Ex-FBI deputy director: New riot video reminds me of Benghazi 1

Ex-FBI deputy director: New riot video reminds me of Benghazi


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe weighs in on new video from The New Yorker showing rioters inside the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection.
For more on this video please visit the New Yorker here

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      Adam Schiff says he never took a bribe and owns zero Burisma Stock, but all you have to do is look at his public tax statement.
      He owns millions in Ukraine Burisma stock. Franklin, Templeton, Ishares, run by Obama’s Buddy.


      Timeline of Events showing the FBI help rig the election and Lie to America! (Updated 12/20)

      Declassified – Head of FBI knowingly used the fake dossier to frame Trump and Lie to America!
      https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/media/majority-media/johnson-grassley-release-recently-declassified-strzok-messages-about-fbis-midyear-and-crossfire-hurricane-investigations (Updated 12/20)

      Criminal Evidence on Biden’s. Money Laundering, Theft, Bribes, (09/20) Start on page 68

      Released by Homeland Security and the US Senate in late 2020.

    2. My mother is not having any job
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    1. @Samantha Folk : Only a fool watches the News Media’s. WEF and the UN have already announced America will lose its superpower status. Just three days ago Israel declared they are ready to take over as the new superpower based on Noahide laws. The Zionist Bankers run China so be prepared for the second bolshevik revolution Genocide of the Gentiles. Tikkun Olam is coming….Trump V Biden is just a distracting staged show

    1. @George MacMovies LOL oh by triggered you mean us right wingers point out the hypocrisy of the summer love as compared to a single half day “riot”? Guess I’m triggered.

    2. @George MacMovies and no I would stand up for anybody regardless of skin color if the cause was just. You don’t realize that white people to focus on skin color nearly as much is “non-whites“ do. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    3. My mother is not having any job
      “I want to do something for my mother
      “But youtube is not giving me views
      “Da i am worse than others..

    4. @Dennis I “What ever makes you feel better pal.”
      Oh, trust me, I already feel much better now that the do nothing conman who “won” with less votes is on the way out.
      I think you may be the one who needs to feel better, as your delusions get repeatedly crushed by good old Reality. Best of luck regaining your sanity; God knows you’ve swallowed too many lies to count…

  1. I don’t think they realize that the president is only the boss of the executive branch, not all of the government

  2. “We can break into the Capitol building, we can threaten the cops, we can beat them with the flag….. But we can’t sit in their chairs. We gotta be respectful.”

    1. You don’t want to sit in the vice presidents chair but you are ok with hanging the current vice president??? And on charges of what exactly? Not breaking a constitutional law and trying to overthrow a democratic election?? Most are airheads and the rest either dont pay attention or don’t care.

    2. @Calvin Parish How does one become a “member” of antifa? I can’t find it on any social media platform? Is there an initiation to get in? Any secret hand signals?

    1. He took off his hat(s)…it’s considered disrespectful to leave your hat on when you pray. Apparently not disrespectful to storm the Capitol though…

    1. Their belief and confidence that they will get away with breaking the laws they are breaking, inside the Capitol building, is just astounding to watch.

  3. “while we’re here we might as well set up a government” – as idiotic as that is, it implicates the entire mob. From a regular riot to a insurrection. These qnon terrorists tried to overthrow democracy as is evident from that quote.

    1. @C H conspiracy to commit a crime. Hell we watched the damn thing planned the day before by Trump and his cronies on NATIONAL T.V. but I guess to them thats another case of “fake news”.

    2. @Carolyn Moore run by a democratic process. Like voting. And then conceding when you’ve LOST the election.

    3. Q are not terrorists and the CIA has had them under control for a few years now. The MAGA, Q, BLM, Antifa groups that were in the Capitol are Americans. None of these groups may be perfect, but America produced them, and they’re ours to address. Nothing will be solved or changed if we think scapegoating one group will solve anything…another group just takes it’s place. And I think we all know what happened in Germany when ONE group was scapegoated…America is better than that.

  4. This is insane. Like absolutely nuts. The worst part is that half of the country doesn’t see anything wrong with it

    1. @Crystal Newhope As both not being a slave, and having liberty, are not non-essential, then to be consistent, you did vote for the Libertarian candidates! It’s good to make friends!

    2. The difference between a Trump supporter and a biden supporter is the Trump supporter will pull over and help someone with a flat tire regardless of color.

    3. @Carolyn Moore Nonsense. You’ve been TOLD there was evidence, but if you saw any you almost certainly didn’t submit such to court where a judge decided on its merit.

    4. You don’t really think 25,000 troops are in Washington and spread all through out the country for Trump supporters do you? Hint –
      The crying left are going to lose their f.cking minds when they realize what’s really happening.

    1. @UMBRELLA CORP I wasnt making claims that were literally 2x the amount of the first guess with no true correction.

    2. @Alli de he was off by 3k, you were off by 2k. He had the dignity to correct himself, but you didn’t.
      You don’t get to claim foul.

    3. @UMBRELLA CORP also, I do really appreciate your humility and ability to see things in a nuanced way. I love a pal whose ok with being wrong and willing to admit it with a correction. I was slightly confused because thats not either of the amounts I came across when I tried looking. Slightly autistic and not that great of a communicator in person, let alone online. Love your username, btw

    1. Calvin Parish hey snowflake what does it matter to you what gender anyone but you are or aren’t? Triggered much? And I think the people they’re calling racist are racist for the most part like the people at this rally waiving the confederate flag or police committing hate crimes. Whether you see it not but it’s systemic and the longer it gets ignored in the US and say racism isn’t happening the longer it will take for this nation to heal.

    2. @Calvin Parish I live here in America, and yes they try to force feed people all these crazy ideas through the media. I don’t like what’s going on. But do remember there are also many level headed people who are disgusted with what is going on. Its mostly the led that pushes these crazy things… CNN leads the charge in polluting peoples minds

    3. @Peter Gawron Sorry, dont agree. When they show actual video footage of what they talk about – that is not feeding people crazy ideas. It is reality which obviously you cant accept. Just like this footage about these unhinged rioters. Imagine smearing the walls with feces. The utter disrespect of these nut jobs. I wonder how they would react if someone did that to their house.
      They would go ballistic. But it’s ok when they do it. Who raised these despicables? They are nothing but bullies.

  5. They were pretty quick to turn on Teddy Cruz when they stupidly thought “objecting” meant he was no longer on their side lol

  6. I find it ironic how they’re chanting “treason” when there intentions were to sell Nancy’s lap top to the Russians.

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