Huawei ban ‘about the integrity’ of Canada’s telecom infrastructure

Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne explains the government's decision to ban Huawei and ZTE from the nation's 5G infrastructure.

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  1. Got no evidence but the word from 4 times bankrupt real estate developer yet he’a sitting there talking about integrity. Absurdite.

  2. Hahaha.. I said this years ago.. They sponsored Sportnet and Rogers. Both companies need to be looked into over Huawei

  3. Answer the fn question, he can’t and yes it took them so long to come to this decision when our allies did it a long time ago.

  4. Huawei conspired to imprison one of its former employees for 251 days with assistance from the local police by forging evidence. However, the employee had recorded his conversation with the Huawei HR as he knew what kind of company Huawei is. After spending 251 days in prison, the record saved his life. Although he received a small amount of compensation from the government, both Huawei and the police officers escaped from being charged.

  5. All I got was..well our allies are doing it,,soooo. The interviewer looked so confused. And no the viewer does not understand

  6. I had never even heard of Huawei until all the commotion a few years ago. After that, TV and YouTube were _overwhelmed_ with their advertising. Makes ya think…

  7. Thank you Mr. Solomon for attempting to obtain information that should be freely given to support why this this decision was finally made and why it is grotesquely long overdue. We all deserve much better from our ‘so called’ Federal Government. Another endless repeat of word salad and from one of the more respectable messengers for our ‘so called’ Prime Minister.

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