point is not that they know about it, it’s that they they can’t match the US and the West period, look at the devastation the Turkish TB2 has caused on their tanks.

  11. “A new drone package developed specifically for Ukraines needs”

    Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks that US military development is slow, they went from being unaware that anything new was needed, to delivering a new weapons system specifically designed to kill one enemy in one place in less time than it’s taken the “5th largest army in the world” to take 1/20th of a nation smaller than Texas.

    They definitely weren’t slow… previously unmotivated? Perhaps. Slow? Definitely not.

    1. Well, to be honest it reeeally is slow. It’s just that sometimes it needs a good old kick up the backside to wake itself up and realise what it is all about and what it can do when it has a real cause to fight. Here, this is that wakeup call.

    2. @a5cent Yeah it’s more than likely that the design was already in development and they just made a few changes to make it even more compatible with the current area of fighting the the enemy it’ll be facing and then got straight to production. We mighty find out in a few months or years to coming hopefully. But for now, we need to be as quiet about this as possible.

    3. @give me a break That would be interesting, but we will just have to wait and see for now. Need to make sure the Russians can’t find out about it precisely until it’s too late.

    4. @John Boon Yeah that makes me think again and again that we really need to have more auto-destruct functions on our tech in case it goes down somewhere. Same really for tanks and jets for the sensitive stuff. If so then it would been easier for the US it seems to trust the Ukrainian and volunteer forces with them.

  12. As ukrainian i can’t say anything except my words of gratitude to all our allies and, i’m not afraid this word, true friends! Thank you very much for all people in the world who helping us in our fight for survival…

    1. @Jesse Fisher I hope Germany is not a rival power to anyone again much less the Ukraine! Let’s go defensive alliance!

  13. I have been opposed to most of my country’s (USA) military activities in my lifetime (68 years). But this is an exception. I wish your country success.

  14. The Drones should be kept classified, and all the tools that are involved should be classified. Better that way

  15. General Hertling is really a great communicator, he explains what’s needed in the ground + the weapons advantage so we’ll

    Keep the support coming, Putin must be stopped


  16. Switchblade 600 has an equivalent to a javeline warhead so it’s capable of destroying tanks

  17. It’s the world’s greatest Honor to bring help for such a cause, to the Bravest People, with love to Ukraine

  18. It’s so heart-breaking to see the plight of the Ukraine’s brave soldiers taking their last stand in Mariupol. They are the heroes and determined to fight till to their last drop of blood. Like the heroic people of Ukraine, the people of Burma are also taking their last stand to stamp out the military dictators from the land, once and for all. The National Unity Government (NUG) which is formed by the elected members of the parliament by the people in 2020 general election, which resides in the liberated areas, has declared to begin an “offensive war” from now on against the military regime, from the previous defensive positions. Loads of junta forces’ wives and children are now fleeing the city of Yangon, to the military stronghold city of Naypidaw in droves, in fear of attacks from the guerrilla forces. On 19 April 33 junta’s soldiers were killed and 42 wounded in a 15 days battle with the KNU. In other news, 5 police and 50 soldiers were killed by mines and attacks near Hteelin (ထီးလင်း) by the People’s Defence Forces – PDF (Democratic Voices of Burma DVB in Burmese 19 Apr 2022). For revenge, soldiers burned villages along the way. Students, who were protesting peacefully on the streets before, are now becoming PDFs and have trained systematically to fight back the military regime. At the beginning, they started with catapults and hunting rifles, but they now have some automatic weapons bought by donations from the people through black markets. They will not stop until they get the victory. They have trained well and are now gaining momentum (BBC in English 22 Apr 2022 “Myanmar – Young rebels fighting for democracy” & 01 Feb 2022 “The deadly battles that tipped Myanmar into civil war”). Fight on heroes of Ukraine till you defeat the Russian invaders! We will also fight on till we get our freedom and democracy! May the hero President Zelenskyy and the heroic people of Ukraine defeat the cruel Russian invaders!

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