1. @Bodhisattva where do they say that feminists take logical arguments and title them into something offensive to fit there narrative

    2. Any dad who works hard to provide for his family, will unfortunately be part time. BECAUSE HES OUT PROVIDING

    1. Nick is businessman, and actor, tv producer, comedian, tv show host, movie producer, and musician. As well as a father to 12 kids and counting. He’s important to a lot of people who are employed by the work he does…. Em just raps and ain’t really no better than scores of other rappers of color who he appropriated his rap style from…

  1. Correction, he didn’t have the kids, the women he slept with did. Says alot about him and these ladies, he just keeps going around and laying with them to create these children he does not spend enough time with.

    1. He gave them their name so I’m pretty sure he can name them. The birthdays may be hard for him to remember since there are 12 children. I’m just wondering is it just 12 including the one deceased or just 12.

  2. Bring back the booze, though Kevin Hart and Anderson’s laugh made the show great tonight anyway. I can’t wait for the Dionne Warwick tribute tomorrow night. She puts Taylor Swift to shame. Dionne, Burt Bacharach and Hal David made music that will live FOREVER! No autotune needed! Happy New Year to all!

  3. Just because you can have lots of kids doesn’t mean you should. With 12 kids you can’t give all of them the love a parent should. Time to shut off the spigot man!!!!

  4. He should build a compound like “Sister Wives”. The kids can just go to all the different houses and all the other mothers. Then he can just pick the woman he wants to be with from the , how many, 10 moms? What do you think?

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