Ex-Fox employee predicts Tucker Carlson’s next move

Former Fox News employee Jonah Goldberg predicts viewers have not seen the last of Tucker Carlson following his split from Fox News. #CNN #News


  1. They fired him because of the $787M settlement yes, but mainly because of his text messages that surfaced

  2. Murdock said it. There’s red, blue and GREEN. Murdock lost a lot of GREEN and is being sued for more GREEN in the BILLION$! It’s all about the money.

    1. @Antonio Pizarro Woke Libs and the Fox news RINOs has destroyed my Fav. Beer Bud Light , my Fav. President Donald Trump, and now my Fav. News anchor Tucker Carlson!! This Is the End of our Country and Freedom !!! Now I hope to God Tucker runs for President!! He can be Trump’s VP we here in MAGA Country can’t wait!!!

    2. It’s not only about money. Murdoch can easily deliver that money. It is about a desperate old man’s feeling on “being on his last mission in life” – and Murdoch chose Tucker as his tool for that mission. Both have an extremist political agenda, and both should disappear as foreign agents in prison for decades.

  3. I like how Shep Smith and Chris Wallace quit on air and called out POX as not a legitimate news network! Brave shot fellows my regards to you both.

    1. “POX”….& a murrain & a plague 😂. i like that; i’ve been going with “FOXFUXFAX” but that’s superb too. 👍🏼👍🏿👍

  4. If you report the news and just present the facts without personal opinion, you have nothing to worry about, that is harder and harder to find..

    1. @Markus S Hey it’s your lie tell it anyway you want to pal. Real Americans know how great we have and appreciate it…

    2. @T. Veres the American public decided that trash tv was better – that’s what happened. If you want it to stop, turn it off.

  5. The advertisers have been fleeing TC and his show. Murdoch is a bottom line corporate guy. If the advertisers told Murdoch they were pulling their ads completely, that would end it for Murdoch and Fox.

    1. @voteforme thanks Well, he’s gone, baby, gone now. So nobody gives a damn what he brought in. He won’t be bringing it anymore.

    1. @Captain AardvarkThen he replaced it with the Sun on Sunday which is basically the same paper with a different name. lol.

    2. All these companies are owned by the same entities.
      So they aren’t really “losing” money, just shuffling it around.
      They fund both sides, so they never lose.

    1. yes- the fact his show is number 1 in numbers by a large sway- and has 90% of his viewers in the 24-54 age range- which brings in the big bucks- Ad agencies pay big – as thats the age range that buy ad products 3-4 times as much as any-other

      The fact Fox stock tanked by approx 1 billion to 750m on Tucker leaving is a reflection of the revenue drop- Tucker wages were $45m a year for that very reason. Tucker now however will if goes alone double that at least- and have the ability the be in charge of what he covers! and Fox will try fill his slot with someone like him to try keep the viewership- SO there will be 2 Tucker like shows instead of 1 now lol

    2. @voteforme thanks I think Tucker is a liability at this point. If I were head of a network that could afford Tucker, we would have to have a serious conversation about parameters, but then again Fox News should have done that in the wake of the 2020 election, and more recently about his January 6th coverage. There is no way the legal staff at the network was okay with the Dominion coverage hitting the airwaves. I’m just a regular person sitting at home, and I would know better.

    3. @Tes7000 Tucker literally trashed Powell on air for her dominion Kraken crap. This is just out of touch.

    4. @voteforme thanks Do you really need two Tuckers? Have you considered being a fan of someone who tells you the truth?

  6. Someone suggested that the insurance company that will pay a big chunk of that lawsuit ..refuses to cover if tucker is still there …so who knows …

    1. @DublinDutchguessing that in all insurance policies they will not pay the Plaintiffs for intentional behavior that is also wrongful. Pretty sure Fox paying the full settlement amount out of their pocket even if their insurance company provided legal counsel to defend them at their cost

  7. “That’s what the audience wants to hear.”

    Well that at least explains why Russian state media liked to pick up his clips.

    1. @Andrew Pinson He said that actually. You just google it and get educated for the first time in your MAGA life.

    2. ​@RockerFella That would be back in 2019 when Ukraine was killing the civilian militias before the actual war, and before the USA committed themselves to a proxy war.

  8. Let’s not forget that McCarthy supplied him with the Jan.6th tapes and he knew exactly what TC was going to say about them.

    1. @Linda Miller LOLl! Those tapes belong to the public honey and TC was the only one requesting access to them. Pluheeze people, learn to investigate on your own instead of watching the MSM!

  9. Had a relative who was a local TV station programmer back in the 80s and 90s. Often people would ask him why there was so much crap on the station he worked at. His reply was ” If the pigs want slop who am I to deny them” the crap shows were watched more, got higher ratings, which brought in advertisers, and made the station money.

    1. Hahaha saying this about the only show in that vein(cable news) that wasn’t a direct propaganda mouthpiece for military imperialism and pharmaceutical companies.

  10. Based on Fox’s recent experience, I think any news organization may think twice before inviting such controversy into their fold. Remember, it is not the viewers, but the advertisers that may or not follow that count.

  11. Their only mistake was to strap dominion to a chair and hold them for ransom. And because of it, they were beheaded.

    Keep in mind that in a games condition where you have players with a cause, (the cause in this case being voter fraud) illusivity is the primary objective in order to get to the actual opponent, unfortunately in this case their opponent wasn’t buying, leaving them holding the ‘bag*’

    SIM analysis:

    Here we have the breakthrough expression given the symbolism in connection with current events along with an underlying common denominator as expressed in headline news

    Further, at this point we have the timeline perspective given. This expression along with the precursors with regard to the historical (past) as expressed in the present. (Which gives indication of the influence and where it originates and what to expect next toward where, by plus one factor, it may be going.

    Finally, we see, based on the strategy of identity assumption** how their opponent (using the same strategy) was able to counter and
    ‘call cut’ (iii) in a game of hot potato.


    [** Identity assumption. The primary objective with regard to players with a cause. Where the objective is to assume ones opponent (by masking. Geospatially, etc) to advance one’s opponent covertly by changing out cause and effect by conflict-effect-attrition in order to defeat an objective-cause opponent. (Ones following the rules)(in order to imposter, replace, alter, indoctrinate, etc)]

    [(iii) From a games back to a reality condition to face the system for final judgement to those already ‘gaming’ it to their advantage.]

  12. I am always amazed at how people are surprise when individuals go down. Pride always comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

    1. @mike donavan Money isn’t everything. OJ Simpson is worth a couple of millions and around under less public pressure. No one’s talking about Roman Polanski either.

  13. I agree with Jonah that the upcoming Abby Grossberg case, who worked for TC most surely had something to do with this. This symbolic “distancing” themselves will not work however.

  14. At 68 I have become my grandmother because my first thought was “when I was a kid…” lol. Anyway, in Jr. High I took journalism and the first 3 rules were 1. Report just the facts. 2. Report just the facts 3. Report just the facts! Yes, the main Rule. I also remember hearing “always tell the Truth”. When and how did that change?

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