See how Biden announced he’s running for president again

President Joe Biden formally announced his bid for a second term with a campaign-style video, ending speculations about whether he would run again amid languishing approval ratings. #CNN #News


    1. ​@Sjoberghd How is anyone keeping younger people from running for office? I don’t necessarily want Biden running again, but I for damn sure don’t want trump, De-unsanest, or nimarata haley as president.

    1. He never ran for anything. All he ran for was the exit sign everytime people raged and called him out. Poor little baby Beeden. 😂

    1. @Casey Clark pretending to laugh is what stupid people do when you desperately want to project confidence in the face of facts that you want to refute but can’t. It lets your betters know that you know that you lost.

  1. If Congress did their sole job (represent their constituents) and not strictly vote on party lines, the president wouldn’t matter as much.

    1. I completely agree. Democracy is failing because of partisanship around the world. It should not be some sort of taboo to vote independently case by case.

  2. “Advisers say not to expect the president to be out there on the campaign trail doing these large scale rallies.” Umm..that’s not a strategy, that’s reality.

  3. Normally people stand in front of a podium and announce their candidacy in front of a live crowd. Biden announces with what is essentially a prerecorded campaign ad? It’s so obvious that man is just hanging in there by a thread.

    1. He’s the perfect candidate for those who are really pulling the strings behind closed doors. Remember, vote blue no matter who!

    2. @DomDiggity Lol uh no, incumbents usually go entirely unnoticed but Grandpa Ice Cream needs all the help he can get.

  4. There’s no way for me to be enthusiastic about a candidate who’s been in office for five decades. We need fresh blood in the White House AND Congress.

    1. True , he just layed down and let everyone do the work for him while eating ice cream and describing america in one word , istamicaburkil 😂

  5. Let’s just give him the presidency of a nursing home and call it a day!! The man is already chewing the water he drinks

    1. It’s not rigged,,it just no longer functions as intended…What do those people touch that doesn’t turn into a train wreck?

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