1. “The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.”

    1. @TheBigStink I’m sorry you don’t understand the problems that “globalism” or “global economies” present. Your answer to the problems was ironically in your reply to Ryan.
      Not very sophisticated…

  2. Just too bad that the ones speaking out and standing up to the cult almost all are ex/retiring folks! But a clear sign even the rats are abandoning the naked orange clown! Good sign and kudos to Riggleman,Cheney,Kinzinger and a select few other real republicans!

  3. Prominent Republicans (not the MAGA folks) need to go down to Wyoming, distinguish themselves from the extreme lying faction of the right wing and campaign for Liz Cheney. Let’s see how much conservatism and decency are still left in the Wyoming Republicans.

    1. @M Hall Liz Cheney is not a “rino”, she is a true republican, although a very conservative one. At least she believes in the Constitution and the rule of law and is honest, that is a lot more that can be said for the rest of the pseudo-republican party.

  4. i hope the committee has investigated and will present evidence as to the origins of the full scale, functional gallows outside on the lawn while inside they were hunting for the veep while yelling “hang mike pence”. a woodworker looking at that construction can see that it was not spontaneously thrown together and not built for symbolism.

    the wood, the cuts, the fasteners, the tools, and the skill that would have been required indicate that it was pre-constructed and moved onsite. getting that very heavy, large construction onto the lawn would not have been stealthy, would not have been done without law enforcement seeing it and allowing it. the builders and movers would not have spent the time and money and effort on this project unless they had assurances that it would be a welcome and useful part of the plans that day.

    this construction is a key to understanding that none of 1.6 was spontaneous, that it was well-planned, and that team trump intended to overthrow the vice president of the united states by any means possible in order to get him out of the way of installing trump as dictator.

    1. Well done Nonya! It’s funny that not a word has been mentioned about this hangin’ tree and how it got there, you make some very good points!

    2. It would take forethought yo even have the materials that they used, that’s not stuff you’d find on the side of the road or just laying around! They knew what was happening, they Invited them in to have a “wild” time!

  5. This gentleman is a great communicator, no wonder he was successful in the military. Good at explaining complex topics in a digestible, concise manner.

    1. @B Bodziak I did. I read it. Nothing impressive.
      I’m talking about right here, right now. Military wasn’t even mentioned. Period

  6. We the people, no matter what side of the aisle we sit on, NEEDS to know the entire truth about what happened that day from beginning to end. In order to prevent this from happening again, we must look at this as not just a failure from people putting out false narratives(Faux News, OAN, Hannity, etc) but the fact that we need to address economic, financial, food/housing/medical care insecurity.

    1. @Ed We all saw an Attempted COUP. People we’re injured and killed a riot does not come close. I cannot support a talk show host Conman that praises Pootin, “He is a genius.” He is not and you need educate yourself.

  7. As a Registered Republican Voter never again speak to me about Republican Values, Family, Law or Parenting as well as supporting any Republican Candidate again as they only care about themselves and their own political views, opinions and careers and anyone to whom they can sell their loyalty to to protect themselves. Republicans have failed to protect and defend those who have elected them into Office.

    1. @News Troll It’s a mock troll account. That other Reality is still around somewhere lurking with their misinformation.

  8. Truth and facts backed by evidence means nothing to the disgraced former guy and what’s left of GOP.

  9. Respect to any Republicans , or any former Republicans who are standing for this country and not with a lawless bunch of Authoritarian wannabes. MAKE AMERICA OBEY LAWS AGAIN

    1. Yes, agree with you. If America obeyed laws again, as you say, those five people who died on Jan 6, 2021 would still be alive today! Also, the severe physical injuries the 150 officers suffered through that day would never have happened. Trump never expressed one word of remorse for any of that!

  10. My mom was a lifetime Republican, but once the GOP started their war on abortion and reproduction rights, she had enough, and switched her party affiliation to Democratic. She was a loud advocate for women’s autonomy and their rights to choose.

    1. @Starlord if ratings are your thing I’d think you would take the high road. It is not about dissing— whatever.

    2. @Kate M. I must have defined the term “woman” correctly that’s good. Actually approval ratings show the overall score the current administration and that is not too good. I am not “dissing”, just adding some reality.

    3. @Carl Thor ignore him, he just wants some attention. He knows his idol, orange man baby, could care less about him.

  11. Denver Riggleman is a very brave man to go against the MAGA/GOP machine! I thank all of the current and former GOP members for choosing truth to power!

  12. Let’s hope enough conservatives throughout the country realize how far gone the party that once may have represented their values actually is…

  13. It’s time for them to face the consequences and take responsibility for wanting to destroy the soul of America, democracy. There will be no democracy until they are held accountable. It is about our future.

    1. You’re right. That’s why people like Jordan, Greene, McCarthy, Boebert, and more should never be allowed to run again on any ballot.

  14. *Tapper: ‘Why are you no longer a Republican?”*
    *Rep. Riggleman: “Because they’re insane”* – End of interview 🎤

    1. My father is Dr. Richard T Quick MD, the criminally insane psychiatrist. He is also a die-hard Trump supporter. He is online because of this.

  15. There are plenty of “former republican officials” that have been speaking out for a few years now, but just like Bill Barr and many others, many have stated they still wont vote against Trump if he’s the Republican nominee in 2024. Show us you are country over party by your actions not your words

  16. “The party has moved away from conservative principles to a cult of personality…” This happened in the 80’s under Reagan. Dude is awfully late to waking to the facts, and still has no clue exactly what happened and how it happened.

    1. My father is Dr. Richard T Quick MD, the criminally insane psychiatrist. He is also a die-hard Trump supporter. He is online because of this.

  17. This man while in office saw enough bad things to change his mind about being a republican. That’s pretty scary.

  18. He “woke” up? Since when is being awake with your eyes open a bad thing? How are Republicans able to make that sound like something undesirable? Wear it as a badge of honor. Beats stumbling around in the dark asleep!

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