1. @John B
      Everyone is talking about loopholes here. Every system has some loopholes because they are such complex systems. However, it becomes illegal and a crime if you lie and cheat to take advantage of these loopholes.
      Incidentally, not all documents have been published by a long shot and the time is far too short to be able to expect concrete results now.

    2. @Lak Curious if course it’s is. Then you wouldn’t have any problem at all if they went after people like Pelosi who’s been committing insider trading fraud for how many years/decades now?

  2. I work pretty hard to make sure that my taxes are perfect and that everything is reported on time as the IRS typically strikes fear into the average taxpayer. I have been aware of tax cheats for decades and I’ve read about people getting fined or going to jail. If you are rich, why risk going to jail for just money? I never understood that. We live far below our means as we both grew up in poverty (my wife in 3rd-world poverty). Tax fraud seems to be how Trump made money to support his lavish lifestyle.

    1. @Krissykriss wanting a fraud to see justice isn’t obsessing, although nut cases like you support his actions.

  3. Wishing all of you good people of USA, a New Year of *Happy **_Accountability!_*

    -An hopeful (& slightly optimistic) Norwegian
    Happy New Year to everyone else as well, BTW!

    1. I don’t lie to the IRS and I want people who do to be afraid of the consequences. They are stealing from all of us.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 Well, thankfully the law in both the US and the UK is not ambivalent. It says that tax evasion is illegal. End of discussion.

    3. @Sundae Express I’ll go further and tell you precisely what this chap being interviewed is doing, by way of one simple example. He made reference to the matching of income and expenses and said “so that he doesn’t pay taxes”, or words to that effect, with a little smirk on his face. All devoted CNN viewers will be outraged by these comments, of course, whilst still being completely in the dark in their comprehension.

      What he didn’t tell you is what he was referencing; otherwise he’d have to admit that his statement is complete and utter balderdash. He’s referring to an LLC, held by a trust, which owns a private aircraft. Aircraft and super-yachts are held in corporate structures for liability protection for the ultimate beneficial owner, who would never acquire the asset personally due to associated risks. I’ve never seen one single case where somebody has chosen to acquire an expensive aircraft or yacht personally, and if I did, I’d tell them they’re bonkers. And they don’t make profit, they almost invariably lose money:

      His quip and cheeky little grin suggests that either he is knowingly smearing Trump or he genuinely doesn’t have the vaguest clue how these structures operate.

    4. @Sundae Express Point me directly to the tax evasion, articulate it, and be precise.

      I thought we might have a sensible exchange regarding this segment, but your blind prejudice won’t allow it. It’s been my experience with practically every single person on the left who, when faced with an argument, either hurl insults, do what you did and say “well I’m right, goodbye” (my personal favourite), or disappear completely, having all the conviction of a dog running away from the smell of its own farts. It defines the ideologues of the left.

  4. I owed $546 on taxes. By the time IRS added penalties (3,000), interest (3,000), and misc fees (6,000), I owed over 12,000. Trump needs to pay taxes just like people making low wages does.

    1. @Michael Bindner Thanks for admitting Biden is behind this this scandal, but you recall why he never released his tax returns in the first place?
      First: He was not legally required too. Second: He was Already under Audit. You never release your returns under audit. Every Lawyer will tell you that as his did.

    2. @Michael Bindner I can’t wait for the Republican Congress to use their new powers to Release Biden’s and Hunter’s Taxes and finances about China.

    3. @liberal halfbreeds Since when does aunt momma let you come up and use the confuzer in the middle of the night?

  5. You can feel that it is nonsense. When a busdriver payed 200 less he gets big problems. Trump is paying the prosecutors not to bring it in court. It is that simple

    1. @John B In my opinion, two wrongs don’t make it right, however, a MAGA maggot wouldn’t agree with me.

    2. @D Man DJT has been a media darling for the last 6 years, according to a CBS executive, “DJT isn’t good for America, but he he great for CBS.”. Politics is about building coalitions, and the MAGA maggots coalition consisted of fascistic media reporting, disenchanted non-melanated males along with a sick, twisted and sadistic subliminal messaging campaign. Those bastards almost reversed 200 years of history, dont you think?

    3. @Morris Phillips Why has DJT been the focus of so much I mean he is a business man and America is a business you need a business man not a politician Biden has never worked or built anything I followed Trump since the 90’s and I don’t take it personally like the media I mean Stormy Daniels really

    4. @D Man You know everyone can see the crazy crap you are saying? LOL
      “he stole declassified documents that he released himself” You are one of the best uneducated fools Condon has, you should be uh proud????

    1. Exactly! Why on earth are we paying our own people to go after us and making no differences to the country Vs going after crooks so big that by taking them down countless other lives are positively effected.

    2. @Royale with Cheese No, Fiona’s right – ‘every voter’ is singular, not plural, so it’s _voter’s_ .

    3. After Republicans gradually starving the IRS of funds, they were left with insufficient assets to go after the rich cheaters, with their armies of accountants and lawyers. That is why they began to concentrate on the “small fish”. But, with the resources they were recently granted, by Congress, the IRS can now go after the big boys.

  6. Clinton 2016: “He’s paid nothing in federal taxes.”
    Trump 2016: “That makes me smart.”
    Trump 2020: “I paid millions of dollars in taxes.”

  7. The IRS “botched” the job?
    Exactly who was the president when the IRS started the botching and who was his DOJ head then?

    1. But they wete meant to be independent …But clearly rhey weren’t. The entire irs leadership needs to be Investigated and removed.

  8. I’d bet big bucks that he reports the same expense multiple times, across multiple companies. With 200+ pass through entities reporting millions in expenses you just KNOW they did this.

    1. @Lee Schroth I’ll take you up on that bet, and furthermore I’ll give you odds of 10/1. So, what does a lefty consider to be big bucks? Ten, perhaps?

    1. Also what happened to him donating his salary that wasn’t on the tax return so add that to the lies as well?

    1. You wish,Scooter. Hopefully the Repubs will get to the bottom of the DNC FBI and social media colluding to rig elections!!!! Turns out ,once again, Trump was the good guy and the Demonrats the bad guys!!!!

    2. @D11Dozer You voted to let Putin invade Ukraine,so I’m guessing you and Putin may be bunkmates,right Scooter?

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