1. My fear is that people will say, “So what? Our side is right and the end justifies the means”. I think people don’t believe in democracy, only what they want.

  2. I’m sure the average German didn’t care about the Beer Hall Putsch until it was too late either.

  3. The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.


  5. Ok, 20 seconds in, Raskin is talking about “reasonable minded people” understanding this. I appreciate his and the other representatives’ hard work, but he’s crazy if he thinks reason matters anymore in this country.

    1. @Mama cita – Agree. I just posted a similar statement before reading I began the comments. My neighbor thinks my local Walmart is advertising for help because too many people are living off of their stimulus checks. I said, “Have you ever thought that it’s because unemployment is so low or that they found jobs that pay better wages?

  6. Meadows and Scavino are either cooperating, or they are being investigated for great legal exposure.

    1. Probably.
      I have no idea why people keep bringing up “executive privilege” when referring to Meadows…. he’s isn’t part of the goddam executive!
      How hard can be to understand that?

    2. I don’t think Scavino has given a thing, Meadows cooperated for awhile and did turn over thousands of emails that HAVE been very useful. With Meadows being Chief Of Staff and Scavino was Chief Of Staff for communications and could, in some instances legitimately declare executive privilege. I think the president actually has to be the one to do that so it’s a bit convoluted. Anyway, lawyers would be all over the place so testimony would probably be stalled by suites being filed. That’s the only thing I can figure and in Meadows’ case, the fact he did, cooperate in some form.

  7. Lock him up!! can’t believe that anyone could like, support vote or go to one of his rally’s after what he did….

    1. They believe him. They look around and see their crowd and think “Yeah, look at us, we rule. He’s our guy”. We wuz robbed.

  8. We aren’t talking about it, but we are waiting patiently to see the twice impeached president in shackles.

  9. Don’t you think people aren’t talking about it because we all are waiting for some kind of legal accountability???????? Be sure many people feel like evil doers are winning and we all are looking for people-republicans like Liz Chaney- who were elected into office to do their jobs and uphold the constitution.

    1. You are absolutely right – and well said -these people need to be punished and harshly – otherwise this is pointless and honestly they are going to do it or worse it is only a matter of when – they really are not even trying to hide it anymore . I know myself – I am horrified but if they are not holding people accountable – what is the point . a government not worth standing up for is not worth standing

    2. @Mountain Lightning 007 I stopped voting republican when Donnie was elected. I “knew” him and I was appalled with the support he got. People had no idea and they just like the fact he crapped on everyone and thought his antics were cute. Here we are. There is no perfection but I will never go back even as I am supporting Adam Kinzinger’s Country 1st and Liz Cheney. Yes I know who her father is and he is going to have a lot of explaining to do at those “pearly gates” but desperate times call for desperate measures. I don’t agree with the policies of either Adam or Liz but they respect the country, respect the rule of law, respect the Constitution and are willing to risk their careers, friends, and in Adam’s case, his family (who disowned him). So, yes I will do what I can to support them. The government needs to be purged of Trump minions, THAT is a hard slog.

    3. Your right but there’s too many people who still believe the lies. And won’t watch or believe.

  10. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
    — George Carlin

  11. The plan to not indict Meadows and Scavino may be well planned. In not indicting them, the committee may intend that Navarro may become so angry that he’ll talk away like a cornered wild animal. He’ll see it as not being fair and release all sorts of dirt about Meadows and Scavino.

  12. I DO care about these issues and require accountability for those who attempted to overturn the 2020 election and our democracy, plus those jerks that damaged the capital and threatened the lives of officers and lawmakers. I am angry!

  13. I feel bad for all the family and friends that fell into the rabbit hole because of the orange stain.

    1. Several of my family members disown me because my conservative roots no longer are in line w/ theirs. 1 of my nephews could not tell me ONE Trump policy that he agreed w/ or liked, yet he blocked me in everything and refuses to talk to me because I despise Trump and no longer consider myself a Republican. I just don’t get it! Many relationships amongst families, friends and w/in our gov’t have been forever destroyed because of 1 selfish, narcissistic and incompetent sociopath

    2. @T SteinyRN In a strange perverted way… Drumph may have done Americans a favour.
      He took the covers off for all to see.
      At least the symptoms are in plain sight.
      The risk is… will the US survive the fix that is required or will the disease kill the patient?
      As we say here… Kia kaha !

    3. @Jill Salkin But were they “playing with a full deck”?
      I think the focus should be on the education system. Critical thinking, rational thought, empathy…. but what do I know? I’m an external.

  14. Both of my kids think I’m insane to think that Trump and his fellow traitors will EVER be held accountable for trying to destroy democracy! I’m watching every minute of these hearings, and I can only hope that the Committee and the DOJ prove me wrong!🤞🇺🇲

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