Ex-CPC finance critic says the world is ‘losing confidence’ in Canada as Poilievre attacks BoC

CPC MP Ed Fast speaks on stepping down as the party's finance critic after criticizing Pierre Poilievre's plan to fire the Bank of Canada governor if elected prime minister.

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  1. What is the difference when Jean chretien fired the CEO of the bank of Canada when he came to power

    1. Yup totally different. Crow had a full term, it’s no big to change governors at term succession. It’s actually a shocking difference.

  2. If you have a job with such great responsibility such as Tiff Macklem being in charge of the countries financial system, he should be fired because he failed. You get one chance with a position like that. Especially when he repeated what hasn’t worked in the past… on to the next

  3. Lol lol lol. This is so pathetic. Nobody cares if a rich banker gets fired and yes the world is laughing at Canada but they are all laughing at Trudeau . We’ve all seen him get roasted on the world stage.

  4. Poilievre is speaking truth to power in the same way Jodie Wilson Raybould did. We know how the establishment loves hearing the truth.

  5. Who cares if a BoC ceo gets fired. This is some rich guy who makes millions of dollars per year. Time for someone else to take a turn. Every public school textbook says printing money is bad. Trying to forcibly control the economy is bad.

  6. Millions of retirees have their savings eroded and no one bat eyes. One central bankers lack of accountabilities is highlighted and everyone loses their mind.

  7. Printing money has created this mess ! The BOC used to be the gold standard in banking. Since Trudeau, the BOC has become a liability and is leading Canada into a dept crisis. Terrible job !

  8. Freezing accounts without due process has led to mistrust in Canada financial institutions. Your money can be taken at any time for any reason !

  9. Who knew members of my own party were so out of touch, willing to protect the powerful at the expense of the weak. Hopefully he resigns once Pierre is leader.

  10. Pierre has my vote and everyone I’ve spoken to have told me they will also be voting for him. Trudeau needs to go!!

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